Rabbit Wine Opener


What is a Rabbit Wine Opener?

It turns out, the wine opener’s modern design and performance make it an essential addition to any contemporary home kitchen or tavern.

This wine opener integrates an aluminum foil cutter and spiral with an additional non-stick coating.

The first of its kind, Rabbit Wine, is listed as the wine industry’s ringleader in wine artifacts. The Original Rabbit corkscrew is a must for any celebration.

Benefits and Characteristics

Rabbit wine opener makes several varieties of wine openers ranging from easy manual designs using the Original Rabbit to their electrical items line.

Also, the brand is differentiated by some key details, which add speed, work on all bottle sizes, and quickly release the cork. These properties, along with outstanding customer reviews and an exciting warranty period, make Rabbit stand out as the world leader in wine accessories.

  • Extracts a cork in just three seconds.
  • Unleash the stopper immediately.
  • To a Serves in all sizes of bottles and stopper models.
  • Includes aluminum foil cutter and extra spiral.
  • 10-year assurance.

History of Rabbit Wine Opener

The rabbit wine opener originated in 1983; Metrokane evolved a leading marketer and distributor of wine supplements, taverns, and also hotels to introduce the Rabbit brand to serve.

Since its beginning, Rabbit products have made a name for themselves, becoming a great asset to any wine lover’s tool belt. Products include corkscrews, aerators, decanters, wine preservatives, cocktail shakers, juicers, and other bar accessories – just about anything that can make the wine-drinking experience as enjoyable as possible.

With the addition of the famous Original Rabbit corkscrew, Rabbit brand products are available nationwide at large warehouses, large retailers, wine and also spirits stores, discount chains, and online, making it possible for you to acquire your item from Rabbit succeeded in no time.

How to Select the Appropriate Rabbit Wine Corkscrew?

When selecting a wine opener, you need to evaluate your priorities and intentions. There are several elements that you may need to wonder about before investing. In fact, many people believe that ease of use is a relevant element to choose from or not a defined product. You may also prefer to analyze the opener’s appearance and its capacity to store the product when not in use.

Few Questions to Ask When Deciding on a New Wine Opener

  • Do you want your wine opener to be transferable, or is it something you will store at home?
  • Do you want the opener to make a presentation when serving wine?
  • Would you spend a little more on a durable wine opener that will survive for a long time?
  • Do you want an electric opener, or do you agree with a manual opener?
  • Want the wine opener to perform various stoppers ranging from old decaying pins to recent synthetics?

What are the Classifications of Rabbit Wine Openers?

We can find a great diversity of wine openers, and Rabbit provides many of them.

Whether you want an manual or electric wine opener, it is possible to get one that meets your Rabbit demands.

Manual Rabbit Wine Openers

The Original Rabbit

This design extracts a stopper in three seconds and then automatically releases it.

Serve with wine bottles of various sizes. The original rabbit opener has a strong metal. The utensil was tested for 20,000 cork stoppers by an independent laboratory, thus guaranteeing this class of openers’ equality and efficiency.

The Original Rabbit
Photo from Amazon

The Vertical Rabbit

Like the original rabbit, this instrument removes a stopper in three seconds and throws it out immediately. This variety of openers is lifted over the wine bottle and uncapped vertically. The Vertical Rabbit features a die-cast metal lever and has a warranty for ten years.

The Vertical Rabbit wine opener
Photo from Amazon

The VIP Rabbit

This top-of-the-line model is crafted from die-cast metal and completed in sophisticated chrome. Also, it calls attention to a chrome and leather presentation case and chrome plaque, and the case can be engraved to commemorate special occasions. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

The VIP Rabbit
Photo from Amazon

The VIP Vertical Rabbit

This opener model is chrome plated with a synthetic leather grip pad. Like the other Rabbit wine openers, it takes out a stopper in three seconds, allowing it to release the pin automatically. Features all-metal gears and should work on all bottle sizes and varieties of plugs.

The VIP Vertical Rabbit
Phot from Wine-Now.Asia

Electric Rabbit Wine Openers

Automatic Electric Corkscrew

This opener eliminates all the work of uncapping a bottle of wine, putting it on top of the bottle; the corkscrew immediately subtracts and ejects the stopper. Also, the automatic electric corkscrew works on all types of cork and bottle sizes. Bring an added aluminum foil cutter with you, and uncap 30 or more bottles with a single load.

Automatic Electric Corkscrew Rabbit wine opener
Photo from Amazon

Rabbit Electra Corkscrew

This variety of wine openers removes wine stoppers with the push of a button, and it is so efficient on all kinds of pins and bottle sizes. It features a recessed spiral that allows the utensil to lock into the bottle for straightforward operation. The Rabbit Electra Corkscrew is three inches shorter than other comparable designs, making it the most compact option than some competitive models. It comes with a one-year warranty and incorporates an AC charger and a foil cutter.

Rabbit Electra Corkscrew
Photo from Rabbit Wine


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is speedy to open a bottle.
  • The foil cutter is manageable to use.
  • Brings an eye-catching design, makes an extraordinary gift.


  • The opening becomes more tricky over time.
  • Some report that recently synthetic corks impair the coil and ultimately the opening mechanism.
  • Poor responses announced to customer service requests.

Ease of Use

Rabbit wine openers are widely accessible and come with reasonable warranties. They are not the tiny expensive wine openers on the market, but they conserve prestige for being high-quality items that last for a long time.

Numerous comments are effective and praise the comfort of use. In short, they have an attractive design that will make a statement in any home, and it is a good suggestion as a gift.

Also, the Rabbit wine opener will make opening bottles fast and effortless, reducing the risk of breaking a stopper or accidentally embedding stopper fragments in the wine.

In fact, Metrokane Rabbit Wine Openers’ benefits outweigh the expense, making these tools tremendous additions to complement a wine collection.

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