Ullo Wine Purifier Reviews


Do you prefer your filtered or unfiltered wine? Before, you may have heard that unfiltered wines are unsuitable for drinkers (which does not mean they are necessarily bad). Unfiltered wines can contain bacteria and particles of yeast. These additional particles are not harmful but unnecessary for your body. Therefore, you might need to use a wine purifier. This article will talk about the Ullo wine purifier and review this product to see the pros and cons. Let’s go!

The Ullo (oo-low) Wine Purifier is a modern, portable wine filtration system. It attends to any variety of wine, whether red, white or nicely rose wine! This gadget can restore any wine to its initial state. There are two popular designs of this Ullo purifier; the Ullo Purifier with a Decanter and the Ullo Purifier with a Carafe. Regardless of which Ullo to use, they both provide a pretty diverse list of benefits to your wine habits. We’ll get into those later, but first, how does this wine purifier work?

How Ullo Wine Purifier works

This wine purifier works by filtering out unnatural sulfates, bacteria chemicals, etc. This device features a filter to strain the natural contents into the Ullo cylinder while the excess particles are trapped inside the filter. We can dispose of these extra chemicals can just be disposed of once the filtration process has concluded. Keep in mind that purifying your wines is does not need to take place before enjoying a glass – it is just a popular option as it is known to improve the flavor of the wine! The best part of this product, and the most convenient, is that the purifier filter is detachable to use with a simple wine glass.

Using this wine purifier is quick and straightforward. To use it, choose your desired wine. Place the Ullo strainer on a wine glass or the container. Make sure it’s on tight, so it doesn’t leak! Start pouring the wine through the purifier strainer. Once the filtration is through, the wine is ready to enjoy! The filter will capture those unwanted chemicals as you’re pouring, making your wine more natural.

Why Consider Purchasing a Ullo Wine Purifier?

Many wine connoisseurs worldwide use Ullo Wine Purifier device. It can remove those harmful, unwanted chemicals raved about on several online reviews.

As I mentioned before, it is not mandatory to purify your wines. It is claimed to make a pretty big difference, but enjoy those if you’re satisfied with the unfiltered wines! However, if you’ve ever had the curiosity of tasting a filtered wine, consider purchasing a Ullo Wine Purifier. This purifier can hold up to two full bottles of wine and can be stored inside the fridge. This makes for quick, easy access once you’re ready to enjoy that next glass of wine. As well as this, it’s the perfect addition for wine drinkers that have experienced symptoms after consuming wine.

As the purifier is filtering the wine, it is also aerating it. Aerating the wine essentially means that the particles are being expanded to let the wine breathe basically. This process can change the taste of some wines. However, some reviews have claimed that the aeration technique makes the wine lighter.

For those of you who may be considering purchasing a wine purifier, let’s take a look at a breakdown of the two Ullo Purifiers mentioned before.

Ullo Wine Purifier with Decanter

Overall Rating: 5/5

This wine purifier is, without a doubt, the best model used for filtering wines. It has a modern look to it, which is fitting for all settings. It is portable and the perfect size to be used comfortably as a handheld device. This purifier features six filters that can work on both the cylinders they come with and on top of wine glasses. This is perfect for those who prefer only enjoying one glass of wine! The filter’s capability to fit on a regular wine glass is a popular, convenient feature as it allows the consumer to pour the desired amount.

This model of the Ullo Wine Purifier has a 5-star rating, making it the perfect go-to wine purifier. Customers rave about the filtration system because it can remove the unwanted particles in each wine. Many mentioned that removing those particles and enjoying pure wine ensures them less red wine-induced headaches! The only downside about this product is that it may occasionally drip as you’re pouring the wine into a glass. However, the tightly placed filter can help avoid that. You could even test it by adding some water and doing a drip test before adding your wine!

ullo wine purifier with decanter
Ullo Wine Purifier with Decanter @Amazon

Ullo Wine Purifier with Carafe

Overall Rating: 4/5

This Ullo’s Wine Purifiers model is very similar to the one with the decanter. The only difference is this one has a carafe. Decanters and carafes are similar ‘wine vases,’ just different shapes and sizes. The carafe is perfect as a pitcher for wine tasting events or holidays. This purifier has a classic, clean look and is compact enough for traveling. Like the other purifier, this model comes equipped with six filters.

Despite the fact that this wine purifier does not receive a complete 5/5 rating, it still receives 4/5 stars! Using this device to filter and aerate your wines is simple and takes less than a minute. Many customers admire the cleaner’s ability to improve the wine’s taste and alter it to a more natural recipe. As well as this, many reviews report that this purifier helps towards avoiding acid reflux, headaches, and hangovers that come along after consuming red wine. However, this design also has reviews of leaking while buyers are pouring wine into the carafe.

ullo wine purifier with carafe
Ullo Wine Purifier with Carafe @Amazon

Overview of Features Most-Admired By Customers

  • Filters

Each Ullo Purifier is equipped with six sturdy silicone filters. These filters remove any harmful sulfates, chemicals, and bacteria. These filters work so well that even wine drinkers with allergies can enjoy their favorite wines again!

Rated 5/5

  • Ability To Improve Wine Taste

Gone are the days where wine drinkers have to deal with the bitter taste of unfiltered wines. This wine filter alters the flavor to a more natural, better-tasting wine when it removes the unwanted contents.

Rated 5/5

  • Modern Design

Whether you’re using this device at home or on the go, the modern, clean design makes outfitting for every setting. Plus, it’s compact for travel needs – it’s a win!

Rated 5/5


In conclusion, if you’re a wine drinker that dislikes a bitter wine or the thought of ingesting chemicals and bacteria, try a wine purifier! They’re simple to use, easy to clean, and guaranteed to have you indulging in smoother, natural wine in minutes. Will you try a Ullo Wine Purifier?

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