Chambourcin Wine


History of Chambourcin Wine

The Chambourcin grape is a hybrid grape variety to perform wine (Hybrid grapes are the grape varieties product of a crossing two or more Vitis species). Joannes Serve (1900-1966), a French biochemist produced it.

The Chambourcin grape, its popularity got catalyzed by Philip Wagner (This was a man who reinvented the wine industry in the United States), founder of the Boordy Vineyards in Hydes. He was critical in getting popularity through his vineyards and wine business.
The French-American hybrids Chambourcin grape that Wagner popularized are still the workhorse grapes of the Eastern and Midwestern wine industries. With an impressive outcome, nowadays, the Chambourcin wine is one of the most requested after American variety wines.

Chambourcin Wine-WOMT- A Hybrid Grape Wine originated from France available in most of U.S & Australia
Chambourcin Wine-A Hybrid Grape Wine

Wine- A Hybrid Grape

Various European grapes have conceived it as a hybrid grape with a species of American grapes. The grape Chambourcin generally exhibits dark colors, intense spicy aroma of cherries and plums, taking into account some prominent herbal traits.

Thanks to its ease and flexibility of cultivation, it also makes it a choice for people who want their wine business to prosper; This type of wine comes from a risk-free grape that offers excellent benefits.

The need to rebuild the European wine industry after the devastation caused by the phylloxera plague. In France alone, total wine production fell from 84.5 million hectolitres in 1875 to 23.4 million hectolitres in 1889. It is what motivated the creation of French hybrids. Some estimates hold that between two-thirds and nine-tenths of all European vineyards were destroyed. Hybrid varieties were created cause there is no cure for phylloxera or chemical control by the end of the 19th century.

Hybridization became the most popular solution for stopping the phylloxera epidemic. As a result, wines have higher disease and pest resistance. Vineyards are planted now on sturdy patterns and can also be made in a dry style or with a moderate residual sugar level. Therefore adding pleasant but non-dominant sweetness.


The Chambourcin grape has been available since 1963; for commercial purposes, first by Cassegrain Wines. Taking popularity due to its large-scale production, with a crop yield reported ranging from 11.1 tons per hectare to 17.3 tons per hectare, according to the research of some universities.

Chambourcin grape, this variety shows resistance to fungal diseases, making it clear that it favors a warm maritime climate because it adapts perfectly to it. It is for that reason that the Chambourcin wine top production is in the USA with an 80% New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Washington, Kent County, Indiana, Michigan; and other countries as Canada, South of Gales and other warm, humid regions as Australia, France, and Portugal.

The Chambourcin Grape has the potential to produce several styles of wines: Low-to medium-bodied dry red, Semi-sweet to sweet red, Dry to semisweet rosé (the color can be tricky to control or alter), lovely blush, sparkling, sometimes used as a base for formula wines. Because of winemakers opting for oak barrels rather than other alternatives, the Chambourcin wine’s concentration ranged from 13-14%. These considerations by growers and winemakers are to improve the quality of their Chambourcin wines.

The price of this exotic and peculiar wine is around $15 and $30. The most popular Chambourcin wine is from Virginia, here in the USA, with a cost of $23.

Chambourcin Wine Food Pairing

Pairing a unique wine as the Chambourcin with food that complements its flavor is one of the best ways to enjoy it. Fortunately, the Chambourcin grape is impressive, and its wines fit perfectly with different plates.

Chambourcin Grape wine’s intense flavor makes it enjoyable when served chilled. However, the Chambourcin wine, despite its strong flavor has a pleasant sweetness. Wine, deep red color, a tremendous aromatic essence a good combination. It is a perfect companion to enjoy with a pork loin plate, a smoky pulled pork with baked beans. Also, short ribs, roast chicken, beef and lamb dishes, mushrooms even with a burger, or a tasty chocolate cake.

The food pairs of Chambourcin wine are peculiar because it is fruity and spicy. Moreover, its characteristic high acidity pairs perfectly with quality olive oil.

Dark fruit essences go well with bitter tomato-based sauces, classic pizza, red pasta sauce, barbecue, and Italian cheese, Roquefort.

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