Monday, October 25, 2021
What is the Best Wine for Weddings
Experts and oenophiles (wine connoisseurs) know all about wine and how to observe all the traditions that go with its consumption. This comes in handy if we are talking dinners, alfresco, grilling and other settings.Things, however, become...
How to hold a wine glass
Some might say there is no correct way to hold a wine glass, and that someone is sure to be embarrassed. Find out the correct way to hold your wine glass!
Conceived in a time of necessity, fortified wines have since seen waves of popularity, and they are currently on the upsurge.
What is Ice Wine
A Canadian vineyard references ice wine as the nectar of Gods. As with the mythical nectar for the Gods, ice wines are very sweet. It is also priced as though it is the actual nectar for the Gods.What...
Beginner wines you need to try
Wine is an acquired taste. Along with that, there is a certain level of sophistication attached to wine drinking. This may seem a bit intimidating for someone who has not been in the habit of drinking...
What Does Wine Taste Like?
98% of the wine is composed of water and alcohol, both of which are tasteless. The authentic taste of this drink stems from the remaining 2%, and the exquisite techniques of winemaking have bequeathed us with...
How to recork wine like a pro
Wine is designed to last for days after it has been opened. Proper care can save it for a couple more days after opening. Here's how to recork wine like a pro.
Unconventional Wedding Wines to Wow Your Guests
If you’re too busy planning your dream wedding and left it to your caterer to decide the wine all your guests are going to enjoy, we have some bad news. You might have intuitively assumed...
The Most Popular Sweet Wines
Whether to be used as a dessert wine or for an unassuming cheerful evening sweet wines are perfect for a relaxed, fun and unassuming fun scenarios.
What is Table Wine?
Table wine can be any wine, but the overly vague usage of the word lends it an image of being too cheap. Learn the differences in this post!