How to Use a Wine Opener Like a Pro


If you consider yourself to be the “life of the party” kind of person, then it’s quite likely that you’d be familiar with the vibrance wine imbues into any party. Wine doesn’t only elevate the mood and ambience of any party, but good wine also loosens the tongues and gets people talking.

Even if we’re talking about something of a romantic affair, there is nothing that quite serenades a date like a serving of some fine wine! With some good wine to supplement those good times, you’d be warming their heart strings in no time!

While quite a few people don’t mind it, boxed wine doesn’t quite do the trick for most people. It is perhaps a question of it not having the same pizzazz or rustic aesthetic, the sort of which corked wine can offer. While one is not casting aspersions on boxed wine and its virtuosity, it is safe to say that when we envisage a proper gathering or date over a glass of wine, we visualize a time when we pop the bottle of wine open and let the good times flow.

Therefore, it is only imperative that you’re nifty with the wine opener. There’s a variety of wine openers in the market nowadays with varying ways of using them. We shall be discussing them in relative detail here. This is to help you get to grips with these wine openers so that your party doesn’t fizzle out in the wake of your unfamiliarity with the art of opening a bottle of wine. Yes, it’s an art in itself!

Different Kinds of Wine Openers

We shall deliberate upon the pros and cons of these openers in order to give a fair bit of idea as to which one you should go for. They vary in terms of specialization and skill level required to make them work. It’s recommended that you read thoroughly to arrive at a sensible conclusion pertaining to your pick.

How to Use a Wine Key Correctly

Perhaps the most dainty and efficient corkscrew available, it is not surprising that the way the opener is utilized by most waiters. It comprises of basic parts like the knife, the worm, and a series of notched levers.

The wine key could likewise have an exceptionally short cutting-edge contingent upon the brand model. This can be utilized to slice through the foil assuming the plug is secured with it. Once you expel the foil from the bottle of wine, what you need to do is appropriately drive the worm or the spiral into the cork.

Give close consideration to guarantee that the sum of the worm is embedded into the cork. The following step is, fortunately, not to solidly set the container between your thighs and yank out the cork.

Check out this nifty corkscrew opener here. Some other popular brands with great reviews include True Fabrication and HYZ.

The corkscrew saves us face and adds some class to any social gathering. The corkscrew spares us face and adds some class to any get-together. In this way, with the worm immovably set up, pivot the scored switches towards the container until the primary indent is flush with the edge of the jug. With the score set up, lift the handle as far up as could reasonably be expected.

The worm will move with the handle in this way removing the cork simultaneously. Be that as it may, after this procedure there is still some cork left in the jug so the subsequent stage is to snare the following indent to the edge of the jug. Raise the handle and the plug will be altogether expelled from the wine bottle.

One Thing to Note When Using a Wine Key

It is important to take your time.

Forcefully removing the cork may result in it being broken before it is entirely removed. One should not forget to unscrew the wine cork from the corkscrew worm. It should be closed, then place it away when the job is completed.

It is an extremely dependable way and portable opener but requires some level of skill to be used. This is because if done wrong, a person risks tearing and fracturing the cork in the bottle opening process, resulting in little crumbs in the drink and this may ruin the whole experience. However, once a person gets the hang of it, it is quite an easy process!

How to Use an Electric Wine Opener?

The electric-wine opener is worked by one single switch. The switch has two capacities. First press the very lower-some portion of the change to expel a cork from a bottle.

After you have expelled the whole cork from the bottle, press the upper-some portion of the change to discharge a cork from the mechanism. Before evacuating the plug, you should expel any foil from the jug utilizing the shaper gave.

Spot the electric-wine opener over the wine-bottle ensuring that it stays as upstanding as conceivable consistently. On the off chance that you hold the electric-wine opener at a point to the containerit won’t evacuate the cork appropriately.

Make a point to hold the opener solidly and quit squeezing the lower-some portion of the switch. Now the worm should turn in a clock-wise-bearing and enter the wine cork, and after that gradually pull it from the wine bottle.

When the entire opening procedure has halted the wine, the stopper has been expelled. What you need to do is lift the opener from the container. To evacuate the whole stopper, essentially quit squeezing the upper-part of the corkscrew switch.

The winding will turn an anti-clockwise way and discharge the stopper. Continuously return the opener to the energizing stand when completed with it. This will ensure the component while it isn’t being used.

Get your hands on one of those electric wine openers by checking this one out.

Few Issues with Electric Wine Openers

It has been noticed that the opener may encounter issues with a little level of plastic/manufactured plugs and undersized stops, if for this situation the stopper ought to be evacuated physically.

Such openers are perfect for individuals with limited strength since they’re amazingly simple to utilize yet probably won’t be perfect for the wine aces that like to show off their ability in opening wine bottles.

They are likewise not all that versatile and must be utilized at home.

There you have it! Now that you’re a wine opening pro, what’s the next wine bottle you’ll open up? Uncork your favorite wine and let us know! We’ll have to catch a sip later. Be sure to share this with your friends that don’t know how to open a wine bottle (we still have some here in the office) and don’t forget to join 20,000+ wine lovers here.

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