How to Drink Wine if You Don’t Like it


There are times when you are offered something awful and you need to act like you are enjoying your drink. But it might be that you just simply don’t like wine but need to act as you do. Well, either way, it’s hard to control the contortion of our face when this happens and you need to know how to deal with it. After all, you want to handle this drinking like an adult.

So, how can you hold yourself back from grimacing and spitting the wine back?

Experiment Beforehand

This is the key to it all. You need to know what you actually like first, because it will leave you to develop your own taste in wine. Yes, even if you hate it to begin with, then you will simply realize what kinds are more bearable than others.

So, sit down at home with a bunch of wines and try them all out. Make sure these are all different kinds too (red, white, sparkling, rosé), this way you will be able to learn more. And once you have the glass of wine in your hand just keep one thing in mind: you are doing this for yourself and it’s just a little bit of discomfort.

Try to keep these wines in your mouth for as long as you can. Let the taste wander and sink in. Swallow once the taste doesn’t change anymore. Then ask yourself if you liked it and if you would ever drink it again. Rinse and repeat. Literally, you should probably wash your mouth so the tastes don’t linger around for a long time, it can ruin the other drinks.

Make sure that by the end you have learned a couple of things about yourself. Like how sweet or bitter you like your wine.

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Drink it with Sweet Fruit

You can even pop a couple of cherries or strawberries in your glass if that’s what you would like. Grapes work too, of course.

This way you can eliminate the bitter aftertaste and maybe even save yourself from the awful undertones. Just make sure that you constantly have a piece of fruit with you while drinking.

But if you decide to put these fruits in your wine then you should probably choose sangria too. They have a much lighter taste and it doesn’t look weird if your whole glass is filled with grapes and strawberries. This way you can have less wine and you won’t have to drink as much.

Drink it with Cheese

If you like cheese then this is the perfect solution for you. Simply pick a couple that have a potent taste and can easily repress the flavor of the wine. This makes the bitter undertones and aftertaste easier to handle and you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

The best types of cheese for this are: Roquefort, Bleu d’Auvergne, Stilton, white cheddar and any that is made from sheep’s milk. These are the ones you should be using if you want to get rid of the taste of the wine.

Simply take a bit into your mouth, let the flavor overwhelm your mouth and seep into your cheeks. Then you can take sips of wine. It will almost feel like drinking water. This is great if you know that you have zero tolerance for this alcoholic beverage and would rather just get over with it. We get it, you do what’s best for you.

Learn how to Pair Properly

Pairing can really help a wine reach its’ full potential and can make or break the taste. Because of this, you might want to see if certain dishes can help you enjoy this drink, so you don’t have to feel left out at fancy parties.

To do this, simply experiment at home. Sit down with 3-4 bottles of wine and read the labels carefully and search for recommended pairings. If you can’t find any then you look at reviews online. A lot of them will mention pairings that worked for them and others will just ruin the wine. Once you know what you need go out of your way to prepare those dishes. Whether it be fish, poultry or dessert. Just do it. Then sit down and try to pair your wine with these foods.

You will probably be surprised by the outcome. A simple pairing can make people go from hating wine to loving it and we hope this for you as well.

Add Ice

No, frozen grapes won’t work in this case. Our intention is to dilute the wine with the melted ice. This makes the drink much lighter and the extra water can get rid of overwhelming tastes.

This works best for those who have a problem with strong flavors and would rather drink something lighter. This is a way to make that happen discreetly.

Add Carbonation

Obviously, this one won’t really work if your drink is already carbonated. But it can do wonders to still wines if used correctly and all you will need is a wine spritzer.

Fizziness is a great way to get rid of tartness and bitter aftertastes. Also, it can really make the wine pop and taste slightly more sour-sweet than it originally did. Carbonated wines are also perfect for those who are more used to cocktails and fizzy drinks, as they can help you adjust to the taste of wine while remaining something similar that you already know.

Generally speaking though, if you are at a fancy party then this isn’t an option. It can be considered rude that you want to mess with a great craftsman’s creation. So keep this method to yourself and to family parties and don’t bring it up at business events. Remember: wine is supposed to be sophisticated, the only time you can change it is when the people around you don’t care about it all that much.


It’s okay to not like wine. It’s okay to only like it if you can modify it. People have different tastes and thus, some people don’t like something that the majority does. So what?

These methods on how to drink wine will probably help you get through your dislike for wine, but if you still don’t feel well afterwards then don’t force yourself. It’s not worth getting sick over.

Do you have any other suggestions? Tell us down in the comments below!

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