Handy Crafts: Paint Wine Bottles With Ease


If you like wine, chances are you’ve thrown away a lot of glass bottles. But the next time you find yourself discarding one in the trash, you might want to consider saving it.

The significant variability of wine bottle sizes and shapes means that with a little effort, they can make for great decorations that can be placed anywhere in your home.

Besides saving a ton of money, you can paint wine bottles and is incredibly fun, and in this article, we’ll discuss how you can turn all sorts of glass bottles into beautiful showpieces that you’ll be proud of.

Things You’ll Need

  • Wine bottles
  • Acrylic, chalkboard, or spray paint
  • Soap
  • A plastic scraper or adhesive remover like WD-40
  • Add a spray primer for spray paint

How to Paint Wine Bottles

The process of painting glass bottles is relatively simplistic and needs only four small steps before the fun begins. You’ve also probably already completed the first step, which is to empty the wine bottle. Buying custom-made glass bottles can get relatively expensive, especially if you plan on purchasing a whole set. Collecting wine flasks is an excellent way to save on this cost.

In the second step, we need to clean these bottles thoroughly to wash away the smell of ferment. To reach the inside half, take any container that is bigger than the bottle and mix some hot water and soap in it. You can also use your kitchen sink for this. Let the bottles soak in the solution for about an hour.

Next, you need to remove the label and anything else on the surface of the glass. This is where the plastic scraper and WD-40 will come in handy.

This fourth step can vary based on which type of paint you’re using. For spray paint, use a spray primer to ensure that the coating sticks to the surface for longer and won’t peel off easily. You don’t need to do this for acrylic or chalkboard paints, which can be used directly. If you’re using spray paints, also make sure that you shake the cans for a good few minutes. Doing this step right can make a significant difference in how evenly the color covers the glass.

The fifth step is where things become fun. Now that your bottles are ready to paint, you can experiment with all sorts of designs to jazz up your home. In addition to paint, you can insert some fairy lights, use glitter, or even stencils to get the perfect look.

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Striped design

If you want to make striped design, use some tape and color the untaped part with one color, and the underside of the taped half with another. The possibilities are endless, and there are many great DIY ideas you can explore online (Pinterest is a particularly good source) before deciding on your favorite.

Paint wine bottles

Do you have any tips on how to paint wine bottles? If so, add a comment below!

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