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If you are a regular wine drinker then you probably need some apps that can help you decide what’s best. In some situations, this can be hard to do by yourself, as you need to google all the names and search for relevant information. It’s a drag.

Which is why we put together this quick list about the apps you can use to look up wine and what goes well with them. We are about to make your life much easier, all you need to do is pay attention and click a link.

Vivino: Buy The right wine

This is probably the most famous apps out there for wine lovers. It tells you all about what you are about to drink or what you want to drink later on. If you visit restaurants often then this will likely be your favorite. It is also available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

The best function is that you can scan labels. This way whenever you go wine shopping you can easily access every single bit of information about the drink of your choice. That includes rating, taste, pairings and price. It can also tell you if this certain wine is available cheaper at another store.

But if you prefer drinking at restaurants then you can also do quick searches. In this case, you will also reach a wine profile where you can see all the information listed above. It makes choosing much easier and you don’t have to blindly pick a wine. (Quick tip: this app will make sure that you impress your date with your wine knowledge!)

And at last, you can also rate and describe your experience. You can talk about the taste and what you had it with, helping other wine lovers understand the nature of your drink. This way you can suggest new pairings or tell others how something is off in the description.

Just Wine

The Just Wine app is great for those who are just beginning to discover the world of wine. It gives you guides on how to taste, open a bottle and other useful things. You can also learn fun facts about wine.

The other interesting aspect is that it lists events that will be around you. All of them are about wine, so if you want to be more social through your hobby then this is your chance. These events often include wine tasting as well, so even if you are more introverted you might consider going.

Although you can’t search by scanning labels, which is a shame. But you can just use the usual typing method, which will result in a ton of info about your choice of wine. You can find ratings, tastes, prices and bargains. You can also search locally, which means you won’t be in a situation where you found your perfect wine but have to drive an hour to get it. Those situations can be avoided with this function.

Library of Wines

But you can also have a “cellar”. This application lets you create a library of your wines, your favourites, the ones you want to drink and what you have already drunk. This makes it a lot easier to stay organized if you have a lot of wines at home. But you can also rate what you have drunk before, making it easier for other users to know what it’s all about.

It also has an active community. In it, you can share blog posts, fun facts and other things about wine. You can easily create an online presence there.

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have great reviews as it’s only in its’ early phases, but it doesn’t take up nearly as much space as Vivino. But it’s available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Detectable Wine – Scan & Rate

This apps is quite simple. It has a layout that can be understood even if you don’t really favor technology. It’s easy to control and can give you sufficient information.

You can find ratings, pairings and prices. Although, this application doesn’t really focus on these functions as it has much better ones. But these work just as well, even if they aren’t as detailed. Also, it doesn’t only list wines, but other spirits as well.

But what the true purpose of is much more interesting. You can follow wine experts and their newest experiences. You can see their journey with wine and learn from it.

But one of the best functions is the ability to find your next wine here. The app gives you recommendations based on your past experiences and ratings, giving you a possibly amazing wine. Which might just become your new favourite. And the cherry on top… You can order it through the app. Right to your doorstep. You don’t need to go anywhere, looking for this one specific thing. No, this application will do all that for you.

Unfortunately, it’s only available on Google Play, but it’s completely free. It also has a rating of 4.3 which is pretty good.

Pocket Wine

This one is perfect if you plan on using it regularly. You can discover new wines, their styles and grape varieties. There is so much knowledge in this app that it’s mind-blowing. So if you want to know what you are drinking then this is the best way to learn about it.

You can also track your own wines. You can stay on top of the organisation even if you have a ton of bottles at home. This way you can write down which wine is your favourite and why. But the best thing that comes out of all this is… that the application tracks all of that and makes a taste profile for you. What you enjoy most, drink most and it gives you the ability to choose your next drink more easily.

And of course, all of this is linked to your profile, so you don’t need to worry about all of this getting lost. You can easily link all your wines to other devices as well. The way you can do that is in the FAQ, which provides a lot of help for those who have questions. But even if you can’t find your specific problem then you can still write a message. You will likely receive a reply within a couple of hours.

It’s only available on the App Store, but it’s free for all to use. It has a rating of 4.7 and a lot of people mention how great it is for beginner wine tasters.

You simply need to have wine apps on your phone if you want to have special experiences. It allows you to choose more easily or to know what you can pair your drink with. Simply said: it will make your life much easier. It takes half a minute to download an app like this and it can make drastic changes to your visits to your favorite restaurant or your homemade foods.

Thank you for reading! Will you download any of these applications? If so, which one? Tell us down in the comments below! Be sure to check out related wine articles to keep your interests high in “All You Need To Know About Thermoelectric Wine Coolers” or even “12 Genius Ways to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew“.

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