Jazz Up Your Pool Party with Floating Wine Glasses


You have organized a pool party at your new home. All your friends have come to it, and everything is as you had imagined it while planning the meet. However, as soon as the guests enter the pool, they start forgetting about the sweet wine and punch bar you set up. You end up having to walk back and forth to serve the drinks to your friends, eventually ending up missing your pool party.

Here’s another scenario. All your friends are at your home to try out the new Jacuzzi. You all change into your swimsuits and enter the pool. You have brought wine glasses and some wine from your dad’s liquor cabinet. You keep your drinks behind yourselves on the Jacuzzi border and start exchanging the hottest gossips in town. But your friends have to look back every time they want to sip wine. They end up not listening to half of the gossip because of that.

So how, really, do you have a stress-free pool drinking party? If you don’t know the answer to that, we have three words for you- FLOATING-WINE-GLASSES.

What Exactly are These Floating Wine Glasses?

So the best analogy one can give regarding floating wine glasses is the following: Floating wine glasses are to regular wine glasses to what boats are to cars. They have an anti-topple, rounded, weight-balanced structure which makes them immune to spilling the wine they contain. Their near hemispherical upper structure is complemented by a weighted tiny round part at some length below it, keeping it in stable equilibrium when most waves hit it.

What are Your Choices?

In the matter of wine glasses, the floating ones have as diverse a choice board as that of the non-floating ones. Let us take a look at some of them. Be sure to also take a look at “How to Hold a Wine Glass?” for tips on holding different types of glasses with ease.

Aldi Glasses

The Aldi Floating Wine Glasses come in three colors- turquoise, white and clear. The main advantage of these glasses is that they are so cheap. They are around $2.59 a glass. We inevitably tend to break glasses, even more so when they are pool glasses. The pricing of Aldi glasses makes it possible for us to buy several glasses at a time, with a guarantee of cheap replacement. However, these Aldi glasses happen to be of a limited edition. Check out these floating wine glasses we found very similar to the Aldi ones.

The Amazon Prime Set

The Amazon Prime set of beach or pool glasses is $20.99 for two glasses that have very graceful stems. These are made out of BPA free plastic. Moreover, since they look exactly like ordinary glasses, we can use them year-round in and out of the pool.

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Are There Any Other Options?

Of course, there are fancier wine glasses, often with phrases like “hands off!” written on them, in exciting colors like pink, cyan, purple. The assortments are as trippy as they are inventive and original. Check out the “hands off!” floating wine glass here!

Apart from these, there are these remarkable, generic beer or party cups that have floating rings around them. These floating rings may be regular with polka dots, or stripes of different colors, or they may be fancier, having designs of the form of a snake or a semi-submerged flamingo.

We bet you’re already looking at an Amazon or Aldi catalog. So get on with it and host your next pool party. Buy good wine and create great punches. Don’t forget to buy the essential addition to your party- the floating wine glasses! Whether you surprise your friends with a pool full of wine-filled glasses or give them a polite, friendly introduction, we hope you end up choosing the most suitable ones and having a fantastic party!

Thank you for reading! For more helpful tips for your wine pool party check out “Ultimate Guide to Host Best Wine & Cheese Party“. This will give you a guide to follow in choosing and pairing wines with aperitifs at your get together.

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Bottoms up! We’ll uncork ya later!! ?

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