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Grape Mixture and Apothic Red Wine

Every time we go to the liquor market, we can find a large variety of wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Chardonnay, Merlot, among others. Each of these grape strains gives the wine color, flavor, smell, and a texture that make it different from others. Each strain gives color, texture, and flavor to the same wine, as we have mentioned previously; However, some wines consist of a mixture of them, the combination of which gives unique characteristics. One of these wines is the Apothic Red wine.

Many American wines stand out to combine the fruits of the new world with the old continent’s blending techniques. One of these wines is the Apothic Red Wine. This wine is made from the Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah, and Cavernet Sauvignon strains. In this article, we give an overview in detail about the various characteristics of this wine that make it so popular and unique in the world.

Origin and Composition

The Apothic Red grapes come from the state of California, a region that for many years is characterized by its extensive contribution to the United States wine trade. This goes to the point of representing 90% of the country’s wine production. Its great reputation as a wine producer comes from the combination of its climatic conditions: California’s proximity to the Pacific’s oceanic cold and the abundant geographical diversity of its soils caused by the activity of the tectonic layers of the region.

These advantages, coupled with many studies from various universities in the US, have created a wine business model that many other regions envy and wish to acquire.

The Apothic Red wine was created by the winemaker Boyd Robinson. And the inspiration comes from an ancient custom of creating beverages with unique characteristics from the combination of various strains of wine and the use of the most sophisticated avant-garde enology.

Its name refers to the “Apotheques”, cabinets where wine fans used to keep the most secret and precious mixtures of wine in ancient times. Also, this name brings to mind a trip back when the wines were original in style and taste.

The precious taste that this wine gives comes from the exquisite combination of grape strains and is made up of the following: 46% Zinfandel grapes, 16% Syrah grapes, 12% Merlot grapes, 11% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, 5% Petit Sirah grapes, 4% Petite Verdot grapes and 10% other wines from the Californian region.

Characteristics of Apothic Red and the Role of Each Strain in the Wine

The Californian region is characterized by its great variety of strains for wine production. The production of Apothic Red is a process that involves the combination of fruits from different strains. This combination provides a unique flavor and properties to this wine.

As we had already mentioned previously, this wine results from the combination of the Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah, and Cavernet Sauvignon strains.

The Zinfandel grape brings a flavor of ripe red fruits and spices to the Apothic Red. But also thanks to the Merlot grape, this wine provides a delicate and smooth sensation on the palate. Furthermore, the Syrah grape gives this wine the color and flavors of currants and berries; and the Cabernet Sauvignon grape provides the structure, body, and enveloping sensation of this wine, finished with notes of oak, mocha coffee, and vanilla.

Its 13.1 degrees of alcohol can be felt in the aroma which this wine emits when you taste it. Also, the nose is of dark, jam-like fruit with perhaps a hint of licorice. All these attributes make Apothic Red a provocative, mellow, and luxurious wine: a combination that activates your senses.


Apothic Red is an excellent red wine that goes well with a wide variety of foods. Its exquisite sweetness and smoothness combine excellently with foods such as beef, lamb, and poultry. Fusion food, ripe cheeses, nuts, and certain spices such as ginger and pepper also stand out as excellent companions.

According to many wine tasters, the accompaniment of this wine with bitter chocolates results from a very seductive combination. Furthermore, the combination of dark chocolate and Apothic Red can be an excellent idea to surprise your partner.

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Awards and Reviews

In 2011, the Apothic Red wine got an award “Launch of the year” in Canada. In addition, the renowned wine critic Robert Parker defined this wine in the 186th edition of his Wine Advocate magazine as “one of the best wines California has to offer … it is a hedonist’s dream, a fruity explosion”.

John Rogers, on his website Honest Wine Reviewers, which is a page of great reputation for oenophiles, has some good comments as:

“The finish was long-lasting and excellent. We described it as silk and satin. As New Englanders, we even gave it one of our highest seals of approval… a great cocktail party wine that is a smooth, fast sipper on its own”.

On the Chick Advisor website, this wine has an excellent reputation among users. It has a 92% of acceptation based on 34 reviews, and its score is 4.3, being five the most. Users’ comments express that Apothic Red is the best wine of the brand Apothic, which stands out between Apothic Dark and Apothic Crush wines.

This wine has many praises in various magazines and websites for its quality, flavor, and above all, its price.

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Additional Information

This wine is refined in French oak barrels for three years. This gives it that peculiar oak nuance, accompanied by a touch of vanilla and coffee.

You can store it after opening for up to 6 days. The bottle should be closed with a cork and stored in a cool, dark place.

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