10 International Wine Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss


Wine Lovers! Have you ever wished to socialize with other wine enthusiasts? Have you ever wanted to have intense discussions about wine and to be sipping a glass of wine while at it? Ever wanted to try lots of wine with sides of yummy food like in a food and drinks buffet but with roles reversed? Then you have come to the right place or rather, looked at the right article. Here, we list all those international wine festivals that are a must go for any wine enthusiast. So get a glass of the best wine you own, sit down, and start planning your wine trips!

Wine Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

Vintage Wine Festivals

They are in the fortieth year of their annual wine festival and are said to be one of the greatest wine festivals to have ever existed. It takes place in London. This festival offers us a global wine selection as well as good local varieties. Apart from regular wine-festival events, they offer us:

  • A traveling theatre
  • Wine walks
  • A market
  • (most importantly) a Party!

The wine festival takes place in the second week of May!

Niagara Icewine Festival

Canada has surprised us by rising from modest ownership of 70 vineyards to around 2000 vineyards at present. Fine Wine has been practiced and professed by a significant number of individuals here; significant enough to call it a community.

The Niagara Icewine festival occurs in summer, mid-June. It is, in essence, a full-bodied party, so to say. It starts with an old-fashioned tailgate party and ends with a countdown in place for the next festival.

Pinot Palooza

This festival beats the others in terms of accessibility. The wine festival spans 6 different countries and 13 different cities. You can experience it from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong or the USA. Apart from the wine festival regulars, it includes:

  • International food
  • Live entertainment
  • Historic locations
  • World debuting wines

The tickets for this wine festival go on sale May 1st and they sell out fast, so if you plan to attend it, buy your tickets early to be on the safer side.

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Festival of Wine

This wine festival  takes place in the UK and is a traveling wine festival. It takes place in Glasgow, London, and Edinburgh. A wine purist will find his/her place here. It is one of the classiest wine festivals in the world.

The dinners and wine tastings occur in grand hotels and castles. It’s a royal experience that shouldn’t be missed by those who can afford it. Every location has a choice of over 300 different wines and gourmet meals to go with them.

Usually, they have steak as an option at these dinners. Take a look at “What Wine Should I Drink With Steak” for wine pairings for your dinner plates.

Bordeaux Wine Festival

This wine festival has a unique aesthetic appeal to it. Among other amazing things, it features boats full of wine. The Bordeaux Wine Festival in France occurs along a boardwalk. There are discos and docked ships floating on the Atlantic. The boardwalk and ships are all part of the festival. It is a four-day event including live events, thousands of guests and also fireworks. This celebrates the July grape harvest that made Bordeaux one of the most famous and active wine trading ports in history.

International Pinot Noir Celebration

This wine festival is held towards the ending of July. The annual Pinot Noir Celebration occurs in Portland, Oregon, better known as the heart of wine country. This has been running for over three decades and has often been called one of the world’s finest wine events. It happens over a weekend and involves:

  • Vineyards
  • Farm fresh foods
  • The closing: a Sparkling Brunch finale

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

Hosted by Disney World Resorts, this is a celebration of global cuisines, music and, of course, wine. It spans out from the end of August until mid-November. It can truly be regarded as a family-friendly event. It includes:

  • Themed dances
  • Soirees
  • Pairing dinners

Need tickets for Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival?!, find out more here.

Vienna Wine Hike

This one is unlike all the other festivals we have mentioned here, in that it is, literally, a hike. It is a perfect blend of wine and adventure. You get to drink your wine while enjoying the scenic beauty. It occurs every year at the end of September. Three different trails are offered to wine lovers:

  • Kahlenberg
  • Bisamberg
  • Mauer

These are easy-going, laid back treks through winding Italian vineyards. The sweet smell of roses, the frequent tasters and the beautiful views of the city from the vineyards make this hike a must-have experience.

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This is a huge wine and lifestyle festival located in South Africa. Vendors from the western regions of Africa come here to lock in their locations for a three-day celebration of wine, food, music, and culture. There are usually over 5000 annual attendees of the Soweto Festival in September.


It is a music and wine party hosted in India. Sulafest has an experience of over a decade and is essentially a rave party. It is hosted in the center of lush vineyards, with guests traveling within grape mazes and enjoying the music and wine. Talented musicians from across the world have paid a visit to Sulafest, making it a multicultural experience.

Now that we have briefed you about the wine festivals that are a must-attend, we suppose you are packing for a trip to the closest one already. We hope you have a wine-tasting experience at whichever festival you choose to go to!

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever been to any of these wine festivals, or any local ones in your area! Be sure to also check out “Can You Mix Red and White Wine?” to see if you can mix those wines you’re tasting at these festivals.

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Bottoms up! We’ll uncork ya later!! ?

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