Here Is Why You Need the Drink Waiter


There is a pretty good chance that you haven’t heard of this certain “Drink Waiter” yet. But that’s okay, it’s still a very new concept, but it will soon take over the world of wine, which is why you should be informed ahead of time.

You can view their awesome Kickstarter campaign here. If you pledge, you can be one of the very first people to get the Drink Waiter tray for your next champaign party!

What is the Drink Waiter?

The easiest way to explain is that it’s a small circular tray that you can attach to a wine glass. Interesting, we know, but it can be pretty handy. Let’s say you are at a very crowded wine tasting event. The Drink Waiter can make everything much more accessible by letting you put small portions of food right next to your wine. And of course, it weighs next to nothing.

This works exceptionally well if the hosts organized everything so that you can easily tell which wine pairs with which foods. You can quickly grab a couple of things and be on your merry way straight away from the crowded tables.

The Drink Waiter itself is made of FDA approved food-grade plastic. This means that your food won’t be affected in any way, unlike in the case of many plastics. The manufacturer ensures that the plastic-like taste and the smell don’t transfer. Another great thing about it is that it’s perfectly safe for dishwashers, which means that it can be cleaned easily.

But what we think the best part is that it can fit almost any kind of glass as long as the stem is between 1/4 and 9/16 inch. This means that if you don’t have some uniquely designed glass, then you won’t need to worry about it not fitting. Also, it’s very easy to put the Drink Waiter on your glass, you can clasp it right on, and it will hold out perfectly fine.

Already interested in the Drink Waiter? Be sure to check out “Ultimate Guide to Host Best Wine & Cheese Party” to find food pairings to match up with your wines at your tastings.

Why Do You Need The Drink Waiter?

There are a lot of answers to this question, but let’s talk about the main ones.

1. It makes drinking much easier

Alright, not the actual drinking part, but the social events that involve drinking. You will always have a free hand and a couple of bites ready. Because of this, you can wander around the venue and socialize for a longer time without having to go back for food regularly.

2. It’s a great conversation starter

The Drink Waiter isn’t that popular at the moment, and because of that, a lot of people will be curious around you. “What is it good for?” “How does it work?” and others will be common questions directed at you, which can quickly turn into friendlier conversations.

This is especially great if you don’t know that many people at the event and are nervous about going up to others. This simple invention will make socializing much easier for you.

3. Soon everyone will have one

The Drink Waiter is still in its early stages and looking for patrons online. But once they reach their goal, there is no stopping. This product will spread like wildfire, as it’s handy and can make the lives of wine lovers much easier.

So be one of those people who support such a thing and be one of those who are putting it to use before suddenly everyone has a Drink Waiter.

Wine drinking can’t get any simpler than with the Drink Waiter. It will serve its’ purpose with ease, and you will be wondering why you didn’t get one sooner. If you are looking for something to enhance your wine experience, then this is it. You have found the one.

So if you liked this product, then get yours today and bottoms up! Visit their campaign here to help them go into production with their great idea. We know we’ll want this for our next wine glass party!

Have you heard of the Drink Waiter before? If not, what do you think about it? Does it have potential? Let us know in the comments below!

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