3 Amazing Wine and Orange Juice Drinks to Try


Be it the scorching summer heat or the taciturn thunderstorms of the monsoon, humans do not shy away from their inner worlds of contemplation and retrospection. This sometimes leads to a grateful glee or a somber scowl. A chilled glass of wine would be the most befitting company. However, we ask you to wait right there, for we have a much better idea. Have you ever considered wine and orange juice?

Wine and Orange Juice-Drink Types? 

Despite the belief that wine and orange juice are not the best combination, there has been a plethora of beverages that have been recently made and popularized. Ideally, there are only three kinds of wines that go well with orange juice; some may even be magical, as we will read later.

White Wine Spritzer- To Lift Your Spirits!

The white wine spritzer is one of the most versatile party drinks we can suggest. It is consumed along with a wide variety of occasions.

How to mix white wine with orange juice

White wine spritzer is probably one of the easiest drinks to assemble. The backbone is white wine mixed with an aerated drink, even club soda, along with something with high citrus content (you guessed it), like orange juice. Ginger beer (or if you want to go wild ginger ale) is a great substitute as well.

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Champagne Super-Mimosa!

It is almost analogous to associate sparkling wine drinks and mimosas. This is due to the fact that sparkling wine, or champagne, blends well with orange juice. Mimosa may be one of the easiest drinks to make after a spritzer, and this is how you do it.

How to make champagne and orange juice drink

An essential aspect to make the perfect mimosa would be chilled, borderline freezing orange juice. The second most crucial point to ponder upon would be the appropriate ratio. Ideally, orange juice and sparkling wine should be added in a ratio of 1:1.

The best part about mimosa is the number of variations one can do with it, especially with the fruit juices used- cranberries, strawberries– you name it. However, according to our opinion, nothing even comes a close second to orange. Let’s not make things political by reading between the lines!

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Our Pick-The Sangria!

We have saved the best for last. Sangria is one of the most popular drinks available. Its demand surpasses not only its wine counterparts but also a lot of other alcoholic drinks too!

How to make this wine and orange juice drink

Making the best wine cocktail is a herculean effort. It is not as simple as the other two base drinks mentioned, considering how many other alcoholic counterparts, as well as citrus aspects, go into it. Ideally, fresh ripe lemon is used along with moderately chilled orange juice.

As for the alcoholic constituents, brandy is an excellent addition to enhance, and in many cases, bring out new sets of flavors. Note that the red wine to add should not be too cold. Otherwise, it would result in a higher secretion of tannins that would further deteriorate the texture, flavor, and aroma of the sangria.

Although not absolutely essential, sangria also demands a good amount of sweetener to enhance its taste. This, in a way, also counteracts the abrasive effect of tannins, if excessively released. Check out “The Most Popular Sweet Wines” for options on a sweet-tasting wine.

Sangria is such a popular drink that it has a few famous varieties in itself! Some of them are as follows:

  • Sangria of Cava- The main difference lies in the fact that it has kiwi and peaches in it that form the base of the taste.
  • Sangria of white wine- A modification of the above sangria, this has a proportionate amount of white wine added into it.
  • Mint Sangria- We like to call this the mojito of sangrias, and it does not take rocket science to know why!
  • Sangria of Sidra- As the name suggests, this has the right amount of cider and apple mixture into it.

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Wine and orange juice, despite feeling like opposites in terms of characteristics, are an absolute delight to make and consume, as we can see. It doesn’t matter which type of cocktail you are into. It seems as opposites attract are being implemented here too! Interested in more wines that have that fruity taste to them? Check out “9 Wines That Taste Like Juice” or “Most Common Fruity Wines” for more.

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Bottoms up! We’ll uncork ya later!! ?

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