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Grapes are round, juicy, edible perennial vines that are used to make jam, jelly, pies, and of course wine. They have existed for thousands of years and have multiple health benefits. More importantly, they are the movers and shakers of the wine industry, they’re what make your favorite drinks during dinner!

 This article encompasses all the information related to the best  grapes for making wine. But first, let’s get to know a little about how wine is made from the grapes in the first place.

How is Wine Made from Grapes?

Vinification—the process it takes from grape to wine, is complex. Firstly, ripe grape juice is fermented for a long period to produce wine. Some grapes ripe early in the season, some ripe in mid-season while some wait till the end of the season.

Whether you a beginner who wants to get familiarized with the names of wine making grapes or a budding wine enthusiast who wants to expand his knowledge on the regional roots of the grapes, diving into the ever-expanding world of wine making can be overwhelming. Check out this article if you’re just starting to appreciate wine on “What Does Wine Taste Like”?

We will guide you to explore the best grape varieties that are used to make your favorite wine styles and blends.

7 Different Grapes Used for White Wine

Zesty white wine is made by removing the skin of red and white grapes, collecting the juice and fermenting it. Read below for some of the most popular or common varieties of white wine. Personally, Chardonnay is a must-try if you’re a beginner wine drinker.

Sauvignon Blanc Grapes

Sauvignon Originates from Bordeaux and Loire Valley in France, Sauvignon Blanc ripens early and makes some of the finest varieties of white wine. Sauvignon Blanc is grown in almost all the prominent wine making regions of the world, especially in New Zealand. Unlike Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc has a  fresh green and fruity flavor.

Chardonnay Grapes

Chardonnay is easily the most popular
winemaking grape in the world. The adaptive nature of this grape makes it
suitable to be planted all over the world. Soil high in clay, limestone, and
chalk is ideal for this variety to grow.

Wine made with Chardonnay goes well with sushi, sashimi and almost all types of seafood like shellfish and crabs. For more guide to see what the “Best Wines To Use For Cooking” as well, click here.

Riesling Grapes

Rhine region of Germany is notable for producing a highly acidic variety of grapes complemented with a flowery aroma. The flavor of this variety largely depends on the region it is planted. Wine made with this variety pair well with any spicy dishes like Indian and Asian cuisine.

Pinot Gris Grapes

Originating in Burgundy, Pinot Gris or Grauburgunder is a widely planted white wine grape variety of the species Vitis vinifera. Purplish in color, wine made from this variety offers a diverse range of flavors and aroma. It is light in acid and pairs well with poultry.

Chenin Blanc Grapes

Chenin Blanc is one of the most versatile varieties of grape that owes its origin to the vineyards of Loire Valley in France. The sweetness and the flavor of wine made from this grape can be altered to adapt to your taste buds. Pair it with pulled pork dishes and oysters.

Gewürztraminer Grapes

Gewürztraminer is an aromatic pinkish-red grape variety used to make white wine. Owing to its origins in Italy, it only makes sense that many European countries enjoy this grape (and wine) a lot! Being a grape originated in the cold atmosphere of European countries, it adapts and thrives in a cooler climate. This delicious grape also produces more of a floral flavor profile, how delicious does that sound?

Sémillon Grapes

Sémillon has its roots in the Bordeaux region of France. This variety of thin-skinned grape is easy to cultivate but needs utmost care before harvesting as it is susceptible to sunburn. The skin turns golden when ripe. It thrives well in a warmer climate. Sweet white wine from this variety of grape goes well with food rich in Asian spices.

Also, check this guide out we set up to make sure your white wine is lasting the correct amount of time in “How Long Does White Wine Last”?

9 Different Grapes Used for Red Wines

The darker varieties of grapes are used to make red wine. Grapes are pressed along with the skin before fermentation so that the wine retains the red or purplish stain and fruity flavor. Here’s a list of some of the widely planted Red wine grapes.

Pinot Noir Grapes

Pinot Noir, one of the most widely planted red-wine making grape is a variety of Vitis vinifera species. It has been a top pick among wine enthusiasts for ages. Originating in France, wine from this grape pair well with food rich in hot sauce and a myriad of cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes

It’s no secret that Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most sought after varieties of red-wine grape. Cabernet Sauvignon is cultivated in almost all major wine making vines of the world. Bordeaux produces some of the finest variety of this grape. Wine from Cabernet Sauvignon grape has ripe fruity fragrance and complex aroma.

Malbec Grapes

Malbec, in spite of originating in France,
owes its popularity to Argentina where it is grown extensively to make some
finest variety of wine. This variety of Vitis vinifera needs hot weather to
ripen. It produces full-bodied red wine and is usually blended with  Right Bank Bordeaux. Pairs perfectly with red
meat and poultry.

Syrah / Shiraz Grapes

Syrah or Shiraz, one of the widely accepted
red wine grape dominates the Northen
Rhone today. It is not known when or where it has originated. Wine of this
variety can be paired with grilled chicken, sausages and almost all red meat

Merlot Grapes

Merlot owes its popularity to France. The color of this grape ranges from dark blue to black. It is widely cultivated all over the world especially in Bordeaux. Wine from this variety has aromas of freshly pressed raspberries, strawberries, and cherries.

Zinfandel Grapes

Cultivated or grown mostly in the vineyards of the USA, Zinfandel despite being light in nature offers rich flavors. It has a lovely flavor of ripe cherries, raspberries & cranberries. Wine made from this variety has higher alcohol content than Cabernet Sauvignon. Zinfandel is a great accompaniment for food rich in spices and hot sauces.

Sangiovese Grapes

Despite its popularity, Sangiovese can be rarely found in winemaking vineyards outside Italy. The versatile nature of the wine produced from his variety of grape allows it to adapt itself to a variety of flavors and aromas. It pairs perfectly with Italian cuisines like tomato sauce based pizzas, pasta and so on.

Sparkling Wine Grapes

Carefully picked Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
grapes are fermented overtime to make fizzy Sparkling Wine.

Rosé Wine Grapes

Rosé wine is made with blue and red
grapes that are made to undergo maceration.

Thanks for reading!! Too much variety for you right away? A little overwhelmed with the options of wine that you realize you have? Check out “Beginner Wines that You Need to Try” or “Best Kind of Wine for Non-Wine Drinkers” for more.

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