Tips To Properly Install Wine Cellar Cooling Unit


Even if you are a barrel baron and have unlimited access to producing wine, storage becomes a quintessential element to ensure good quality and sustaining the shelf life. If you are wondering how to go about that, you are just in the right store (bad puns?)

Basement storage

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There are a few reasons why, despite the basement looking like a sound option to store your wine, is not as feasible as it sounds.


For those who haven’t been to a basement, banal horror movies have shown us how incredibly damp and moist it can be. Moisture, as we know, if not moderated, pave the way to the proliferation of moulds, bacteria, and more.

We don’t think those species can appreciate the good quality wine you just made, so why let them taste it anyway?

Structurally unreliable

Cracks in the basement walls and floors are a gateway that you create for pests to enter and relish your wine. If you plan on making wine for pests, why not store it for those who will pay for it?

Foul odor & irregular temperatures

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One who makes great wine also knows the stark difference between low temperatures and low but sustained or controlled temperatures- the former only leads to degradation of the quality of storage.

Air conditioner

One might argue that an air conditioner does the same job as a wine cooler, and is exponentially cheaper and easier to access, without realizing how detrimental it might be for the wine storage.

Essentially, what an air conditioner fails to do is maintain a certain amount of humidity. We know how cold it can get in a room that has an AC running, failing to realize that, with great cooling comes greater dryness, and that mars the very idea of wine being stored at an optimum humidity level for better ageing.

Wine cellar cooling unit

Now that we have the precautions in mind, we need to understand how a cooler is installed, and how it would essentially function.

Type of wine cellar cooling unit

There are various types of coolers that can be installed, variations mostly exist with respect to the duct systems. Self-contained ones are the easiest to install, whereas split systems require the conglomeration of evaporators and condensers.

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Split systems also have a variety of adaptor kits that works in association with wirework, a lot of technical jargon that is best left for the technically sound!

On the other hand, ductless systems use refrigerator style cooling, and duct ones (statistically the most common) use systems similar to air conditioners.

Regardless of which cooler you install, it is important to construct the room efficiently to maintain a constant temperature and humidity levels. Ensure that you get the installation done by a qualified electrician, lest the problems associated with cooling systems- noise, duct wiring damages, electrical faults, to name a few, could magnify!


Temperature is as good a deciding factor in wine storage as it was in making. However, the storing temperature is marginally less than what was required during manufacturing. Ideally, the temperature can range anywhere between 12-14 degrees Celsius.

Try to store your wine at a constant temperature without range fluctuation!

Storing vs Serving Temperatures

There is a striking dissimilarity between serving and storing temperatures. Where storing temperatures are mentioned above, ideally, serving temperatures may vary from 14-16 degrees Celsius.

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Wine, just like revenge, is best served cold.

Wet Wine

As absurd as it may sound, a certain scale of humidity is important to ensure longer storage of wine. Optimally, the humidity level may range anywhere between 65-70%, and this is where the aforementioned cooler comes into play.

Use humidity modulation provided in your cooler for the best results!

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Wine cellar cooling

Storing wine is as arduous a task as making it, if not more. Now that you are aware of how it is done, storing it for personal use or venture businesses will not be quite as taxing now. Remember that it is important to invest in good quality cooling systems, under the supervision of trained workers!

The equation is simple- investing in a good cellar will make you a great seller.

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