9 Best Non Alcoholic Wines You Have to Try


It may be considered absurd to utter both “non-alcoholic” and “wine” at the same time. It also sounds blasphemous to say “good” before it. However, we would like to ask you for your undivided attention and accepting state of mind. Life is full of discoveries, and we think, non-alcoholic wine might be the elixir for the niche audience.

What is Non-Alcoholic Wine and Why Do People Fancy It?

As absurd as it may sound, non-alcoholic wine is a remnant of one of the intermediates of winemaking and processing.
Pragmatically claiming, the non-alcohol wine requires an additional step of removing a significant portion of alcohol from its constituency. Federal laws need to be abided, wherein it is mentioned that for a drink to be labeled “alcohol-free,” it needs to contain less than or equal to 0.5% alcohol by volume.
Alcohol-free wine is not a product for the average joe. Much like whiskey, or black coffee, it is an acquired taste and a matter of time and patience. For most of us, it would make little sense to purchase wine that is devoid of alcohol, for it defeats the purpose of consuming wine anyway.
Here’s why some may have a penchant for non-alcoholic wine, according to us.

  • Curious Connoisseur– For a good number of people, it has been observed that they have always wanted to taste alcohol without getting close to being inebriated, and for them, alcohol-free wine seems like a fair substitute. Feed your curiosity!
  • Calorie-Conscious- It is seen that the calorie count of non-alcoholic wine is roughly one-third (sometimes, one-fourth) of the average calorie content of alcoholic beverages. Hence, for the ones maintaining a rather strict regimen of calorie intake, alcohol-free wine is a great substitute to exercise our taste buds without having to hit extra gym-hours!
  • Possible BP Lowering Agent- Some studies have also linked attributes to lowering BP with the consumption of non-alcoholic wine. Although we may consider this to be a little absurd, we cannot rule out the possibility either. Reduce your blood pressure with some wine during leisure!
  • The D&D to Avoid- While most of us prefer taking a cab home after intoxication, for those who have to drive back, indulgence in non-alcoholic wine does not seem like a bad option at all. No matter what the complexities, do not drink and drive!

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Best Non-Alcoholic Wines-Here Are Our Picks!

1. Ariel cabernet sauvignon non-alcoholic red wine

Considered as the holy grail of non-alcoholic wines, this is held as the best the aforementioned niche market can provide, for it is the closest one can get to tasting like fermented wine. The texture profile of this particular product is outstanding and almost identical to regular wine. It is filtered using reverse osmosis.

The Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon red wine maintains a near-perfect balance between fruity attributes and strong aroma, and this red wine is generally advised to have it alongside some red meat.

Red Recommendation, if you will!

2. Ariel chardonnay non-alcoholic white wine

As understood, the same manufacturer mentioned earlier has a plethora of options for us!

This is ideally produced in the same way ordinary wine is made, except for the fact that the separation process takes place at the very end of the entire set of procedures. Hence, this product is made after an intense investment of time. Check out the whole process of winemaking in “How To Make Wine At Home“.

Taste-wise, we recommend you to try this with chicken. Any seafood would be a decent substitute too. Only if you have you have an unbiased affair, you will appreciate this white wonder!

3. St Regis non-alcoholic chardonnay

If you can genuinely appreciate the assortment of apple and pear, you will realize how good a product this is. The texture and feel of this are unparalleled, and we recommend you to go for this if you want the exquisite taste, despite it being a little exorbitantly priced.

This generally goes well with seafood. Chardonnay and Calamari, assemble!

4. Sutter home fre white zinfandel non-alcoholic wine

Although this is not the best brand of wine we recommend, this comes as a close substitute to the ones mentioned above. The production of this wine is closest to that of alcoholic wine, except for the filtration, which is the penultimate step.

This wine is generally added as part of some exquisite mocktails, and we recommend you to try this as it is! Be sure to also check out how long it takes to produce a bottle of wine in “How Long Does it Take to Make Wine?“.

5. Sutter home fre brut non-alcoholic wine

Not mentioning the Sparkling Sutter in this list would be worth condemning!

This particular product is made from green apples, and for those who have a preference for the forbidden fruit, this is a product we highly recommend. It is generally used as a champagne substitute in private events and is worth trying.

This too is used to make some excellent mocktails, and it also not heavy on the pocket. What a combination!

6. Pure Vitis merlot organic grape juice

A one of a kind product, the Pure Vitis Merlot Organic Grape Juice, as the name suggests, is the closest that one can get to alcohol-free wine, for it has almost negligible content of both alcohol and preservatives, or additive for that matter, of any kind. It is one of the unique products on our list, for it does not have to go through the distillation of any kind. Take a look at what grapes go into a bottle of wine in “Best Grapes for Making Wine“.

This juice may be consumed with white meat, but we recommend you to try it as it is. It is a trendy drink, especially prevalent in parties of all kinds!

7. Welch’s sparkling red grape juice cocktail

If we could associate “family-friendly” with “wine,” this would be it. Despite it having a “cocktail” as a marketing sign, we assure you that the effects of this drink are anything but intoxicating.

For the ones who got attracted to its name thinking it is genuinely alcoholic, remember, all that sparkles is not ethanol!

8. Belvoir fruit farm elderflower cordial

A rather mesmerizing conglomeration of white wine and sparkling water. This product is something we would like to categorize as “docile yet intimidating.” This assumes the role of the latter when mixed with a dash of gin or vodka.

We recommend you to try this with some good quality dessert!

9. Martinelli’s gold medal sparkling cider

One of our top picks for guests who stay diametrically opposite from alcohol and yet do not mind trying something remotely close to it. This is made from the best quality apples homegrown in American soil, and the taste is truly exquisite.

Our recommendation for proposing a toast out there!

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Now that we have helped you understand the various details about non-alcoholic wine, we will also like to establish some harsh facts.

It is important to note that, no matter how well the alcohol-free wine is made, it is in no way going to be close to the taste and texture provided by authentic wine.

You may find it to be worth a million, or maybe not even a dime, but we patiently persuade you to try some alcohol-free wine! Thank you for reading!! Be sure to also check out “Beginner Wines that You Need to Try” for a look at wine options for your beginner palate.

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Bottoms up! We’ll uncork ya later!! ?

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