How to Recork Wine like a Professional


Occasionally wine bottles go unfinished. Usually, this may happen when multiple bottles of wine are opened at a gathering or party. The wine needs to be salvaged for future use!

Wine is designed to be able to last for some days after it has been opened. Proper care can salvage it for a couple more days after opening the bottle. Also, check out our article on How to Store Wine After Opening by going here.

The prominent villain for wine going bad is air. When wine is in contact with air/oxygen it opens up tannin. This brings out the flavor of the wine. But, when it is in contact with air for too long, wine disintegrates and the flavor is lost. This is caused by the bacteria acetobacter.

Cork is used to separate the wine and air. After it has been opened, the portion of the cork which had been inside the bottle expands and will not fit in the bottle. While uncorking the wine, make sure that the corkscrew spindle doesn’t go all the way through, so the cork can be used again. There are some ways to reduce the contact of air with the bottle.

Let’s learn how we can recork wine like a pro now, shall we?

How to Recork Wine

Flip the Cork

The portion of the cork which was inside the bottle expands on opening, but the other end of the cork will hold its form. In that sense, use the other end to re-cork the bottle! In case it is difficult to push the cork through, a knife can be used to shave the sides of the cork so that it goes in smoothly. #LifeHack

Wax Paper

You can use wax paper to slide the cork in with ease. Remember that wax paper is slippery and will act as a lubricant and smoothly slide the cork in place. Stock up on some, here, from Amazon.

Used, Old Cork

If you have the cork from an older bottle lying around, that can be used! Moisture is what causes the cork to expand. Over time, this moisture is lost and the cork will regain its previous size. So an old cork can be used to recork the bottle and the current cork can be saved for future use.

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One could invest in a couple of stoppers to cork the wine. There are designer wine stoppers made from metal with rubber paddings that can be used— like these. There are also silicon and rubber variants available— like these! This solution is easy, and affordable, and simple to use. They’re all reusable, so this could be a one-time purchase! Stoppers ensure a tight fit and help to keep the wine for a few more days.

Plastic Wrap and Rubber Band

This is an extremely simple solution. Cover the mouth of the bottle with a plastic wrap and use a rubber a band to hold it in place. Make sure the plastic wrap is not loosely held by the rubber band. Since plastic is in no way porous there will be no air going into the bottle.

Vacuum Pump

Even after closing the mouth of the bottle there will be air remaining in the empty part of the bottle. A vacuum pump can be used to suck the air from the bottle! This ensures that the wine will keep for a longer period. The vacuum pump comes with a rubber stopper which can be used. We found an amazing (and very affordable) vacuum pump for your wine bottles, don’t miss out on it.


The wine bottle can be filled with inert gases to help the wine last longer. There are Nitrogen cartridges and cans of inert gases available in the market that are easy to use. The inert gases prevent the decomposition of wine. Usually, the inert gases used are a combination of Nitrogen and Argon.

Smaller Container

The remaining wine can be stored in a smaller container. The surface area of the contact region of the wine is reduced and wine will last longer. Take care to use compatible containers. Not sure what to look for when searching for a container? Look at this stainless steel wine bottle that we think is just right!


This is the most an expensive option of the ones listed, but it is an ideal solution! Coravin prevents the contact of wine with air and helps pout the required amount of wine at need. It is the most effective product on the market, despite its price. In case you have a collection of vintage and fine wine, investing in Coravin is worth the price. Check out this Coravin to determine if it’s right for you.

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These are some methods that can be used to recork wine like a pro. Make sure the wine is stored in a cool, dark, and humid place. The fridge is ideal, or a designated wine chiller. But always the best option is to finish the bottle on the same day as it is opened.

How do you recork wine? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to learn about your method.

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Bottoms up, we’ll uncork ya later!! 🍷

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