Thursday, January 21, 2021
Opening wine bottles is easy but most people fail to use wine openers properly. Let us help you learn how to use wine openers like a pro today.
Most of us have faced one or more of these situations.You have invited your friends over for dinner. Many of them have kids under the age of eighteen and are, therefore, skeptical about the wine-braised chicken you made for the main course. The parents end up having to restrict how much of your chicken the kids can eat...

Red or White Wine?

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500-Year-Old Wine: Alsace White Old Wine From 1472

This wine is made from Alsace grapes which is cultivated in the Alsace region of France and this wine is the oldest wine that is kept in a barrel.

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The first thing that comes to my mind when someone says coffee and alcohol or wine is fabled and often joked about Irish coffee. The combination of whiskey, sugar, and coffee topped off...
Learn about the wine Liebfraumilch. Also why it's mainly produced for the export market, the history, production process, and more.
Blueberry wine is one of the least complicated types of wine to produce; this is one of the few recipes that we urge to produce a wine from blueberry

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