How To Decorate a Wine Bottle With Decoupage In 7 Steps


All of us would like to stand out from others. One can do that by personalizing what is like a commodity. Wine bottles are a dime a dozen. More often than not, there isn’t much difference visually between the bottle of the wine which costs $10 and bottle of wine which costs $1,000, other than the label which displays the brand name of the wine.

Wine bottles are mostly dark in color to prevent sunlight from wine. Sunlight makes the wine disintegrate at a faster rate. The bottles are dark in color as a preventive measure of the impact of the sun.

But on the downside, all the wine bottles look the same in one way or the other. One thing that can be done to decorate the visual elements of wine bottles is using the decoupage. Old wine bottles can be used for multiple purposes. As a decorative item, to store water in the refrigerator or to store the wine you have made. Whichever the scenario, you can spice up the look of the old wine bottle with the decoupage.

How to Decoupage Your Old Wine Bottles in 7 Simple Steps

1. Assembling materials

Assemble all the materials needed for the procedure first. This way, there is no scrambling around for the materials at the time when it is required. Also, there is the use of glue and other materials that need the steps to be done in quick succession. So have all the materials in one place before starting the procedure.

The materials required are:

2. Cleaning the wine bottles

Ensure the wine bottles are perfectly clean and dry. Dust particles, water, and other contaminants will reduce the quality of the decoupage. To ensure that the wine bottles to decoupage are in pristine condition.

3. Cutting

Cut out the designs on the card stock. Your imagination only limits the designs that can be done. The design could be the inscription of your name, to pictures that would look great on the curved surface area of the wine bottle. You can also choose to use decorative punches to create shapes on the card stock. This makes it develop designs. But the limitation in using this method is that only designs that are available as punches can be used. On top of that, there is also pre-punched card stock available in shops. These would be available in a very limited number of shops.

4. Sticking the card stock on the wine bottles

The next step is to stick the card stock on the bottles. This can be done with the help of glue and the paintbrush. Either the adhesive can be applied to the card stock or the whole bottle. Either way, ensure that the card stock sticks well on the bottle. Make sure that the design is in level with the angle you want it to be in. Press out the card stock against the bottle and make sure that there are no air bubbles trapped between the bottle and card stock.

5. Creating and applying adhesive

Create a mixture of glue and water. Use the paintbrush to apply this mixture all over the body of the bottle. Wait till the mixture dries up. It may take an hour or two.

6. Painting the bottle

After the mixture is completely dry, you can spray paint the bottle with the color of your choice. Again wait till the paint dries.

7. Glazing the bottle

The next step is to glaze the bottle. You can use a glazing solution to glaze the bottle. In case the glazing solution was not available in the store or market, there is another technique to provide glazing to the bottle. Mix the original paint with some water. Use this mixture to glaze the bottle. The visual result of glazing using a glazing solution and the mixture is almost identical. The difference comes in the waterproofing ability of the glaze. Glazing solution will be able to provide waterproofing whereas, the mixture of paint and water cannot give any waterproofing.

With these seven simple and easy steps on how to decorate a wine bottle, you can salvage your used wine bottles for decorative purposes or reuse. Your imagination is the only limitation when using decoupage to decorate wine bottles.

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