Boxed Wine

Many people believe that boxed wine doesn’t have an expiration date. This is mainly because people seem to think that alcohol doesn’t go bad. The one thing they don’t take into consideration is that wine has many more ingredients besides alcohol.

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But there is another factor that plays into wine “expiring”. The plastic packaging. It’s usually a very thin material and lets microscopic amounts of oxygen through. Because of this the wine will end up tasting less fresh. This, of course, doesn’t mean that the wine goes bad and that it isn’t drinkable anymore. This simply means that your wine won’t be as delicious as it originally was.

General rule of thumb

As any product, boxed wine always has an expiration date on the bottom. Although most producers put a date on there that is generally not very accurate. They want to save themselves the trouble of dealing with an unhappy customer so they protect themselves by bringing the expiration date closer. Unfortunately though that’s pretty bad for consumers because they think that they need to use up the product in a shorter amount of time and they might waste some of it just so it doesn’t go bad.

This expiry date is usually set one year from the bottling phase. Following it will guarantee that you don’t drink expired or not-so-fresh tasting wine, which is pretty convenient but not all that necessary. You can usually drink an “expired” wine even a month after the set date. But of course, you are taking a gamble by doing so.

How can you tell that a wine has gone bad?

The Wine Research Institute has said that there is a difference between a flawed and a faulty wine. Both of these mean that the wine is past its’ expiration date, but by different amounts of time.

A flawed wine has a weird taste. It can be after you have already swallowed your drink or it can be right when it hits your tongue. Either way, it doesn’t last too long. It goes away in seconds. This means that some people can tolerate it and drink the rest, but some can’t handle it.

On the other hand, a faulty wine is bad overall. It’s way past its’ expiration date and it doesn’t have a taste besides that awful one. Nobody can drink these ones, as their flavor just cannot be handled. If you are very sensitive to intense aromas then it might even make you puke, it’s so bad.

What happens if you drink expired wine?

Depends on the amount you drink. Taking too much of anything will make you sick, especially if it contains alcohol. So don’t be too worried if you drank a lot of expired wine and you suddenly started to get ill. It’s alright, you won’t have any problems.

All that happens to the wine when it expires is that the taste worsens. It becomes awful and nobody should drink it. But they won’t mess around with your digestive system, as the alcohol acts as a preservative, thus you can spare yourself sickness from other expired chemicals.

So don’t worry if you accidentally drank an expired glass of wine. You will be just fine.


Be aware of the expiration date on your wine (and on every other product) and make sure you follow them at least a little bit. You won’t be harmed if you drink it but still, better safe then sorry.

Do you drink boxed wine? Has there ever been a case when it expired and you drank it? Tell us down in the comments below!