How to Make Wine Taste Better (Step by Step)


Every drinker has a story of a wine bottle that wasn’t up to par. Sometimes, you don’t expect much because you just picked the cheapest bottle in the store. It could also be that you got confused by all the complicated names and ended up picking the wrong one.

How you got yourself in this situation is not really important now. What you need to start thinking about is how to make wine taste better. Luckily, there are a number of ways to make a bottle of wine taste better even if it made your face shrink on the first taste.

Make Sangria

Don’t give up on your bottle of wine yet. Have you ever thought about using wine to make Sangria? Add some fruits to your drink, and suddenly, that terrible tasting wine tastes totally different, no seriously. There is endless choices when it comes to the type of fruits you can use for the drink. Some popular fruits used in sangria are apples and oranges!

If you’re interested, fetch some ideas and recipes for a glass of refreshing Sangria and you will have saved your bottle of wine. This trick can be used for literally any kind of wine you can think of, both red and white wines. Here’s a great sangria recipe we found for you to check out, just to save you some time.

Let Your Wine Breathe

Decanting your wine is standard procedure when it comes to enhancing its taste. Wine that is freshly opened is just getting some aeration after months or years of being stored in a tight space. Decant the wine into a vessel with a wide mouth so that some oxygen can make its way inside.

Wine could also have been deprived of oxygen right from the wine-making process. Lack of oxygen strangles the drink so that the aromatic compounds do not blend well. This introduces sulfur compounds that reduce the wine. When wine is reduced, it may have an unpleasant smell, such as the smell of rotten eggs, boiled vegetables or burnt rubber. Let the wine sit in a decanter for some hours and the smells should be blown away so that the aromatic smells promised on the label can come to the surface. If you are not willing to wait for some hours while the wine aerates naturally, you can as well speed up the process by mixing it using a whisk or blender.

If you’re going the decanter route with patience, here’s 2 brands we like to use: Le Chateau and Bella Vino.

Chill Your Wine

Refrigerating is not only a good idea for it’s refreshing effect, it can also be a way to handle a wine that is too overpowering. This is true even for red wines that are typically served at room temperature. You can add some ice to the wine, which slows down the aromas, making it a bit smoother. Frozen grapes are also a good idea so add those if you have them in the refrigerator.

Looking for somewhere to chill your wine when you’re out and about. Check one of these portable coolers out.

It is important to note that chilling is only helpful if the wine is too strong on the palate. This method will do nothing for a wine with bad smells. It is also inapplicable for wines with high tannins. You shouldn’t chill wine with a chalky texture either.

Spritz the Wine

Carbonation works in the same way as chilling and helps get rid of some of the off-putting smells. This works especially well for wines that are too sugary. This is the same thing they do with soda. You couldn’t drink soda with all the sugar if it wasn’t bubbly. Bet you didn’t really think about this before have you? The bubbly effect makes the drink palatable, a lot too! Do the same for wines that are too sweet and add some sugary soda and the wine will have a more subtle sweetness.

In our corner of the world, this may seem like an absolute no-no but it actually works. In wine producing areas such as Spain, lemon-lime soda is added to wine and the drink is called Tinto de Verano. Kalimotxo is also another popular alternative. In this kind of spritzer, red wine is mixed with a cola-based drink.

Mull the Wine

Mulled wine is popular in the UK and other parts of Europe. You can use any kind of wine out there to make this, so you need not worry about the type; it will turn out just fine. If you have ever used mulling spices on your wine, then you know just how well they can enhance the holiday mood on a nice summer afternoon. Mix some spices and enjoy your bottle of wine to the last drop. It will take some time to slow-cook the wine, but you will like the results.

Make Delicious Punch with White Wine

While red wine may be overpowering when it has a funny taste, white wine on the other hand seems to lose all its flavor so that it almost seems like you are drinking sparkling water. Well, since you already paid for the bottle, you might as well make the most of it. One way to do this if you have white wine is to make punch out of it. Add mint, cucumbers or any flavors you can find and see what you come up with. Look through the internet for some ideas on how to make punch from your wine, and you might be surprised by the recipes and what they produce.

Learn to Embrace the Natural Flavors

This does not mean that you drink yourself to a stupor, but the truth is it probably doesn’t taste so bad. You may need a few more sips to appreciate the wine even if it doesn’t quite hit the mark.

It is such a bummer to come home excited about popping open that bottle of wine you have been anxious to taste, only to be disappointed. With our list of tips, this should not be a bother any more. All these ideas are applicable across the board and you will have a lot of fun trying them out. Of course, you can always find out more about your wine before buying it to save yourself the trouble but in case you end up with a bottle of stale wine, you have this to fall back on.

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And on that note, bottoms up! We’ll uncork ya later!! ?

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