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When we talk about California, our mind leads us to imagine amazing cities or metropolises, natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, sunny and cool climates. Very particular or famous places such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or Napa Valley. Where many technological giants enterprises such as Google or Apple are based. California is also the cradle of one of the world’s best wine-growing areas.

Thanks to its climate and geographical characteristics, California has been a critical region in the development of the wine industry. An activity that took its first steps in the 1800s. Today, it continues to revolutionize this industry thanks to its innovative and exquisite wines.

The Seven Moons Red Blend is a wine produced in California’s valleys. Characterized by its intense red color and its flavor of red fruits with hints of vanilla and chocolate. It consists of a blend of red and white wine grape strains that form an attractive and delicious mix for the palate.

In this post, we will explain what Seven Moons Red Blend is, how this wine is made, the properties added to this wine by each grape strain, what is its ideal accompaniment, tasting note, and we will talk a little about its price

What is the Seven Moons Red Blend?

7 Moons Red Blend is a wine made up of a mixture of 7 different grape varieties, from vineyards planted on the central coast of California and the Lodi Valleys.

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The Seven Moons Red Blend grape varieties include Syrah, Merlot, Little Syrah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Garnache. Each of these wine strains gives a unique characteristic to the wine that makes it unique in terms of properties of sight, taste, smell, and sensation on the palate.

It is a wine that celebrates the seven phases of the moon, represented by the seven varieties of grape strains that make up this wine. 7 Moons Red Blend wine is one of the red wines with the most significant balance, complexity, and best body.

What strains make up the Seven Moons Red Blend, and what function does each one of them fulfill?

As we had explained previously, the Seven Moons Red Blend wine is made up of 7 strains of wine that celebrate the seven phases of the moon. These strains are: Syrah, Merlot, Little Syrah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Garnache.

Below we will name the different strains that make up this wonderful wine, the role that each one of these plays, and what properties they give to Seven Moons Red Blend wine.


The Syrah grape, also called “Shiraz,” is one of the largest grape strains. The wine produced from this strain is bright and dark red too. Its high content of soft tannins and its high dry extract gives an intermediate acidity and a lot of body to Seven Moons Red Blend wine. Also, this strain provides aromas of ripe fruit such as currants, wild blackberries, and raspberries, maintaining notes of cinnamon, pepper, or cloves.


The Merlot grape is another grape strain present in this wine. This strain’s high resveratrol content gives Seven Moons Red Blend wine medicinal properties. This chemical substance helps to contribute to the skin’s firmness and elasticity. That’s why this substance is known as the molecule of eternal youth.
The merlot grape has high sugar content. This means that Seven Moons Red Blend wine has a sweet flavor and a great texture and body. Also, this strain gives the wine aromas of plums, vanilla, spices, and flowers.

Petit Syrah or Durif

Petit Syrah is a hybrid strain from crossing a Perlousin vine with Syrah. It gives the wine a dark color and a firm texture. The bouquet of this wine has herbal and black pepper tones and offers flavors of blue fruits, black fruits, plum, and chocolate.


The Zinfandel strain is a strain native to Europe, specifically Croatia. Today, it is one of the most famous California strains. Being grown in almost 12% of the vineyards in that region. The flavor of your red wine will depend on the grapes’ maturity with which it is produced. A good maturity allows a better completion of the flavors of the wine.

In young wines of this strain or raised in warm areas, there are notes of raspberry and other red fruits in the flavor. While in mature wines or those raised in colder regions, the predominant flavors are vanilla, blackberry, anise, and pepper.

Cabernet Sauvignon

We begin by saying that Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widespread and famous strain globally. This is because the world’s best wines are made from this strain. This strain contributes to the Seven Moons Red Blend by giving it its intense color and aromas of chocolate and tobacco. Its young wines emit aromas of currants, green pepper, and aromatic herbs. Its tannin content makes it an exciting wine and suitable for aging.


This grape strain is widely used in varietal wines as it provides depth and aromas of leather, blackberry, and mountain. It is ideal to combine with light wines. This strain is part of the Seven Moons Red Blend. It brings out the fruity flavors that this wine offers.


This strain gives Seven Moons Red Wine aromas of pepper with raspberries and blackberries. It also gives this blend body and a sweet sensation.

Tasting notes for Seven Moons Red Blend wine

The Seven Moons Red Blend begins with an aroma of cherries covered in chocolate, baking spices, and vanilla on the nose.

The flavors of strawberry, cherry cola, and milk chocolate predominate in the mouth. Their flavors remaining on the palate giving a soft, fruity, and persistent finish. The notes of cherries and chocolate also continue when tasted in the mouth—adding to the appeal of the wine and its properties.

The Seven Moons Red Blend is an excellent choice for fans of slightly sweet drinks that involve red fruit or mixes.

Seven Moons Red Blend pairing, price, and additional information.

The ideal accompaniment for this type of wine ranges from grilled chicken or pork ribs to salads such as Caprese and Chinese food.

The price of this wine is around $ 13 per bottle in its 750 ml presentation. This wine can be combined with a wide variety of sweet and savory foods. This characteristic makes it a very versatile wine and the ideal companion for a good dinner or lunch with its low price.

Using this wine is an excellent choice for dinners and meetings. It combines very well with many varieties of food. So, in this manner, you can use the same kind of wine for pairing different types of food.

This wine is ideal for dinners and meetings. It combines very well with different foods. You save yourself the stress of looking for other wines to pair with different foods. This wine is also an economical and delicious choice for events such as weddings, where the same kind of wine is generally served during meals.


If you decide to open a seven moons Red Blend bottle for any special event, it is recommended to chill the bottle for 30 to 60 minutes before it is time to serve it.

Each bottle of Seven Moons Red Blend contains approximately five glasses of wine.

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