Should You Drink Wine in The Morning?


When you think of wine, you think about it being drunk for all the usual reasons – celebrations, at the dining table, to relax the mind and soothe the body. But you would have never thought about wine in the morning until now.

Moderate consumption of wine can be beneficial for your health, 1 to 2 glasses of wine for dinner and your health gets better, right? We all believe in that notion, but no one really knows why.

Recent studies have confirmed that moderate wine drinkers have a longer life span, as well as decreased mortality rate and attacking cancer cells. One glass of wine in the morning or the afternoon can provide you with quite the benefits.

Wine Contains Antioxidants

Even before this article, we all came to terms with wine being beneficial. Now let me tell you how. Magic lives in the wine they say, unfortunately for magic science exists and has proven what that magic actually is – Antioxidants. They are molecules that attack free radicals where needed.

Two Glasses of White Whine in The Nature
Two glasses of white wine in the nature

Apart from antioxidants, there is a second component of magic in wine and it is called – resveratrol. Researchers have made a link between this anti-aging agent and life longevity and overall health.

Wine Boosts The Immune System

According to science, the anti-aging agent Resveratrol is once again the key factor here. It is proven that drinking a glass of wine not only helps your immune system get stronger but also allows the body to be more susceptible to the effects of vaccines and against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Speaking of wine boosting the immune system, here are the 12 health benefits of drinking red wine. However, keep in mind that moderation is the key.

Like any other alcoholic beverage, consuming obscene amounts of alcohol will prove detrimental for your liver, but one glass of wine in the morning doesn’t fall in the category of too much.

Wine Lowers Cholesterol

If you are suffering from high blood pressure the famous Resveratrol will be able to provide assistance with this issue as well. Drinking wine, more precisely red wine will drop your LDL cholesterol levels while increasing the HDL cholesterol levels.

Some scientists believe that the biggest benefit that can be taken out of moderate wine drinking is increasing the HDL cholesterol levels – the good guys of cholesterol. What they do is crucial to our survival, they clean out your arteries from bad cholesterol deposits and keep us safe from heart attacks. For higher security against high cholesterol and heart attacks drink red wine.

Your Palate Is Untainted and Heightened

We have stated a couple of the benefits of drinking a glass of wine in the morning that was more on the medical side. But we shouldn’t forget about the taste of wine. You shouldn’t drink it unless you like, and wine lovers are always looking for a way to make their wine tasting experience even better so here is a little tip for you all.

Red wine and breakfast

When you wake up, your palate has been cleansed after a long night’s sleep and anything you drink or eat will have a pure taste, so having a glass of wine with your breakfast or brunch, especially brunch will heighten the experience.

In Conclusion

Whether or not it is for the better taste, cleaner palate, and heightened wine tasting experience, or is it to prolong your life with the anti-aging all doing agent that is Resveratrol. One thing is certain – yes you should drink a glass of wine in the morning. One thing we haven’t mentioned up until now is how you feel when you drink a glass of wine before noon.

When you drink a glass of mellow red wine or a nice white wine with some eggs or panini bread it honestly feels like you are on a vacation, somewhere nice and warm, probably on the Mediterranean sea. Your mind relaxes and you are able to start your day freshened up.

For all these reasons drinking wine in the morning should become a regular occurrence, as it is proven that prolongs your life and strengthens your health. And also tastes good and makes you feel better. But be careful if you are not an experienced wine lover, don’t start your day with a glass of strong red wine, it might not feel right with you. Either a glass of white wine or a soft red wine.

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