Proudly made in France, EuroCave was brought into the world as an creative answer for store and age wine at home. 

It’s an appliance that allows wine lovers to have a lot of freedom with their wine. I mean to say, they have the opportunity to get the most out of their wine using this great wine fridge. EuroCave wine fridges do a simple job of keeping and improving the quality of your wine by keeping it in good condition.

pouring red wine
Pouring red wine

Why you should Invest in a Eurocave Wine cooler

The Wine cooler was designed to have the same condition as a cellar. For wine devotees looking for the right wine storage solutions, Eurocave is the ideal appliance for your need.

It serves more than the normal wine fridge as it’s planned to keep wine at storage and not at a particular temperature. It’s not your regular kind of wine fridge.

More than 500 models of wine cabinets and cellar conditioners are produced. Even though the models are all different, they share a few features that serve a purpose that’s unique to all EuroCave fridges.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a EuroCave cooler:

1.Made in France

EuroCave holds an Origine France Garantie certificate that shows that all products are made in France and not outsourced. This certificate is only for all French brands who produce all their items in the country.

The certificate is important because all products made in France are expected to comply with strict European safety regulations to ensure the safety of the users. Also, France is one the largest wine producers in the world, and wine storage in good conditions will be something they have a good knowledge of.

As stated before, all components are made in the same place. EuroCave guarantees high-quality standards for each and every one of its products. Every one of them is tailored to fit the customer’s needs.

2.Enhanced Walls

One main difference between EuroCave coolers and other wine fridges is the thickness of the walls. The brand is very famous for their 2 inches thick wall on their model. That is equivalent to a 9-foot thick concrete cellar wall. 

Some models feature even thicker walls that improve the inner environment making storing wine long-lasting. The logic behind creating thick walls is simple. It helps maintain constant humidity and steady temperature and at the same time reducing the compressor triggering.

3.Airflow Control

EuroCave wine coolers have air circulation technology that allows the flow of air from the top to the bottom of the appliance, thereby creating an environment that’s balanced and conducive. This technology features a natural air ventilation system placed in charcoal filters. 

This ventilation framework is intended to control dampness (humidity) not by making it but by storing it inside the fridge. Therefore, the fridge unit can be used without building up an awful stench or form.

A little disadvantage is that you’ll need to replace the charcoal filters once a year. Nonetheless, the process of changing it is easy, and the filters aren’t expensive. 

4.Heating Element

Most wine fridges lack heating elements. For most consumers, it’s useless. But, if you want to preserve your wine and not cool it; then you’ll need to understand the importance of a wine cooler and how it’s needed. Wine must be held at a steady temperature within the 55°F range. 

The heating element ensures that the fridge’s temperature is constant by preventing it from reducing to temperatures of 50°F even when it’s at the minimum threshold. Please note that storage temperature differs from serving temperatures depending on the wine. And EuroCave coolers aren’t created to chill your wine but to store them.


This is also one of the great features of Eurocave. The temperature range of most models is between 48°F and 59°F. The temperature range is very great for an appliance that stores wine.

Ranges of EuroCave Wine Cabinets 

Premiére Eurocave Wine Cabinets Range

A combination of modernity and tradition that creates a conducive environment for maturing wines. This range of cabinets combines technology and a nice aesthetic playing with textures and original materials. This range offers an elegant cabinet with great finishing. 

The cabinets preserve your wines the way a natural cellar. They’re in a constant temperature due to the double hot and cold control feature present. Temperature ranges from 9-15°C. Humidity is retained due to the embossed aluminum wall, and constant ventilation is ensured by an inlet at the top and bottom of the cooler.

 They also possess extra protection from vibration and a compressor separate from the body of the cabinet.

Pure Eurocave Wine Cabinets Range

This range posses three temperature systems for your needs. 

• Single temperature cabinets

They’re at a constant temperature and stable humidity levels. They also possess a stable ventilation system that’s made possible by the breather effect —and a compressor to prevent vibrations.

• Wine serving Cabinet

This cabinet keeps your bottles at a temperature for wine tasting conditions. The temperature ranges from 5-22°C and 41-72°F, allowing the freedom to have several types of wine at a serving temperature.

• 3 temperature Cabinets

Creates an ideal condition for storing different types of wine. It has three different temperature zones in three different compartments — 10-14°C/50-57°F, 9-15°C / 48-59°F, 15-22°C / 59 – 72°F; 1 zone for chilling wine, a chilling compartment and a compartment for bringing wine to room temperature respectively.    

Compact Wine Cabinets

The compact wine cabinets are specifically made for the kitchen. It occurs in a flush-fitted and free-standing version depending on your taste. The flush-fitted versions are made specifically from what you want, the size of your kitchen—in the most sense, your kitchen designers determine the size. The free-standing version is also made to fit your space constraints.

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