7 Best French Table Wines Available in Stores


As one of the largest wine producers in the world, France has a rich history of winemaking, dating back to the 6th century and featuring some of the best reds in the world. In 2018, the wine-producing nation registered some mind-boggling numbers for exports, with 7-8 billion bottles made despite a drop in volume. We have curated a list of the 7 best french table wines.

Some of the grape varieties well-known among winemaking circles originate from the country, from the famous Cabernet Sauvignon to Pinot NoirSyrahSauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. These have spread throughout the world. The wine-making techniques from the region have also been adopted all across the globe. France is particularly famous for its Vin de Table selections, with the phrase referring to table wines, or wines that can be consumed with a meal at any time.

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Best French Table Wines

Abarbanel Special Reserve Rogue 2016

This wine is a blend that puts together two grape typesMerlot (35%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (65%). The grapes are strictly sourced from the vineyards of Les Terres Noires in the Aude River Valley, located in the southern region of France. After the wine-making process is finished, the wine is stored in French Oak barrels for four months. It is bottled non-Mevushall and unfiltered. In terms of taste, the wine is easy to the palette with light tannins. You will taste notes of tobacco and cherry as well as a smidge of coffee. Don’t know much about the tastes of wine yet? Check out “What Does Wine Taste Like?” for a guide.

Château Simone Palette Rouge

If you are looking for one of those special bottles from France that seem to encapsulate every good thing about the wine-making Meyreuil region, then you want to try this particular wine. Château Simone Palette Rouge is a blend of Mourvedre and Grenache. The two grape varieties have been balanced very well, giving the wine unique characteristics from each. This is the perfect bottle of wine to drink with your friends, especially if they are wine buffs. Take a sip of Château Simone Palette Rouge and you will detect subtle fruity, spicy, and earthy tones. The combination of flavors in the wine are nothing like most wine being made today. All produce comes from the single winery, Château Simone. You should be able to get a bottle of the wine for under $50.

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This is the type of French wine to keep for special occasions. It ages well and would make an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays and basically any life milestone you wish to acknowledge. In this part of France, Merlot and Cabernet grapes find the perfect soil conditions. Expect to taste fruity and spicy notes. The aroma is another reason you will enjoy every sip. As you may have heard, Bordeaux is one of the most respected names when it comes to wine-making and you are bound to be impressed, whether you take the bold version of the Cabernet or the more polished variation of the Merlot.

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N°1 Saint-Cernin Blanc

This is a 2017 vintage that is hard to find as it is produced from only four barrels for a total of 1,200 bottles. The wine is produced at the foothills of the mountains of Pyrenean in Limoux. This is in the south-western regions of France. If you are a true lover of wine that knows anything about wine-producing regions, then you must have tasted vin from this area, or at least heard about it.

The wine, which is aged in oak barrels, has brilliant robe, pale yellow, and golden highlights. The aging technique is no coincidence as it gives the wine a fine finish with an inviting, yet subtle, baked smell. The wine smells of aromas, such as frangipane and brioche, balanced by light buttery notes. The palette is that of apricot or peach with notes of wood to complement. Upon opening, you will be hit by aromas of fresh hazelnut that ease you into minty flavors. The after taste is that of a pleasant salinity.

Félines Rosé AOC Languedoc

Felines Rose is a wine made from Syrah. The grape variety is Cinsault and these are grown in high altitude areas with quaternary terraces in the Petit Causse district. The soil here is chalky and the climate is Mediterranean and semi-arid. The wine has a luxurious light-red pigment and smells of red fruits such as raspberries and blackcurrant. On the first taste, you soon realize the taste explosion at the sides of your mouth and a slight salinity. This is the wine to have with entrees of pizza, grilled fish and paellas. You could also use it in your cooking and add it to sauces.

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Chateau Sainte Marguerite – Love Provence Rose 2017

This may be one of the first bottles you notice when you get to the wine section in your local store. It has a bright appearance, thanks to its light pink color. You can detect the delicate mix of tastes and aromas in this wine from a simple glance. The wine has tastes of orange peel, peach, and exotic fruits. This is a prime candidate for those gastronomic occasions where you intend to shine on all fronts.  Enjoy this delectable wine with Thai dishes, seafood, risotto, sushi or truffle.

Winemaker’s Selection Un Double Cabernet Franc 2017

Yet another great wine from France, the Winemaker’s Selection Un Double Cabernet Franc hails from the region of Vin de FranceIt is a red wine with a bright red pigment. The wine is loved for the expensive aromas of spice and fruit that will make you sip more often from your glass than you are used to. The structure of the wine is soft on the palette, thanks to the well-balanced tannins. The dominant notes are those of red pepper, and they come to life near the end.

Food Pairings

As you prepare to enjoy the best France has to offer, we strongly suggest that you make the right food pairings for your wine. France is one of the most popular wine-making regions in the world, so you will do yourself a lot of good by going beyond our ‘humble list’.

There are a number of wines that did not make the cut but are worth trying. Here are some suggestions to start with

  1. Château Angélus
  2. Côtes du Rhône
  3. Rose: Piquel Noir

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Alfresco dining is the best way to enjoy wine. Go ahead and plan a picnic and pop your bottle of wine for some afternoon enjoyment. There is nothing better than the fresh breath of the summer combined with the sultry tones of the outdoors and the fruity aromas of your best French table wines. Turn on the barbecue, and you are in business!

What are the best French table wines that you have tasted? What are the best French table wines that you plan on trying? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to tag us on Instagram in your wine-related content for a chance to be featured on our page.

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