How Much Wine Do You Need For a Wedding


Planning a wedding buffet is not child’s play and on top of it, choosing the right amount of wine for your guests can be really challenging. Don’t fret! Here’s a clever guide that will help you to asses how much wine is enough to compliment your sumptuous wedding buffet!

We’re here to help you make your wedding the best it can be, wine style!

Things to Think About When Having a Wine Bar at Your Wedding


To determine how much money you’re able to invest in bottles of wine, you need to set a budget. Typically, the host usually spends about 15-20% of the entire wedding budget on wine. As most of the preferred varieties of wine come with different price points, starting from as low as $10 for a bottle of a drink, treating your guests with the best wine in town is no longer a luxury.

Choice of Bar

The type of bar you pick should also be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the amount of wine you’re going to serve. If you’re opting for an open bar, you’ll need to stock yourself with a lot of wine bottles. If you’re running low on budget, you can opt for a cash bar, where guests pay for their drinks. You’ll need significantly less number of red and white wine bottles if you go for the latter one.

Self Serving Bar

If you are opting for a self-serving bar, then guests are bound to take large servings in their glasses. It’s not a viable option if you’re running low on budget. You might also run out of wine so stock yourself with more bottles and shell out at least 20% more than your pre-estimated budget.

Know Your Guests

The amount of money you’re going to spend on wine bottles depends on the number of adults attending the ceremony. Additionally, before choosing the wines of your choice, check the wedding index and make a rough assessment on the number of attendees who will drink and be merry and the ones who will shy away from having not more than a glass.

Wines for Different Seasons

Summer and Spring

If you prefer to have your wedding in summer, then stock your bar with more white wine. A mix of 30% each of all major styles of wine can be served to the guests. Classic rosé is a good choice if there’s seafood in the buffet.

Wines like this are light and refreshing for your party— which is absolutely perfect for the hotter seasons of the year. Anyone having a summer or spring wedding soon anyways? let us know what you’ll be serving!

Winter and Fall

As days become colder, people prefer having more red wine at weddings. The soothing textures and taste of red wines will keep you warm and cozy inside, perfect during the winter. You can never go wrong with a mix of at least 50% of red wine during these seasons for your wine selection.

Check our some of these beginner wines if you aren’t sure what to have during your wedding party. These might be beginner wines because majority of people find it easy to enjoy, but by no means are they lesser of quality!

Wedding Wine Calculator

Calculating the amount of drink you’ll be serving at your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll help you out here!

Let’s assume there are 100 guests.

Among them, 20 guests are children or those who don’t drink. The rest 80 will have wine. In a 4 hours event, there will be a total of 320 servings of wine, considering that there is one serving for an individual per hour. 1 bottle of wine can serve approximately 5 people.

What Wines Should I Try for My Wedding?

The most common pick for a wedding toast is sparkling wine. As this is only a champagne toast for the newlyweds, guests will not drink more than a glass. About 1 bottle of sparkling wine per 8 people is enough to serve on your toast.

You can never go wrong with Sparkling Rosé if your toast venue is outdoor or takes place during daytime. This is also perfect if you have a summer or spring wedding, so be sure to add it to the list if this caters to you!

If you’re going for an indoor or nighttime toast, you can always rely on classic French Champagne or Blanc De Noirs. For additional recommendations, here’s a list of unconventional wines to wow your guests!

Red Wines for Weddings

It’s no surprise that the classic Red Wine is an all-time favorite in wedding receptions. There are several options to choose from based on the flavor and sweetness. It’s always safe to invest at least 50% of your wedding budget in red wine.

Choosing the best red wine for your big day is quite daunting. Buy a couple of wine bottles of your choice depending on your budget and invite some close friends or family members to taste them. Select the one that gets the most appraisal. This variety of wine served with beef or any other red meat dish is an all-time classic combo!

Some of the most sought-after wines of this variety are Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Malbec.

White Wines for Weddings

From dry to sweet, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to light and zesty white wine for that picture-perfect wedding. You can also opt for bolder and oaked wines to suit your taste buds. Once you select a variety of your choice, try samples of at least 3-4 bottles of different brands and taste-test each of them and choose the one that suits your taste. White wine goes well with fish, lobster, etc. see more pairings here!

Some of the top pick white wines for wedding buffets are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio.

Custom Wines for Weddings

No one should compromise for his/her big day! To make your wedding day more memorable, you can always add a personal touch on your wine by offering customized wine cocktail or labels on wine bottles. One glass per person would be an ideal serving in this case.

Remember there’s no foolproof method that can determine the exact estimate of wine that will be consumed by the guests. You don’t want to run out of wine on the most important day of your life. Always keep extra bottles handy!

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