Friday, August 14, 2020
Oenophiles Watch List: 19 Best Movies about Wine
It is funny how you want a total involvement and association with something and in some cases get obsessed with that item/idea once you fall in love with it. Wine lovers are not any different....
Best Wine Aroma Kits You Have to Check Out
Any oenophile will tell you that the best way to learn about wine is by drinking more wine and on a regular basis. For someone who cannot afford the more upmarket and classy bottles of...
Uncorked: Johannisberg Riesling White Wine
Johannisberg Riesling derives its name from Johannisberg Hill. Riesling is one of the three quartzite hills that lie upstream from the Taunus massif in the gentle landscape of Rheingau, a small town in Germany. The riesling...
How Many Grapes are Used for One Bottle of Wine
Read about how many grapes are used for one bottle of wine, you can dig deeper to understand why some bottles of wine cost a lot, while others sell cheaper
What is Cooking Wine?
Commonly found next to vinegar stands in supermarkets, there are six different types of cooking wines, each suited to particular dishes.
Uncorked Semillon
The golden-skinned grape is one of the well-known varieties from Australia. Semillon is used to make some of the sweet and dry whites. Read on to know more!
The Main Differences Between Sparkling Wine and Champagne
The most frequently cited clichés in any debate of the similarities & main differences between champagne and sparkling wine
Learn How to Make Blackberry Wine With Ease
Most of us have some fond childhood memories of blackberries. Be it making jam out of it, or trying to pick a few from the nearest bramble and staining your t-shirts in the process, many...
Can You Mix Red and White Wine
Mixing red and white wine should not be regarded as a rebellious attitude. It is a practice carried out by professional wine tasters
Loire Valley is a Must-Visit For Every Wine Lover
Loire Valley is a must-visit destination for every wine lover. It has beautiful architecture and historical sites. Read on to know about this home of wine!