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Wine vinegar is basically an acetic liquid. Homemade wine vinegar is powerful, focused, flavorful & a more common type of vinegar, particularly on a budget
Acidity is the measure of active acids and their concentration or strength levels in wine. The three prevalent acids in wine (tartaric, citric and malic) are responsible for the tart and sour taste experienced on a palate. If a wine producer did not give information on the acidity levels oralcoholic content of their product, one could determine the acidity levelsthrough...

Red or White Wine?

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500-Year-Old Wine: Alsace White Old Wine From 1472

This wine is made from Alsace grapes which is cultivated in the Alsace region of France and this wine is the oldest wine that is kept in a barrel.

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Have you ever had a taste of Italy’s silkiest and finest white wine? If not, Soave is the wine to try. ...

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Whether to be used as a dessert wine or for an unassuming cheerful evening sweet wines are perfect for a relaxed, fun and unassuming fun scenarios.
Boxed WineMany people believe that boxed wine doesn't have an expiration date. This is mainly because people seem to think that alcohol doesn't go bad. The one thing...
There are many benefits to decanting all types of wine, find out about decanting wine the right way, also which wines to decant or not.

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12 Amazing Red Wine Vinegar Health Benefits

Read about the greatness of red wine vinegar's health benefits and where to find red wine vinegar. Also see how red wine vinegar can benefit you.

Nebuchadnezzar wine

IntroductionWhat is Nebuchadnezzar? We, as wine lovers, are always used to repeating one more glass...

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