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What can be better than a tropical sip of pineapple wine to beat the heat? Though a new concept, Pineapple wine has reigned in the wine industry ever since its discovery because of its distinct taste and texture. You can also experience a sip of this if you are bored with the age-old grape wines. 

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Difference between pineapple and grape wine

The onset of pineapple and deconstructed the age-old concept of grape wine and shared the monopoly of grapes over the industry. Quite obviously, pineapple wines are made from fresh pineapples and grape wines from grapes. Is that all the difference? No. Pineapple wines have a very distinct taste and have a different mechanism for their preparation. All wines are made by adding yeast to the fruit. The sugar in the fruits activates the yeast and causes the process of fermentation. 

This is easier in pineapples because of their excellent sugar content in general, which activates the yeast faster and provides a solid and distinct taste. Quite interestingly, pineapple wines can also be made at homes with a tad bit of scientific knowledge. You can take a step forward to experience a different kind of wine and try a hand in making pineapple wines. 

Best pineapple wines

Maui Blanc

A signature creation of Maui wine, the fruits for this are harvested in Maui. Specific types of pineapple wines called Maui Gold are handpicked for this purpose. The fresh juice extracted from the fruits is then pumped into stainless steel tanks and fermented for two weeks. It is followed by filtration, which takes another 16 weeks at the most. This wine, packaged in eye-catching golden yellow glass bottles, needs to be enjoyed fresh and has a strong tropical taste for you to savor. 

maui blanc
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Maui Splash pineapple wines

If you are a novice or have a very strong sweet tooth, this wine is specially crafted for you. Originally invented as a sweet pineapple drink, this came to be fermented in huge tanks in Maui to form pineapple wine. Owing to the kind of fresh pineapples harvested for this, the wine has a distinct sweet taste and is perfect for beginners who are yet to get acquainted with the harsh taste of wines fermented for months. 

Hula o Maui

This brand of pineapple wine has a strong aroma of tropical fruit. This is essentially for the veterans and has a very strong taste and a harsh texture, easy to make you tipsy in a glass or two. Hula o Maui is one of the best and most preferred pineapple wines. It takes a period of 6 to 8 months for its fermentation. 

hula o maui
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Is pineapple wine healthy? 

Pineapples have been rich sources of vitamins and proteins and are used for medicinal purposes in many parts of the world, especially China. Owing to its rich antioxidants and proteins present, pineapple wines also have a great and positive impact on health if taken in prescribed quantities. People suffering from diabetes often prescribed not to take any alcoholic beverages can also indulge in this because pineapple wines don’t have any added sugar. Rather, the yeast, in reaction to its innate sugar content, helps its fermentation. Since natural sugars have no or minimal harmful impact on the body, pineapple wines have fewer health hazards on consuming the same and provide essential vitamins to the body. 

Best side dishes with pineapple wine

Pineapple wines generally have a subtle taste and can be combined with meat side dishes to balance your taste palette. You can additionally pair the wine with spicy dishes of pork and beef. Quite contrasted to grape wine, you should try this wine with non-chocolate sweet dishes. If you are fond of subtle tastes, you can either try vanilla or a butterscotch flavored side to make your drink surreal. Seafood is yet what can add a tinge of excitement to your platter as well as make your dish worthwhile. Try pairing grilled shrimp or smoked salmon topped with barbecue or oyster sauce with your wine. 

How to make pineapple wine at home?

Excited to explore a whole new kind of wine? You can also make pineapple wines at your home, which not only saves you from digging a hole in your pockets but also try a hand in wine-making! 

Ingredients- roughly chopped fresh pineapples, sugar, warm water, yeast, gelati(optional), vanilla (optional). 

Process- the first most important step while you chop your pineapple is to ensure you get rid of the overripe pieces. This is because the overripe parts might make your wine bitter putting all your efforts in vain. The next step is to activate your yeast. In order to do so, soak the yeast in sugar and warm water for a while. A maximum of 10 minutes should be enough. You would see the yeast bubbling, which indicates that your yeast is activated and is fit for use. 

For the final step, you need to take a ceramic jar and pour two water liters. It is followed by sugar and the activated yeast. Mix the chopped pineapples and stir it, preferably with a wooden spoon. You need to keep the jar covered for a few days but stir it occasionally to ensure a smooth blend. You can also add a strand of vanilla or vanilla essence if you want to add extra flavor to it. 


Remember to stir your wine while making it. Help in the exchange of gases, and release carbon dioxide. After a week, you can strain the mixture, and your wine is ready! You can now savor this jar of perfection made with all your time and efforts. Homemade pineapple wines are, of course, cheaper and better because they are completely organic. Thus, if you have a passion for cooking but never tried a hand in making wines, this serves to be your first step!

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