How Many Bottles in a Case of Wine?


Wine has always been part and parcel of fine dining and a good meal is not complete without a bottle of some fine wine. The connoisseurs will tell you that there is a lot to know about a wine before you can think of yourself as qualified in the science of winemaking.

Part of this education is knowing the basics like how many bottles in a case of wine. This piece of information will be more helpful if you know how to mix a case of wine to perfection so that you have a little of everything in your single case. This is what we are here for. Wine lovers, buckle up for an education in wine cases and how to get the best case of wines.

How Many Bottles in A Case of Wine?

It is often said among wine enthusiasts that wine lovers buy bottles but wine fanatics know to buy a case. One standard case of wine should contain 12 bottles, each 750 ml. In total, this makes nine liters of wine in one case. Has anyone ever drank 1 case all for themselves before, because that’s a lot of wine!

Buying wine by the case, like any other bulk purchase, comes with economies of scale and offers that the single-bottle-buyer cannot benefit from. To begin with, there is always a discount attached to such a purchase. Depending on your retailer, you may be entitled to a 10 or 20 percent discount when you get a full case of 12 bottles of wine. The offer is often extended to free shipping if you are making the purchase online. Already considering these special offers, check out one of these wine cases here.

Other Types of Wine Cases

Though the standard case holds 12 bottles of wine, there are different cases as well. If you want a case of wine in special-sized bottles, then you are likely to find a case of six. Splits and magnums for instance come in such cases that contain six bottles. This is also the case with high-end brands as these are also found in cases of six in most cases. Looking for something different? Check out this crafty wine case.

Custom Mixed Cases of Wine

A good mixed case takes a complex process that is not much work to the wine expert but could take a newbie some time to master. There is not standard method of mixing that guarantees the perfect case; rather this depends on the occasion. Your budget will also determine what wines you are able to pick but with the wide array of tastes, your palate is sure to be satisfied.

Why Buy a Case of Wine?

Why are you getting a whole case of wine in the first place? One of the most common aims for a wine connoisseur is to get a case that encapsulates all the variety they have to choose from. It could also be the kind of catch-all collection that caters for fine dinner pairings as well as everyday drinking.

The event could also be a big determiner on the kinds of wines you choose. You will need more red wines for dinners and something lighter on the palate if you are getting the case for, say, a barbecue.

Getting a mixed case is also a good idea if you have always wanted to put your tasting skills to the test. Such a case would typically contain all the classics for some comparative tasting. The beauty of mixing a case also lies on the fact that you are able to add new flavors to your list of favorites.

How to Mix & Match the Perfect Case of Wine

A starter case of mixed wines should have a bit of everything, thus should contain the following.

  • Two varieties of sparkling wine
  • Five bottles of white wine (some bold, some light)
  • Five bottles of red wine (some bold, some light)

Once you have this outline, you can go ahead and customize the case to your liking. If you have many choices for rose bottles, you can substitute two of the whites with these. Those who love sparkling wine but don’t like red wine as much can change the reds with some three bottles of bubbly. Those who like full-bodied reds can substitute some of the lights with the bold type. Remember to add some bottles of sweet wine for times when you need these for dessert. When it comes to mixing, there is virtually an endless list of possibilities and it does not hurt to try something different.

Start with Your Favorite Winery

Finally, do you have a wine shop where you are a regular client? This is the place to start in case you are buying a mixed case for the first time. Give your retailer an adventure and let them fix your mixing troubles. Give them your preferences and a budget and let them work their magic. They know best what gems are hiding in their stock of wines and they may just amaze you with the choices they make.

After you get your case of wine you’ll have to know how to store it. Don’t forget to un-cork your wines correctly too! It pains us to see so many people ruin a good bottle of red or white wine when they corked it all wrong.

By deciding to buy your wine by the case, you are giving yourself the chance to experience new tastes. Aside from the savings you make, you will also love the idea of choosing from a selection and you may just end up buying by the case moving forward.

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