7 Tips to Safely Pack Wine Glasses With Ease


If you’re up for a transfer, have recently accepted a job in a new city, or have simply decided to chase a new experience, glassware is one of the things you will want to be careful with. Wine glasses, in particular, are prone to chipping and shattering due to their unique shape, and the general thinness of its parts. Lumping them together haphazardly is bound to result in some disasters, but how do you prevent mishaps like breakage while transporting?

This article will lay down seven essential steps involved in how to safely pack wine glasses with ease. It will also lay down several useful tips, including generous wrapping and filling all empty space, that is absolutely essential to follow before entrusting your movers with your packed boxes. To learn how to pack your glasses safely, read on.

How to Safely Pack Wine Glasses

1. Use thick cardboard boxes with cell chambers for separation of glasses

Generally called a cell box, this is just the average cardboard box with a certain number of divided sections that prevent the glasses from crashing against each other in transit. These boxes are a versatile choice when you have numerous kitchen items that can fit in tiny compartments. It can also make it easy to locate particular items if you mark them appropriately. These boxes can be purchased at any packing supplies store. You can also approach the nearest liquor shop, or even grocery to find them. However, if these boxes are just not available where you live, you can always replicate the compartments using a material like styrofoam.

2. Do not use newspapers for packing, invest in packing or tissue paper instead

Many rely on the old newspaper to save on the costs for stuffing material while packing, but they fail to realize that the ink from these newspapers can easily wear off in the time it reaches your home. These newspapers can also be slightly greasy, and this will rub off on the glasses as well. Thus, it might be worth investing in some packing and tissue paper because, as will be shown in the following tips, you will likely need a lot of it.

3. Go above and beyond when it comes to wrapping your glasses

Firstly, fill up the wine bowl with paper up till the mouth, but be gentle while doing so. Some glasses have exceptionally thin walls that might crack in the process. Also be mindful of the stem, which is very delicate and a common cause of wine glass breakage. Then, take the wine glass and place it horizontally on a piece of paper and wrap the glass tightly like a roll. Repeat the process around four times to ensure that the layers of paper add up to be thick enough. Fold the ends, and prepare for the next round of protection.

4. Pad the glasses with bubble wrap, but only once it has been wrapped with tissue paper

Using bubble paper to wrap your wine glasses definitely adds another layer of protection for the vessels, but do remember that if you don’t use tissue paper first, this can lead to an increase in the chance of your glasses breaking. This is because due to certain mysterious physical conditions, the bubble paper does not cushion the glass adequately when used alone.

5. Make sure there is no empty space between the glass and the rest of the compartment

You can use a wide variety of supplies for this besides paper. Clothes, old towels, even crumpled newspaper can work as a guard against external pressure. Regardless of your choice, ensure that there is no empty space to avoid the chances of chipping. This tip is a very widely used one for packing and shipping in general, and if you’ve noticed, your Amazon packages can be bigger than the item you ordered for the same reason.

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6. Make sure to write ‘fragile’ all over the box

It won’t do to mark your box as fragile on only one side of the container. Shipping service agents and movers rarely bat an eye to anything that isn’t immediately visible to the naked eye. And if something does happen, blaming them will only take you so far, so it is best to be safe and write the word in big, bold letters all over the box. This will ensure that heavier boxes aren’t piled on top of them for long periods of time, potentially ruining all the previous hard work.

7. Check once for empty spaces before finally sealing your box

A good way to check if there still empty spaces despite the padding, simply shake the box and see if you can hear glasses moving. If you can, the compartments need more paper. However, if you don’t, simply close the flaps and apply ample amounts of tape both horizontally, and vertically. Remember to mark ‘fragile’ on the top, as well as any details about what’s inside, and where it needs to be kept when you pack wine glasses.

Packing wine glasses needs your utmost attention and care due to the high risk of breakage involved. These vessels are going to travel a long distance, and you will need a lot of padding to keep them safe. Having cell boxes will make your life infinitely easier, after which it is simply a matter of wrapping the glasses well with paper before bubble wrap, and filling all the space up in every compartment. If you follow all the tips we’ve listed out, you (and your glasses) are as covered as can be, so you can instead focus on all the great adventures awaiting you in your new city. Good luck!

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