Friday, July 3, 2020
Jazz Up Your Christmas With This Cool Stocking Wine Dispenser
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500-Year-Old Wine Alsace White Wine From 1472
This wine is made from Alsace grapes which is cultivated in the Alsace region of France and this wine is the oldest wine that is kept in a barrel.
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13 Genius Ways to Open Wine Bottle Without Corkscrew
Most wines are sealed with corks that leave one with no choice but to use corkscrews. Unless one has mastered the art of using a corkscrew, the process can be quite messy, and this can...
Gods Goddesses of Wine in Various Mythologies
Believe it or not, there are a ton of gods & goddesses of wine in various mythologies, as it was such an essential part of every religion. Read on!
Wine Blood Pressure Everything You Need to Know
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Wine Shipping: Everything You Need to Know
There is a subtle but apparent pattern in the wine industry that intertwines, and at times, throws light on the ways of life. The industry, just like life and its intricacies, is filled with complexities....