12 Wine Gifts Ideas for True Wine Lovers


Humphrey stated, “The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” But we are here to tell you how incomplete this quote is in the modern, materialistic world, without any exchange of tangible gifts. If you are looking for wine gifts for true wine aficionados, we are here to guide you to the right presents that you can purchase at this present moment.

Here are our top picks for appropriate wine gifts for your wine-loving acquaintances!

1. You May not Hold Your Own, but This Will!

We believe that a wine holder is one of the best, reasonably inexpensive, yet most practical wine gifts one can present to an ardent lover of wine. Besides, if you do your homework correctly, you may end up with one that would look like an accessory. Wine gifts may also be inferred by some to be more expensive than the wine itself!

Wine holders may vary in size, shape, and dimensions, ranging from eye-catching nickel-plated iron chains to floating, twisted, slithering shackles. Generally, these provide an illusion that the wine itself is floating, and a particular niche of our audience may have a specific preference for this. These include heavy metal fans or people with an affinity towards unusual chains! Check out this funny cat wine holder we found just for your shopping list.

2. Your Wine Cannot Take a Chill Pill by Itself!

The second most important accessory and this is relatively contemporary and hence not as cosmopolitan (bad alcohol joke?), is a temperature measuring gauge. This comes in handy if you have a storage of wines that taste well only in a narrow temperature spectrum. You need it also if you are aware of the temperatures in which tannins do not dominate the taste of wine.

The best part about the thermometer (apart from its functionality) is its structural integrity. This accessory is undoubtedly one of the most durable ones we have on our list. However, good things come in good packages, and this is not the cheapest gift you can buy, so keep that in mind! Take a look at “What Temperature Does Wine Freeze?” to make sure you’re keeping your wines at a good temperature.

3. All-Purpose Accessory!

The wine-cum-beer holder is one of the most versatile wine gifts you can give. Especially to the ones who do not like to live the usual way, or as Late Steve Jobs liked to state, those who “think differently.” The 2 in 1 holder serves the user throughout the year for all-purpose drinks, be it the shining summer beer or the writhing winter wine!

4. You Open Us, but Who Opens You?

These are not  “unique” wine gifts one can give to wine lovers. The bottle opener is one of the most popular accessories statistically among wine lovers. This is where your imagination and creativity comes into play. Wine bottle openers can be available in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and structures. We believe that bottle openers are to wine bottles what ties are to a three-piece!

Bottle openers can be available in more options than one can fathom. We have seen people purchase openers that look like mustaches to ones that are more elaborate than some of its wine counterparts. If you are on a budget or want to exercise your creativity, this is undoubtedly one sphere you can venture into!

5. It is Essential to Find a Keeper!

Be it in the field of football or the romantic realm of relationships, it is essential to look for keepers, and wine is no exception. Storage is as necessary and investment as wine racks. This seems to be the perfect gift for your loved ones who either have a significant collection of the same or are into manufacturing. Either way, you cannot go wrong with a rack as a present, keeping in mind the general durability and versatility of wine racks. These are different from the bottle holders in a way that it is meant for a system of bottles and not an individual unit.

The fact that racks are ubiquitous makes it an even more desiring gift to purchase, to ensure that the bottles are in position as perfectly as the relationship with the recipient itself! Check out this wine rack to put down in your wine cellar. Does it fit all your wines?

6. Food Holders

You must be wondering what role a food holder has to do with wine lovers. We have noticed that wine is generally not consumed as it is. Instead it is served with some mouth-watering gastronomical delicacies, usually served in small portions. For this purpose, we recommend you to purchase the mini food holders that come in handy for those wine lovers who like to exercise their fermenting as well as brewing prowess! Check out these bamboo appetizer plates we found jus to put them delicacies in.

These “finger-foods” are so named because of its ring-like appearance that fits into one’s fingers and equips one with the ability to consume their lip-smacking dishes along with some tongue-tanning wine. Considering how inexpensive yet rare this product is, we highly recommend you to browse some brochures!

Be sure to check out “What Wine Should I Drink With Cheese” for more tips on pairing your wine with finger foods.

7. Wine Stopper With the USB Memory Stick

As bizarre as it may sound, this is suitable for the tech-savvy connoisseur of yours! This is a relatively rare find, and evidently, unique. It not only is a multi-purpose gift but also would bring the house on their feet. This is a niche market, and more manufacturers are getting to produce a broader spectrum of designs, some attractive, while some bizarre. Discover this new world of wine gifts before it gets ‘Universal’!

Just like some other products mentioned here, these come in various configurations and technological modulations, so much so that we have been able to find corks that are pen-drives!

8. Castle of Glass- or Maybe not!

The wine racks or the holders are relatively common yet creative wine gifts you can offer to wine lovers. However, a wine glass is yet another creative yet straightforward gift one can offer to those who love to have a good mix of taste and design. The glass industry has caught up very well with the aspect of new and more profound materials, which makes the production of unique shapes and designs so much easier. Be it a soup holder, or the curve of your luxurious coupe; wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes.

Don’t miss out on “Jazz Up Your Pool Party with Amazing Floating Wine Glasses” and see also options on floating wine glasses for your pool!

9. Lighting the Atmosphere!

Glass manufacturers have been somewhat aware of the vast scope the industry has when it comes to innovation. Some manufacturers have tied strings with electrical companies to make outrageously good lightbulbs made out of wine glass. As absurd as it may sound, these are the future of interior decoration for our very own circles of wine lovers. Explore this world of décor, and we can assure you that you will not be left disappointed! We found these amazing wine bottles that serve as lights. Check them out!

10. Sling and Wine Holding!

The uniqueness of this glass holder has forced us to categorize this product separately. This is a wine glass holder that works by a distinct sling mechanism and comes in handy for people who are either too careless or too creative in parties. Either way, this is a must-see product!

11. Monkeys-Sock or Arctic?

Having an iconic design, the sock cover for wine bottles is genuinely one of the most light-hearted presents one can provide and laugh about. It’s suitable for backyard barbecues, or delightful dinners. These sock-like covers are generally made from high-grade wool, sown with near perfection. They not only help to protect the bottle from abrasive environments mildly but also keeps it reasonably insulated.

hilarious gift to give to your loved ones, the cover serves as a good collectible too!

12. Wine Journals

Wine journals are another appropriate present that one could give to wine lovers. Oenophile friends who do not step back to exercise the immense knowledge they have acquired are a suitable target. These may range anywhere between dirt cheap to excruciatingly expensive. Journals are one of the rare finds. Passionate wine lovers also love journals too.

We all have a friend who loves to spew their widely gathered sense of wine and stimulating intelligence, and now we know what to gift them!

With Christmas lurking around the corner, it seems to be the most appropriate time to provide presents to our friends or acquaintances. Mostly those who encircle around their hobby (or in some cases, obsession) of winemaking and collecting. If you are looking for an appropriate gift for a particular set of audience, we have you covered!

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments below which one of these wine gifts stood out to you. Which gift are you getting for that special someone? Be sure to also check out similar wine content like “Detailed Guide to Making Wine Gummy Bears With Ease” or “Ultimate Guide to Host Best Wine & Cheese Party“. Check these articles out and prepare the best wine gathering at your house ever!

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Bottoms up! We’ll uncork ya later!! ?

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