Unconventional Wedding Wines to Wow Your Guests


If you’re too busy planning your dream wedding and left it to your caterer to decide the wine all your guests are going to enjoy, we have some bad news. You might have intuitively assumed that caterers, with their extensive experience in providing food and drinks to their customers, would have a decent idea of what suits your needs. But the truth is that they will often get the cheapest, most easily available wine there is.

Enough wine to supply a wedding is bound to burn a hole in your pocket, but food can leave some of the longest-lasting impressions. Cheap wine that isn’t paired well with your menu can leave a bad taste in the mouths of your loved ones, figuratively and quite literally.

So you need to select an appropriate wine for your event. Should you get the conventional choices, like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Pinot Noirs? They are famous for good reasons, but if you’re going to spend valuable time choosing, you might as well make it unique and something to remember! This article will help you choose some unconventional wedding wines that will fit your menu and budget, and floor your guests at the same time.

So, How Do I Go About Choosing My Unconventional Wedding Wines?

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is serving two different wines to separate groups of people. They reserve good quality wine for close friends and family, while the rest are served cheap drinks. Admittedly, this is an excellent way to cut your spending on alcohol, but it also tells a large part of your guest list that they aren’t important enough. As such, one must select a single wine for everyone.

Selecting the right wine can depend on a myriad factors that have nothing to do with the wine itself. Many venues charge a corkage fee for bringing your wine, so make sure you can afford that. The kind of meats, if at all, you intend to serve also impacts your wine choice. Lastly, your choice of a dispenser (bottle/keg/boxes) will significantly impact the taste of your wine.

The one factor most couples do consider is perhaps one that deserves the least attention— the time of the year the wedding is planned for. Until recently, many assumed that summers are better for lighter-bodied wines, and winters require drier bottles. But this isn’t the case, because people drink what they like to drink regardless of the month or season. An excellent, but exceptional, wine will create an impression for a lifetime, and the next section covers some choices you might want to consider.

Unconventional Wedding Wines

Before revealing our secrets, it is also essential to know which are the conventional choices one might come across in weddings. Some have been mentioned, while others include Merlot, Champagne, Zinfandel, and Riesling. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are some rare wines you should consider serving.


The Italian Prosecco has seen a massive boom in popularity over the last few years for couples who prefer sparkling wine, particularly in England. There, it has even overtaken Champagne in sales, with 63% of couples toasting with Prosecco instead of the classic alternative.

However, Prosecco sales have slumped in recent years as European countries were hit with unfavorable weather conditions. Murmurs of a global shortage of the drink have existed for a while, and it could well be an imminent possibility since harvests have not been up to the mark. As such, this is the perfect time to capitalize on the drink’s popularity.

About the wine, Prosecco is a light-bodied drink with a sweeter taste than Champagne. Its flavors include apples, peaches, melons, and pear. It is rich in aroma and presents a vibrant blend of notes that go very well with a broad palate. Seafood, sushi, and lighter meats are particularly useful pairings.


Perhaps the most obscure entry on this list, Tarrango is a black grape that originates in Australia, whose hot weather conditions suit its growth. The process of breeding this grape variety only commenced in 1965. A rich, spicy aroma of coffee and cherries is accompanied with a creamy texture and subtle, fruity flavors. It has an alcohol content of only 12.5%, preventing it from tasting overly harsh. Tarrango wines are best consumed young, since they don’t age well. This is because of the low tannin concentration in them.


Another sparkling wine, Cava, is yet another alternative to Champagne that is increasingly becoming popular. 95% of all Cava comes from Catalonia in Spain. Cava and Prosecco, on average, can cost about half the price of Champagne per bottle, and this is generally assumed to be the reason behind the switch to the former two. However, most couples plan their weddings well in advance and have made budget estimates on reliable choices. The truth is that guests are merely starting to prefer either of the two.

Cava flavours generally include lime, almonds, quince, and for more aged wines, baked apples. Cava wines are classified in two different ways, one based on how long they are aged for, and the second relying on how sweet they are. Usually, they’re on the drier side and have a light to medium body.


Rosé is another wine that recently exploded on the scene around 2014-15, along with Prosecco. This has been observed most prominent in the US, where rosé has seen shifts in popularity over time. But Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie choosing this as their wine of choice have certainly helped the cause. However, this entry is relatively broad, and one can select a wide variety of Rosé wines for their wedding.

For weddings, a dry rosé is generally preferred, due to its appropriate balance of bitterness and sweetness. They are also incredibly versatile. Rosé makes for an excellent aperitif, to be consumed before meals, but it shines as a table wine too. It can be consumed with a wide variety of dishes, such as chicken, red meat, seafood, etc.

The only downside to serving these wines at your wedding is that you may have to share the spotlight. But we think this will be worth it!

Have you tried any additional wow-worthy wines at a wedding? Drop a comment down below, maybe we’ll add it to our list!

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