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Bulk buying, better known as bundled buying, has always been a cheaper way of obtaining products. This, especially with wine, is so much of a money saver and any regular wine buyer can attest to this. More often than not, most people, especially those who are still in the business of trying and sampling wines, go for the most attractive and unique bottles in the counter or the one on sale. And unless they are with a wine master, they fall victim to the cheap quality and adulterated wines in the markets, not knowing what exactly they are consuming.

This category of people often ends up getting the worst impression of wine and can be very hard to impress but with a great wine subscription box, you can be sure to win their trust and get them back to the wine lovers’ flock.

Should you desire to establish your
own wine subscription box

You might be in the wine business already or thinking of establishing a wine
subscription box and wondering just how to go about it. Before you can
implement your idea, several considerations ought to be carefully

Feasibility study

A market feasibility study is an important factor to consider before you can think of launching a wine subscription box.  Get to know who your probable clients are and if the idea is appealing to them. By so doing, getting to sell your products becomes an easy task.


Once your market research is done, go ahead and establish a platform under which you will have your subscription box sell. This could be a website or a page on social media (like Facebook or Instagram for instance). Here, you will make sure you have sensitized the public or sold your idea well enough.


Thirdly, remember that alcohol licensing and regulations are the major pitfalls in successfully launching a wine subscription box. However, those who have been in the wine industry for some time are at an advantage because they understand how the market and model operate. You, therefore, need to be well informed of these regulations.


The fourth idea to consider in ensuring a successful establishment and launch is how to provide your target audience with all the information you feel they might need. Just never leave them in a dilemma. They should be informed of the kind of wine enclosed in the subscription box, alcohol content, acidity levels, and even its history. Information like the kind of foods they can pair your range of wines with is also a great way to go.

Many wine dealers go wrong by providing only standard-sized wine bottles. Imagine giving your clients wine quantity options. This ensures that they still can access your wine products even when they are on a budget. Introducing wine cans or other low capacity bottles will not only entice your clients but also provide you with a guaranteed client base.

Another important thing to consider is your style of packaging. Your style should be enticing. It doesn’t have to be the classiest and most expensive, but it can be the most creative one around. Therefore, take time to design interesting and appealing packaging. Some wine bottles are so cute and unique that they are utilized as decorative items in some households.

Also, having a variety of wine styles in a subscription can keep your clients
grounded. You can consider mixing whites, reds or bubblies in your packaging to provide a range of styles to choose from. This not only allows them to establish a niche but also an opportunity to sample other varieties in the market. However, as a wine box subscription box provider, be versatile enough to also put into consideration those who might be particularly interested in a single style or variety.

Your pricing should be reasonable and within the market range. An exaggerated price range would only mean a poor reception from your target audience. Yes, there will always be competition, but you’ve got to stay at the front.

Finally, be sure to establish a proper and reliable client database. Always get all your clients’ information before any shipping is done, inform them of the taxes and prices included in the shipment, the dates of shipment as well as expected delivery dates.

What subscription box should you go

Now that you know what to possibly look at when reflecting on a subscription box either for your consumption or even as a gift to a friend, here are a
few of the well-known subscription boxes that you should give a shot to keep
your bar alive.

The Nocking Point

This is an amazingly enticing subscription box that not only delivers wines but has gone the extra mile and incorporated other products that will keep you wanting more. Their wine package comes with an additional pack of coffee and a tee.

The Vinebox

Remember when we talked about offering your client base arrayed wine sizes? The Vinebox is the best subscription for this. It offers small wine bottles with different contents in their first shipment. This way, they allow you to develop a preference after which you can order in a larger quantity.


VineOh has a similarity to Nocking Point in the sense that they don’t just send you wine. This quarterly subscription box often includes other goodies in the package like body lotions or other personal and home accessories. Apart from that, they give you the liberty to choose your style of wine (whether you want just reds, whites or a combination of the two).


This subscription box specializes in France based champagnes. It brings Champagne back to life by offering a variety of styles in just one package/order.


This is a wine subscription box that seeks to deeply understand your wine preference and inclination by letting you answer some questions just after you subscribe to their services and offers.

Vinesse Wines

Just like the Vinebox, Vinesse Wines provides you with a variety to choose from, select your preferred one and make orders in large quantities, only that it never comes in the small containers that the former comes with.

Viticole Wine Club

This is (by far) ranked as the most expensive wine subscription box. Viticole does not just deliver wines in customized wine bottles but also provides you with an organic variety. The pricing is high, and the bottling nature of the wine explains the most interesting bit- the fact that one only receives their
package semi-annually.

Bright Cellars

Just like Firstleaf, Bright cellars also requires you to answer a few questions
before you purchase to help understand your wine niche better. The fun
bit with them is that once they identify a bottle for you based on your
answers, they let you know if the bottle is on offer or not!

Wine subscription boxes are a great way to expand your wine knowledge, tastes and an opportunity to expose you to a deeper understanding of the different wines and tastes in the market from around the globe. There are wine subscription boxes that have not been extensively covered here but taking time to learn them will provide you with the information you need before thinking of signing up for any of the aforementioned.

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