5 Cheap Wines That You Absolutely Have to Try


Sometimes we are broke but still, want to have a nice drink. This almost seems impossible nowadays, as most cheap wines are expensive as hell and you can’t get something of nice quality at the dollar store. It sucks…

But for those who want cheap wine but good options, we have put together a list. One that will satisfy all of your desires.

What Are Some Good but Cheap Wine Choices?

Andre Brut Rose

This is for those who are into bitter and acidic wines. It’s a rare preference to have, but you are so in luck because this wine will speak to you.

First of all, it’s sparkling wine. But it’s not just any kind of bubbly drink, as it has strong flavors. It’s mostly citrus, but you can even feel hints of raspberry and cranberry. Is your mouth watering yet?

But the finish is absolutely stunning. It’s crisp and acidic, which means that it can go with basically anything. Meat, fish, salads and even dessert. There’s nothing this drink couldn’t compliment, but by itself, it can be quite overwhelming. So if you plan on trying this out then have a couple of pieces of cheese or crackers ready at the very least. Check out “What Wine Should I Drink With Cheese” for tips on pairing this wine with different kinds of cheeses.

As for the price, it only costs $6.49 a bottle (which is 750 ml). It’s perfect for parties and as a base for cocktails.

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re not only a wine lover but are interested in coffee as well then this drink will most definitely impress you. It’s the perfect wine for anyone who wants to get home after work and have a glass of niceness.

Let’s begin with the looks. Dark Horse fits this wine perfectly, as it has a ruby hue and is almost blood red. At first sight, it can even be intimidating. But once it gets in the glass the wine loses its’ darkness and becomes almost see-through.

The taste of it is also fantastic. As we have already said, it’s perfect for those who like coffee, as it has the exact aroma of it. But it also hints at raspberry and cinnamon. But if you pay enough attention then you can even feel a little bit of chocolate as well.

If you are looking to match it with something then the best would be tiramisu, but it can go with several other desserts as well. But if you are planning to make some fruity soup then it will complement it perfectly.

The price of it is also awesome, as it only costs $8.99 for a 750 ml bottle. Horses usually cost much more, so you’re getting a bargain here.

Apothic White Blend

You didn’t think that there would be white wine on this list, huh? Well, for a good reason, white wines are usually more expensive than any other kind, but we managed to find this one for you.

This wine is a blend of 3. Riesling, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. These three give this drink an especially interesting aroma and every phase of drinking is different.

Once the wine hits the end of your tongue you will feel the Riesling. At first, it will be quite acidic, but it will also have floral notes, making it much more enjoyable.

Then comes the Chardonnay with a light texture and body. You will mostly feel that on the sides of your tongue and it will just be generally sweet. Most people can’t point out any special taste, only the remaining floral ones.

The finish is Pinot Grigio. It will hit you with fruity flavors that pop outright as they hit the back of your tongue. This finish is really balanced regarding acidity and is very crisp. It will leave two flavors lingering in your mouth. Peach and apricot. Although, the taste of peach will likely be much stronger.

This drink goes really well with fish. Only those from freshwater though, as the sweet taste of this wine, can ruin a salty dish. It can also be a good match with fruity desserts. Need some more tips on pairing your wine with seafood? Check out “What Wine Goes With Salmon?” for more.

A 750 ml bottle costs $9.99.

Sensitive Beast

And a rosé was able to get itself on this list as well. One with good quality as well.

This wine from 2017 isn’t that big of a surprise, it isn’t really special. But it sure is tasty. At first, you will taste green apple and lemon. It’s a bit sour-sweet, but the ratio of it is perfect. Then red fruit characters will carry it to the finish. Which is bright and crisp.

It can go along with pasta or a variety of meats.

The color of it is also nice to look at. It’s a light peach color with some slightly darker shades that drew a contrast. A true spectacle.

This is a typical rosé, but it’s still worth a mention on this list, as a lot of wines of this quality tend to be much higher in price. A 750 ml bottle of this beauty costs $11.99.

Mia Dolcea Rosso

This Italian wine is a real surprise. For a cheap wine, you get quite the quality. And the European kind as well.

This red wine varietal comes straight from Italy. This already means that this drink cannot be bad by any means. It’s simply not possible at this point.

So, how are the looks? First, it’s nothing interesting, a deep red, but once it’s poured in a glass it will quickly regain its’ original crimson color. It becomes such a flaming red that you will be afraid of burning yourself.

But the taste is absolutely amazing. It hints at the strawberry but ultimately tastes like sweet cherry. It has a very sweet and crisp finish which can go along with a variety of dishes. Although, it’s best if you pair it with something sweet.

$10.99 for a bottle of this perfection.

So now you see that you might have a near-empty wallet, but you can still have a nice drink or two of cheap wine. If you look in the right places then you won’t have trouble finding yourself a quality glass of cheap wine. And by right places, we mean WineOnMyTime, of course.

Will you be trying any of these out? Which wine was your favorite out of our list? Tell us down in the comments below! New to wines in general? Be sure to check out “Beginner Wines that You Need to Try” for a list to improve your knowledge and tastes.

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Bottoms up! We’ll uncork ya later!! ?

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