7 Stocking Wine Bags You Will Absolutely Love


The story of wine and mankind is one of the oldest stories ever told. The story’s roots can be found way back in Georgia (6000 BC) and ancient Persia – today’s Iran (5000 BC). That wine is nothing like the wine we drink today, but the alcoholic beverage we have today wouldn’t exist if those first steps weren’t made back then.

Like the ice cream brought to Europe by Marko Polo when he went on his journey, there is evidence that something like wine was drunk as early as 7000 BC in China. However, science can neither prove nor disprove this theory. But that is not our primary concern today, as all this vast history of wine we are talking about proves one idea for sure.

The evidence of people drinking wine throughout history backs the notion that wine has been in an everlasting close encounter with humanity. Ancient Rome, Greece, Macedonia, even China, all had wine many years before Europe and the Middle East, as we have mentioned.

Our fascination with wine through all time and space can only be matched with our dependency on bread. But I wouldn’t say it is for the same reason. Wheat and grain have been in the human culture even more than wine, more than two millennia to be exact. 

The archaeological record suggests that wheat was first cultivated in the Fertile Crescent regions around 9600 BC. Bread has been the core part of any meal since it was first cultivated and continues even today because it is not hard to cultivate and is even easier to make.

But wine has a different purpose in the eyes of humanity. It is a way of celebration and marking special occasions, and even romantic gestures and gifts. In addition to its significance as a trade commodity, wine also served important religious, social, and medical purposes in ancient cultures.

How Does One Make Wine?

The first part is harvesting the fruit, of course. Without it, there would be no wine because no other fruit other than grapes can produce a reliable amount of sugar annually to yield sufficient alcohol to preserve the resulting beverage. Neither can other fruit have enough components that can make stable natural wine.

After the harvest, grapes are crushed and pressed in preparation for fermentation, which is the key to a good wine. It usually ferments until all of the sugar converts to alcohol, and produces dry wine.

Fermentation can require anywhere from ten days to a month or more. After it has fermented, the clarification process begins. Labeling the batches and properly storing the wine is a key part as well.

The last step on this journey is aging and bottling. The wine can be put into bottles immediately or left to age for more, it is entirely up to the people who are making the wine, and the possibilities of how to accomplish the aging and bottling are endless.

Top 7 Stocking Wine Bags You Will Absolutely Love

Storing the wine in a wine cellar or wine shelf, even house basement, is okay once preparation and bottling is over. Usually, the bottle storage is somewhere dark and cold, preferably out of the sunlight as it will go bad. But the question is, how do you transport it from one place to another if you are not a wine seller or supplier. 

The answer is natural – with Stocking wine bags. They come in all shapes and sizes. And for different purposes. If it is a honeymoon you are going to then maybe taking a big wine travel suitcase is what you need. They can carry from 5 to 10 and even 15 bottles of wine depending on the suitcase’s model.

On other occasions as simple gatherings, holidays, or some high school reunions where you would like to bring that bottle of wine you have been saving for just the right occasion – a plain brown bag with rope and tag would do just the trick.

We have compiled a small list of the 7 best stocking wine bags we could find that we know you will enjoy.

Stocking Wine Bags for Longer Trips

We have managed to find two great pieces that anyone who frequently travels can use and be confident that their bottles won’t break in the cargo and the wine won’t spill.


Holds five bottles (750ml) of wine or spirits plus clothing. 2 separate removable inserts; 2-cavity and 3-cavity to accommodate a total of 5 regular size 750ml bottles with the price of $249.00

Tirrinia Insulated Wine Carrier

The strong handle and stainless steel buckle of this wine carrier bag help you carry your wine anywhere. Very practical for transporting wine to parties, wine dinners, restaurants, pool or beach parties, picnics, and sporting events. The estimated worth of this carrier is bout $19.98.

Stocking Wine Bags Designed as Gifts

For all of you wine lovers who appreciate the idea of sharing that love, we wanted to introduce you to a great line of one use stocking bags.

Aboat Jute Burlap Wine Bags

The Burlap wine bag costs $13.68. These bags give that old rustic vibe with brown Burlap, brown tag, and cotton rope.

BagDream Kraft Paper Bags

Valued at $21.99, this Eco-friendly bag comes with the dimensions of 5.25″ x 3.25″ x 13″. Recycled papers are the raw materials for the brown paper bags.

Jute Wine Bags

Worth $12.99, every burlap wine bottle bag comes with a rope, making the bag easy to close and open. Tags help you recognize your different wines easier.

Stainless Steel Water Wine Tumbler with Wine Carrier

The price of this product is $19.00. Having this bag feels like an invitation to be part of a bigger group, The Wine Squad.

Creative Home Neoprene Single Wine Carrier Bag

Paying $13.82 for this elegant one bottle carrier is more than a bargain.

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