How to Uncork Wine Without Corkscrew (Guide)


Most plush social gatherings rely on the cocktail of company and the wine at hand. In order to elevate the ambience of a party and keep the tongues ticking, it is only imperative that good wine is in the house to set the mood.

With that being said, not everyone’s a fan of boxed wine and perhaps it doesn’t quite offer the rustic charms of wine that comes with a cork or a screw cap. Imagine a beautiful evening that implores you to supplement it with some amazing wine. However, the obstacle at hand is the fact that the bottle has been corked and you don’t really have a corkscrew at your disposal. You can’t really abate the good times over that, can you?

Thankfully, there are plenty of workarounds and ways through which one can uncork wine without a corkscrew. Not only would these hacks save you from imminent embarrassment, but will also impress onlookers in particular if you’re out on a date. Doesn’t hurt to look nifty, does it?

So, let’s get on with it, shall we? We shall list out a few hacks here to uncork wine without a corkscrew, so as to you not getting cork crumbs in your wine.

1. The Handy Tool Box

While affairs involving wine are meant to all about downing one’s tools and just indulging oneself, you might have to get crafty so that you don’t have to pull your hair out in order to deal with how to uncork wine without a corkscrew.

If you have a toolbox at home, a screw, screwdriver and hammer shall come in extremely handy. In fact, it is all you’d need. Stick the screw into the cork and then proceed to use the screwdriver to screw it in deeper. Then, use your hammer and using the end, pull the screw and cork out of the bottle. It’s advisable that you use bigger screws, as it’d be easier for you to latch the end of your hammer onto them when you need to pull out the cork.

Don’t have a toolbox at home yet? Check this one out.

2. Push Your Cork Inside Instead

If you can’t take it out, push it in! One’s main worry when it comes to the cork falling into the wine are the cork crumbs. Well, fret not! You can use a wooden spoon with a long, thin handlelike this one, to shove the cork right into the bottle.

You must get rid of any foil covering first and then apply pressure to the top of the cork. If you’re able to apply enough pressure, the cork should pop free and fall into the wine without much in the way of spoiling the wine.

3. Use a String

One can’t be blamed for being averse to the idea of a cork being in one’s bottle. To rectify it, you can choose to showcase your craftiness with a string. Simple tie an 8-figure knot into a piece of string, lower it into the neck of the bottle, knot first. Follow this up by tilting the bottle to create some space on the other side so that the string can slip past the cork and underneath it.

Read on how to tie an 8-figure knot by going here.

What else? Just yank it out by pulling as hard as you can! The knot will wedge against the neck of the bottle on the bottom of the cork and simply force the cork up and out. Here’s a good string to use if you can’t find anything, a shoe string might work well here too!

4. Brute Force

Now, not all of us feel the need to have a toolbox at home. Even if one does, what are the chances that we know how to use any of these tools? For folks who’d rather find more sans skills ways of popping open the bottle, there’s a rather simple way of going about it.

You can simply smack the bottle against a wall and make the cork pop out!

You might think that this sounds utterly bonkers! However, here’s the catch: you gotta wrap a towel around it to cushion the impact. You have to really make sure that the surface is sturdy, which means that you can even use a table. Make sure you’ve got the towel wrapped about well enough when you shank it against the surface, else you’d end up with an absolute mess.

You’ve been warned!

5. Slap the Cork Out

Of course, one would worry about the state of the walls or whatever surface you shank it against in case things go bad. In that case, perhaps the best solution is to simply try and slap the cork out of the bottleYes, it can be done. With the use of merely your legs and shoes, you can simply smack it out of your life and enjoy a fine serving of wine. This is quite a skill and party trick if you can get it right!

To go about this, preside yourself someplace cozy and proceed to secure the bottle upside-down between your thighs. Be sure to hold it tight enough so that it doesn’t slip out when you’re smacking it with the sole of your shoe. Keep going at it until you feel like the cork is easing up a bit. Slip the cork out with your hand once it’s sticking out far enough for you to grab.

6. Remove the Cork with Your Car Keys

If your life isn’t aided by the presence of tools, you needn’t worry. You can always fall back on your car keys to wiggle the cork out and proceed to indulge yourself.

All you have to do is push the key into the cork at a 45-degree angle until the key has sunk in deep enough into the cork. Push the key around in circles while pulling up, which will make the cork start screwing upwards and eventually pop out of the neck.

One can even opt to use a knife and follow pretty much the aforementioned, although it might slightly risky for one’s fingers! Please be careful!

Did you get that cork out yet? We hope so! Let us know if this helped you one bit or if you have any other suggestions for what tools to use that can get that stubborn cork out! The last thing we want is to have the whole party waiting on you right?

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