How to Store Wine After Opening (Guide)


If you are enough of a wine drinker, then you rarely have to worry about a bottle of wine going bad. Nothing is more disappointing to a wine lover than a bottle of fine vino (wine in Spanish) that goes bad for whatever reason. Like a nightmare!

The thing is; you don’t always want to finish that bottle of wine too fast. This article is for you if you would like to save that bottle for the next few days and have no idea how to keep it fresh.

Johann Wolfgang once said, “Life is too short to drink bad wine.” You shouldn’t have to keep up with bad wine after this piece.

What to Do After Opening a Wine Bottle

Remember to always re-cork the wine after you pour yourself some in your favorite wine glass, ours has to be one from Paksh Novelty Keep the bottle away from sunlight and store it under room temperature. Your best bet here is to use a refrigerator which will keep your reds from turning into vinegar. Yuck!

Fun Fact: Wine that is re-corked and stored in a refrigerator can stay in good condition for up to five days.

Check out this wine cooler from Nutrichef if you’re interesting in storing your wine the correct way in the right temperature. We also have a full article about wine temperatures if you’re looking to read up on that.

Tips to Keep Wine Fresh

  • Ensure it is not exposed to any sudden temperature change.
  • Store the wine in an upright position as it minimizes the surface area exposed to oxygen.
  • If you want to warm up a bottle of red wine, you should use lukewarm but never hot water. Let the water be just a bit warmer than room temperature.

1. Store the Wine in the Correct Container

If you drink half a bottle of wine, the half that is left over is more exposed to oxygen if it stays in the same bottle. Think about storing the rest of the wine in a smaller container.

This way, the wine is not as exposed to air as it would be in the original bottle. This slows down the process of oxidation. Using this simple method, you will reduce the ratio of wine to air in the bottle, which can keep your wine fresh for a good while. Just buy half bottles, which can be found in your local stores, and keep them handy for times like these.

2. Refrigerating Wine is Okay

One of the most damaging elements when it comes to wine is exposure to oxygen. Wine exposed to air reacts with oxygen and this changes its composition over time. A little bit of air when the bottle is opened can be a good thing, but this is only to release the aromas that may have been stifled by the airtight storage methods.

As wine is exposed to air, it degrades and loses its taste, turning into vinegar. This occurs as oxidation takes place. The best way to ensure you stop or slow down the process of oxidation is to refrigerate the wine after you are done drinking.

We mentioned a great wine cooler above from Nutrichef but this one from Danby is a very close competitor. It might even be better!

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Wine is ideally stored in dim light. Keep your bottles of wine in a dark place so that they are not affected by natural light. When exposed to natural light, heat builds up inside the bottle and makes oxidation to occur faster. As the wine breaks down, it will also acquire an unpleasant taste that might make it hard to drink.

This is the main reason reds come in dark bottles so as to protect them from direct sunlight. Did you know that?

4. Wine Shield

This is yet another way to keep your unfinished bottle of wine fresh. A wine shield is flexible and circular. The disc is inserted into a bottle of wine and works quite well for the first couple of days. The disc has air bubbles that allow it to float on top of the wine. It does not plug the bottle’s mouth and is a viable option for wine drinkers who don’t always finish their bottles once opened and can also be used for bars that serve wine by the glass.

5. Use a Wine Stopper

You might have thrown away the cork or somehow misplaced it. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have a wine stopper.

These come in a gamut of styles and designs which are just as decorative as they are functional. Wine stoppers are made of metal or plastic and their purpose is to create a seal that is airtight. Wine stoppers exist to help you cover your wine bottles even when you can’t get the cork to fit back into the bottleneck. Find wine stoppers with flanges close to the top. You should also try to find stoppers made specifically for sparkling wines.

Here’s one specifically for sparkling wines if you’re having trouble finding one.

6. Use of Inert Gas

There is also the option to use an inert gas that is un-reactive with the wine. You can use Argon or other gases which remove the oxygen that may have gotten into your opened bottle of wine. The inert gas will also form a layer over the wine that will keep the drink from reacting with oxygen in the air. Seal the bottle as tightly as you can once the gas is sprayed and store the bottle upright.

7. Vacuum Pump

If you can suck air out of the bottle, then this would mean that there is very little if any oxygen to react with your wine. There are a ton of vacuum pumps on sale that can reduce the air in your wine bottles by simply sucking it out. A pump system often comes with a stopper. Put the stopper inside the bottle and attach it to the vacuum pump and you are ready to remove the oxygen in your bottle.

This is a method that is popular with many wine drinkers since the vacuum pumps are not so expensive to get. Even though most people find that they serve them just fine, some experts are of the opinion that a vacuum pump changes the aroma and flavor of the wine.

Here’s 3 highly popular and rated vacuum pumps for wines for you to take a look at: Vacu VinPeltek and Viremi.

Something to Note About Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine is a favorite even for people who may not be ardent wine drinkers. Did you know though, that day-old wine is preferred over freshly opened wine? Letting the wine sit open releases some of the gas so that there is not too much carbonation, which rounds the flavors perfectly. You should try this and see how you like it.

There are a number of tricks you can apply when it comes to the preservation of wine. All the listed hacks will keep your wine fresh for longer. Just pick one and keep your wine tasting great until you are done drinking. However, these approaches will only keep the wine fresh for a few days in the maximum, so you may want to finish up  as soon as you can.

Were you able to learn more about how to store your wine after opening? This should definitely help you out with prolonging that incredible wine taste. If you’re not aware already, we’re sponsored by Audible. What does that mean? If you sign up here, you can received 2 FREE audio books to listen too. Maybe listen to your favorite go-to book while you sip on amazing tasting wine at night!

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