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How to Drink Wine the Correct Way

How to Drink Wine the Correct Way Like A Pro

Don’t panic, Take in many smells as you can, Let it sit in your mouth and Trust yourself. This is how you drink wine the correct way.
How to Make Wine Taste Better

How to Make Wine Taste Better (Step by Step)

To make wine taste better: Make Sangria, Let the wine breathe, Chill it, Spritz it, Mull the Wine, Make punch or Drink more!
How Long Does White Wine Last

Wine Basics: How Long Does White Wine Last?

Occasionally happy surprises happen to every one of us. Sometimes it comes in the form a forgotten $20 bill in your jacket. Who’s been...
What is Ice Wine

What is Ice Wine (Full Guide Inside)

A Canadian vineyard references ice wine as the nectar of Gods. As with the mythical nectar for the Gods, ice wines are very sweet. It is also...
How to store wine after opening

How to Store Wine After Opening (Guide)

If you are enough of a wine drinker, then you rarely have to worry about a bottle of wine going bad. Nothing is more...
How to hold a wine glass

How to Hold a Wine Glass? (Beginner’s Guide)

Some might say there is no correct way to hold a wine glass, and that someone is sure to be embarrassed. Find out the correct way to hold your wine glass!