Air Pump Wine Opener


Opening a bottle of wine can sometimes become a hassle. This does not include all types of wine, though, because many bottles require consumers to twist off the lid nowadays. However, for the bottles of wine that have a cork placed in the bottle’s spout, that is where the difficulty comes in.

Luckily, we can use many helpful tools to release those tightly packed corks. For example, using a corkscrew is the most traditional way of opening these bottles. However, corkscrews tend to break the cork or chip off little pieces of said cork. Those pieces end up floating in the wine, and no one wants that! Many devices can help you avoid it now, and they’re easier to control than a corkscrew. One of these devices is an air pump wine opener.

What Is An Air Pump Wine Opener?

An air pump wine opener is one of the more accessible tools to use when taking out corks. By using air! As the name suggests, this opener has a handle that looks and works like a handheld pump. This is a better, more efficient device to use on these stubborn corks, as it works more accessible and faster than other relevant openers. It also requires less work. The air is being suctioned inward by pumping the handle to loosen and pull up the cork eventually. Not only is this device less damaging to the cork, but it is also easier on the consumer due to not having to pull on the cork.

Using An Air Pump Wine Opener

Now that you have a better understanding of the device. Let’s talk about how to use an air pump wine opener! As mentioned before, this is a simple wine bottle opener. It works simply with air, suction, and the pumped handle a few times. This opener is compact and great for traveling as well as in-home uses. The best part about this opener is that it is suitable for usage in various wine bottle sizes. To open a wine bottle with this device, follow the instructions as follows:

  1. Find your desired type of wine, as long as it is bottled.
  2. Place the needle into the cork far enough so that the surrounding plastic is covering the bottle’s mouth.
  3. Use the handle to pump the device about a handful of times.
  4. Once the cork is loose, you should be able to take the opener off of the bottle. The cork should still be connected to the needle.

Buying An Air Pump Wine Opener

With all of the different kinds of air pump wine openers available, it can be kind of difficult to ensure you’re purchasing the right one for you. Questions may arise about if the product is worth the money, how long it will last, if it’s guaranteed to work, etc. Of course, you could read the product’s packaging, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s reliable. Hence, there are a few tips to explore each model further while buying an air pump wine opener.

Always check customer reviews and ratings

The best part about e-commerce websites is that they allow customers to leave their honest ratings and reviews. This tip is helpful while looking into the different models of air pump wine openers. Researching the product by reading other people’s reviews is essential. You will know which one is best in general or best for your preferences.

Refer to the features of each model

Each product has a list of the features it possesses. You should check them out and compare. Moreover, always be clear about what you want, like a stopper, aerator, foil cutter, etc.

Compare each brand

As mentioned before, many brands carry these air pump wine openers. Looking into each brand can be beneficial for finding one that suits your needs, as some may contain additional pieces.

Don’t overlook the build of the product

The construction of the product itself is a big deal. Depending on the material, that can give you a general idea of how long it will last. For example, some are steel, and some are plastic.

If you’re still having trouble choosing the perfect wine opener that fits your preferences, check out the most common ones mentioned below.

Best Air Pump Wine Openers

There are many kinds of air pump wine openers for you to pick. The majority of them look the same and work the same but possess different features. The three below seem to be most popular with wine consumers.

Wine Ziz Air Pump Wine Opener

The Wine Ziz opener is the most popular tool for air pump openers. It comes with an extra cork and a foil cutter. The foil cutter often goes with air pump openers in 1 set. This tool is helpful for smoothly peeling off the foil or plastic piece that covers the top of the cork. Using the Wine Ziz is beneficial because it reduces any possible damage to the cork. This means there will be no breakage or chipping while releasing the cork from the bottle.


  • Foil cutter smoothly removes foil coverage
  • No electricity needed
  • Less handy work required
  • Sleek and compact design for traveling needs
  • It’s lightweight
  • Works on any wine bottle
wine ziz wine opener with foil cutter
Wine Ziz Wine Opener with foil cutter @Amazon

Cork Genius Air Pump Wine Opener

The Cork Genius opener is similar to the Wine Ziz, except it does not come as a set. This opener does not come equipped with a foil cutter. However, opening a bottle of wine with this model is still accessible. It’s a simple-to-use steel opener that is guaranteed to have a bottle of wine open in seconds! This opener is super durable because of its well-built material.


  • Tightly holds onto cork so that shipping doesn’t occur
  • Constructed with stainless steel instead of plastic
  • Great for in-home or professional chef use
  • Compact and great for traveling needs
cork genius air pump wine opener
Cork Genius Air-pump Wine Opener @Amazon

Brentwood Air Pump Wine Opener

The design of the Brentwood wine opener is neat and effective. This device comes with a foil cutter and a vacuum sealing stopper for the wine bottles. This stopper is perfect for concealing freshness! Although this opener is very similar to the other two, it includes one other than the stopper. It consists of an aerator! This meaning, not only will your wine stay fresh, but it will stay light and tasty from being aerated.


  • Includes aerator and sealed stopper
  • Quickly removes corks
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and perfect for traveling
brentwood air pump wine opener
Brentwood Air-pump Wine Opener @Amazon

In conclusion

If you’re looking to find a reliable, easy device for opening your bottles of wine, an air pump wine opener may be a good choice for you. With a highly guaranteed discard of damaged corks and the simplicity of using an air pump, it’s almost too good to pass up on! Say goodbye to stubborn, tightly-packed pins for good with a new air pump wine opener.  Will you try one?

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