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Famous Prosecco Wines

A bottle of sparkling Prosecco wine is enough to pull off a party well and make it the sole attraction. Thus, if you are hosting a ceremonious wine-cheese party to celebrate an occasion, Prosecco wines are what you should look for! However, be sure you do not buy a bottle of Prosecco and call it champagne or the reverse. Therefore, let’s get the basics clear before we get into the topic of Prosecco brands.

Difference Between Prosecco Wine and Champagne

Though both of these are sparkling white wines and are manufactured from the flesh of grapes, fermented for years, all sparkling wines, especially white wines, cannot be classified as Prosecco or champagne.

The main difference lies in the area of manufacture. While champagne originates from a place called Champagne in France, Prosecco wines are manufactured in Italy.

The difference with regard to this is so severe that most UK and USA places have strict guidelines on labeling sparkling white wine as champagne or Prosecco unless they really are. As a result, you should know the difference well in order to prevent yourself from being cheated while you go shopping for them.

What Makes Prosecco Wines Famous?

Though both Prosecco and champagne happen to be the most popular choice amongst people when it comes to sparkling wine, there is a little more that makes the former popular. The fruity and fluffy texture of the wine and its silky and velvety nature is what wins against champagne and other brands of wine that have a harsh taste. Thus, be it a beginner or a veteran, Prosecco wines suit all and are fit for every occasion.

Additionally, Prosecco wines are also cheaper than champagne which plays a crucial role in its popularity. It is often said that since the fermentation of grapes takes place in stainless steel containers, Prosecco wines are more pocket-friendly than the rest. Therefore, don’t worry even if you have a limited budget for your party because you would still be able to afford a bottle or two of this!

Top Wine Prosecco Brands

Prosecco wine is famous amongst most people across the globe owing to its distinct taste and the years of elitist glory associated with the wine. Some of the top wines that you should look for are listed below.

Adami Garbel Brut Prosecco

This is one of the beloved and most versatile Prosecco brands because its taste and texture fall somewhere between brut and extra dry wines. As a result, it is suitable both for a celebration or a casual glass after a hectic day. This wine is often paired with seafood sides and hits the right note in taste and experience. What’s more?

This surreal bottle is priced only at $18.99 and makes it highly affordable.

Adami Garbel Brut
Photo from Drink Dispatch

La Marca Prosecco

This brand has an extraordinary combination of citrus flavors with a subtle sweetness to satiate everyone’s taste buds. The blue-hued bottle with a spectacular shape and design is what attracts the customers the most.

This wine is also one of the cheapest Prosecco wines and is available at $13.25. This brand has often been popular amongst all age groups, especially the youngsters who do not have much at their disposal. Thus, you can have a taste of this beauty without digging a hole in your pocket!

La Marca
Photo from Drizly

Giuliana Prosecco

If you like a fruity taste in your wine, this brand is the ideal one for you. This wine has a combined flavor of fresh apples and pears with a strong fruity aroma. Not only that, this wine is produced from the premium grape plantations in Italy to ensure that the wine lovers are able to get what their heart wants.

The velvety texture of the wine is also what wins the heart. You can purchase this bottle of happiness only at $18.99. What’s more? If you want to experience Giuliana just for yourself, this brand also provides smaller bottles. Thus, a small quantity but the same happiness!

Giuliana Prosecco
Photo from Vivino

Cinzano Prosecco

One of the oldest brands of Prosecco wines, Cinzano has mastered the market with 260 years of experience. What makes this brand very special is that it uses 100% natural Italian grapes, the ones manufactured in an organic way without the use of chemicals.

Furthermore, the process of fermentation that this wine undergoes is also natural and takes years to form the end product. This is one of the most authentic Prosecco wines. You can secure the bottle from most wine shops at $18.99.

Cinzano Prosecco
Photo from Cinzano

Bocelli Prosecco

This brand is available in a number of flavors and is paired with natural fruit or flower aromas. This is made with the grapes of Veneto in Italy. The smooth texture of the wine makes it perfect for any occasion and is often a favorite amongst most people because of its peachy after taste. You can team this up with some Italian cheese and dark chocolate to experience the heavenly taste and jazz.

Bocelli Prosecco
Photo from Vivino

Ruffino Prosecco

The most striking of features of this brand is its extraordinary place of manufacture. This wine is made from the grape vineyards of Valdobbiadene. This is a hilly region in Italy and was the first site for the manufacture of Prosecco wines. As a result, this brand still holds heritage and authenticity.

Choose What Suits Your Taste

Prosecco wines have a number of varieties that have their own distinct taste, texture, and aroma. Be it a ball or just a house party. You can always turn the eyes on these bottles. Not only that, but you can pair Prosecco wines with an array of side dishes and salads to make sure you, along with your friends, have a sumptuous dinner!

The most popular Prosecco brands in terms of flavor and pocket pinch have been mentioned above. However, you might have a taste of the rest too and choose what suits your taste buds.

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