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The opening of a bottle of wine means starting a process of deterioration of the liquor without going backward. When we open a bottle of wine, the liquid comes into contact with oxygen and begins to dissipate the volatile components it contains. After opening a bottle of wine, the first thing we do is pour some into a glass and move it to promote this process and release the aroma.

The wines after opening them have a shelf life: the white and rosé wines will last approximately three days. Young or high tannin red wines can last up to a week as they oxidize more slowly than white wine. Aged or low tannin red wines last about three days, and sparkling wines last between 24 and 36 hours if you have a good sparkling cap.

Many wine lovers decide to leave an open bottle in storage to finish consuming it later. On the Internet, you can find many tricks to extend the life of the wine, but only for a few days.

Wine preservatives are an efficient alternative for those who want to extend the durability of wine for a longer time. These preservatives are easily found in the market, among which the Plum Wine Dispenser stands out.

In this article, we talk about this device, and we will give details of its operation, advantages, characteristics, and all the benefits of this gadget.

What is Plum Wine?

Plum Wine is a smart refrigerator that allows us to keep wine bottles at the exact temperature we want.

Its innovative design gives style and modernity to space where you want to place it. You can place it in your kitchen, bar, or even in your room. The Plum Wine Dispenser will guarantee optimal conservation of your wine bottles for up to 90 days. The only thing you have to decide with the Plum Wine Dispensers is when to serve a delicious glass of wine.

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Plum Wine Dispenser Features

  • It has dimensions of 38 cm x 43 cm x 52 cm and a weight of 20.4 kg.
  • Has a built-in cleaning system
  • It has a 7-inch full-color touch screen.
  • Its connection to the Internet and the HD cameras located inside allow the stored wines to be identified. It recognizes up to 220 varieties of wine.
  • Preserves the wine with the injection of Argon gas in the bottles.
  • The conservation of each bottle lasts up to 90 days after being introduced.

All these characteristics that the Plum Wine Dispenser possesses allow an excellent operation and performance.

How Does Each of the Components of the Plum Wine Dispenser Work?

Argon Gas and Automatic Needles

Its motorized needles automatically pierce the bottle’s cap or cork, preserving the wine with Argon gas. The use of Argon gas takes the place of oxygen, and it increases the life of the wine in a long way to be able to have a drink at the time you want. In addition, its integrated and refillable Argon gas container has the capacity to hold a total of up to 150 bottles of wine.

When using the Plum Wine, the wine bottles should be placed inside it, then close the door, and the dispenser does the rest. It is unnecessary to remove the lid or the wrapping paper. Plum works with any type of closure, including natural cork, artificial cork, and even screw caps.

Label Scanner

The Plum Wine Dispenser automatically identifies the stored wine bottle. The device scans the label. Within 30 seconds, the characteristics of the wine to be consumed will be displayed on the screen, including the year of production, the variety, the region of origin, the press, and the name of the wine.

Touch Screen

As for its 7-inch touch screen, it turns on when a person approaches the dispenser, thanks to its proximity sensor. The screen shows you the labels of the stored wine, and just by pressing the label on the screen, you can serve yourself and taste a glass of wine as you wish.

HD Camera and Different Temperature Compartments

This dispenser can currently recognize between 200 different wine varieties. After Plum Wine identifies the bottle with its HD camera, it adjusts the temperature to the right level for each bottle kept in the dispenser.

Suppose you want to keep a white wine and a red wine simultaneously. In that case, you can do it without any inconvenience since both compartments are independent of each other and can keep the wines at different temperatures.

Plum Wine Dispenser Design

Its exterior design is based on the cellars where the integrity of the wine is preserved. This is reflected in its brushed stainless steel pipes.

Meanwhile, its illuminated chamber inside is based on the staves of the wine barrel.

This dispenser is beautifully designed and engineered and can be easily arranged on a classic kitchen or bar counter. Also, a trim kit is available for integration into cabinets.

plum wine
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Many wine lovers regard the Plum Wine Dispenser as “the most sophisticated appliance ever made”.

Plum Wine Dispenser’s revolutionary system has been the center of attraction and criticism in many publications. Including Forbes, Wired, USA Today, and Architectural Digest magazines. In addition, this preserver-dispenser has been very successful. Four Seasons (a luxury hotel chain) has added Plum Wine Dispenser machines in 50 of its rooms (mostly suites) at its Silicon Valley hotel.

Until 2018, the company that manufactures this preservative had made around a dozen agreements in hotels in the United States, including La Confidante in Miami Beach, Hyatt Unbound Collection, and Rosewood Sand Hill, near Palo Alto, California. In the spring of 2019, more agreements were established in San Francisco’s the Clift and Dallas Park Cities Hilton. The international expansion of this brand in hotels is a fact that is to come in the near future.

Price of Plum Wine

The price of Plum on the market ranges from about $ 1,499, an amount that not many can reach for a wine cooler.

Some opt for more modest bottles, and others prefer to invest considerable amounts in bottles of high reputation and prestige. The ideal audience for those who own a Plum Wine Dispenser would be those who prefer to taste more expensive wines than the refrigerator’s price.

Thanks to the Plum Wine Dispenser, it is unnecessary to reserve your favorite bottle for years for a special occasion. You will be able to enjoy the wine you like most, glass by glass, for a long time.

Whatever be the time, day, date, or occasion, with the push of a button, you can instantly have a glass of fresh, well-preserved wine. You just have to get closer. Wait for the Plum Wine to light up. And, with a simple and gentle touch, you will have in your hands a glass of your favorite wine.

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