These 3 Funny Wine Glasses Are Must-Haves


You’ve seen those “snappy” wine glasses that have something written on them. These usually say something along the lines of “Sip Happens” or “Hakuna Matata it means drink wine”. These can be pretty creative, but let’s be honest. These aren’t really funny. Also, nobody is going to read that besides a couple of friends, so how is that any fun?

So instead of boring you with the usual-printed glasses, we will show you the actually funny ones.

750 mL Glass

Yes, you did see that right. This glass can hold up to an entire bottle of wine. If you invite some girlfriends over for a little bit of wine drinking then it will be a hit. “Hubby said he only wants me to drink one glass, I had to get creative!” Jokes along these lines will be received really well and we all know that is exactly how you get good social points.

And of course, this glass is great for taking pictures. They will come out hilarious and will earn you quite a few likes on social media. The best caption to use is: “We collectively only drank one glass of wine tonight! #blessed” Yes, you do need to use that hashtag to drive home the message completely. Your sarcastic followers will love it.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to drink what you have poured. Don’t be that person in the party that pours their drink back into the bottle, it’s really not classy… Although if you are drinking alone then it’s fine, in that case that bottle will likely be emptied anyway.

Some places sell it for a lower price, but we went through the reviews and many people were annoyed about a lot of things. For example, a lot of manufacturers make the rims sharp or don’t bother to dull them down and it makes the glass unusable. Another factor is their durability. Amazon has the glasses that hold out for the longest and are hard to break.

Grab one from Amazon, for around $14, here!

Tipsy Glasses

We didn’t exactly keep our promise, because these glasses have text on them. But in reality, they are really not what should be important. The highlight of them is the stem. It’s bent in such a way so it reminds you of a very drunk person trying to walk.

The texts say “Let’s get tipsy!” and “Wanna get tipsy?” which are… A bit bold. But it’s okay, they just emphasize what this glass is supposed to be all about. If you don’t want these texts to be on them then you can probably ask the seller to send you ones without these silly messages. Some people in the reviews mention that they got glasses that don’t have anything on them.

Once again, these are great for taking pictures. Especially drunk ones. Just imagine your friends trying to balance the wine in one of these all while posing for a photo. Hilariousness is sure to come. We suggest having materials ready to clean wine spills though, these glasses can get pretty hard to handle once you start drinking. Maybe you should just switch to regular wine glasses once you start getting… tipsy.

A pair of these glasses cost $14.99 on Amazon. Grab some here!

Oenophilia Wino Sippers

Does the name sound weird to you? No wonder, these glasses are weird to begin with. Instead of sipping away from the brim of the glass this one provides you with a built-in straw. A glass straw. (This thing is so weird, I can’t even…)

You basically get a sippy cup for wine. That’s the whole idea of this glass. It’s perfect for wine tasting because you can smell the aroma in the bowl but the wine itself will flow from the tip of your tongue to the back. And it won’t let you do that in a fast manner. No, no, by using a straw you will feel each and every flavor of your drink.

If you are just trying to down some alcohol to get drunk then don’t get one of these… It will slow you down. Although, you can still drink from the bowl, there’s a high chance for spillage.

Also, it stands on legs. 2 small stubs plus the bottom of the straw. This results in this glass being pretty unstable, so you should probably keep it on surfaces where a spillage won’t do too much damage. Or keep some hydrogen peroxide close by.

On Amazon, you can get 2 for the price of about $20. Check them out here!


These 3 glasses make great gag gifts that your friends will absolutely love. But of course, they can work great in your own home too, you just need to know when to pull them out. Either way, they do their job perfectly as “funny wine glasses”.

So, why not get one of them? Then bottoms up!

Did you like any of these wine glasses? Which ones? Tell us down in the comments below!

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