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The Vampire Wines

Today the wines come in different presentations and qualities that are marketable and attractive to wine lovers. Californian wines are famous for their attractive blends and characteristics, giving unique and unbeaten flavors to the drink.

Many wine brands come from the ideas of entrepreneurs who want to establish their brand, giving it remarkable names that make them more commercial than other wines in the world. The Vampire Wine is one of those wines which stands out in the market for its name and its flavor.

Let’s talk about Vampire Wine, a range of Californian wines that produce wines of varied strains and whose star product is the “Vampire Red Blend Wine”, which leads our mind to relate it to the blood, food of these creatures, for its colors and shades that make it so attractive and interesting.

Vampire Vineyards History


Vampire Vineyards was created by Michael Machat, an enterprising English wine lover. The idea of ​​producing a wine came to mind one dark night on a country highway somewhere in the Nevada desert. As he looked at the sky, he had a vision; and during his time in New York, he thought it would be a brilliant idea.

Initially, he thought of producing it in a logical place: Transylvania. However, due to the communist regime of the dictator Ceausescu, it was impossible due to the illegality of marketing in that country. However, that idea was still in his mind. While in London on a business trip, he met his wife today Lisa Dominique, who helped him fulfill his dream.

Because Transilvania was not an option, Michael began producing his dream wine in London in 1988. His first bottle of Vampire wine was a full-bodied Syrah Algerian wine bottled in France. Later it was an Italian Sangiovese.

Later On

It was not until 1990 that the Romanian regime was overthrown, and Machar made several trips to Transylvania looking for a vineyard for his idea. It was not easy due to Romanians’ little appreciation of the western concept of a vampire. However, many winemakers gave support to his idea despite not having the same vision or impression about vampires.

In 1995 Machat began producing his precious wine in the Transylvania region. As the years passed, Machat and Lisa’s tastes matured, and they decided to produce better quality wine. Therefore, they decided to make their wines in the state of California, producing their first wines in Paso Robles. The following years were successful thanks to the expansion of their wine brand, adding “Dracula” and “Trueblood” to their product range.

In search of more distinctive and sophisticated wines, the Machat family established their vineyard in the Napa Valley, where they produce Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay, and of course, their famous Vampire Red Blend wine cannot be missed.

What Varieties of Wines Does Vampire Wines Offer?

Below we will present a brief description of the different varieties of Vampire Wine.

Vampire Red Blend Wine

This wine is the best known of the Vampire range due to its affinity and resemblance to reddish blood (the favorite food of vampires). This wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sirah and Zinfandel strains.

It is a deep and delicious wine, red in color and with an elegant flavor. As for its aromas, there are the smell of blackberries, plums, black cherries, and pepper. In the mouth, it is a smooth and silky wine on the palate. Its pairing applies to a wide variety of foods such as pizza, pasta, hamburgers, chicken, and steak.

red blend
Photo from Vampire

Vampire Wine Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s a wine made with varieties of the Cabernet Sauvignon strain, a strain that gives it a specific body. Its tannins are dense and aristocratic.

At sight, its dark cherry red color with raspberry rims simulates blood, and its compact and dense cup movement confirms this resemblance. On the nose, powerful wine is perceived in essence, where the aging time and its passage through the barrel can be appreciated. You can appreciate its high fruit component, where aromas of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries stand out. The barrel aging gives this wine notes of unroasted coffee.

On the palate, this wine is quite powerful. It has well-incorporated tannins and a complex structure. Its passage is wide, rich, and warm. It also incorporates great fruit and floral loads such as violets and roses. The aftertaste is persistent.

Vampire Merlot

Vampire Merlot is a smooth, medium-bodied wine. It has a fresh aroma of black cherry and notes of herbs. Aging in oak barrels provides fruity flavors, which are complemented by soft notes of vanilla and toasted oak. After the aging of the wine, this wine is put together with 8% Cabernet Sauvignon to add depth and structure. And also with 8% Zinfandel to add spicy notes on the palate.

This wine couples very well with pasta, pork, chicken, and lamb dishes. The beef and lamb are an excellent combination. Also, the accompaniment with a sweet dessert is a good choice.

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Vampire Pinot Noir

It has an enveloping aroma of strawberries, blackberries, and wild berries. Its ruby ​​red color is classic for a young wine. However, its flavor reflects a remarkable maturity. It’s the perfect wine to drink at any time of the year.

The red fruit flavors are finely integrated into the structure of the wine, as is the oak, giving a subtle and powerful complexity to the flavor. Its oak aging provides a good sensation on the palate and a smooth finish. The 100% malolactic fermentation, perfectly blends the natural acids of the wine into the mix.

Vampire Pinot Noir pairs very well with venison and game, as well as pasta with basil and tomato. In addition, you can enjoy this wine very well with appetizers such as milk chocolate and blue cheeses.

vampire pinot noir
Photo from Vampire

Vampire Wine Chardonnay

The grapes for this Vampire Chardonnay are hand-picked at their peak of maturity and fermented in French oak barrels, aged with yeast for a year.

This wine strain imparts flavors of peach, apple, and lemon. It presents a smooth and round texture thanks to the regular stirring of the lees that provide an unbeatable sensation in the mouth. In addition, its rich and creamy fruit flavors that produce a long and delicious aftertaste.

This wine pairs very well with grilled seafood or poultry and complements very well with mild cheeses.

Maybe no other region in California is as well adapted to this traditional Burgundy variety as the Central Coast. Here, the cool coastal breezes allow the fresh acidity to remain intact in the fruit, and the long and prolonged growing season provides full flavor development in the grapes.

vampire wine chardonnay
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Vampire Wine Pinot Grigio

This Pinot Grigio has notes of fresh lime fruit in its aroma. Its light green color makes it known that it is a lively wine that is easy to drink. It has a refreshing and youthful acidity, with flavors of yellow apple, lemon zest, and white peach and a hint of honeysuckle that refreshes the palate.

This wine goes well with wide range of food styles, especially light pasta dishes with white sauces and fresh seafood recipes, as well as aromatic dishes from the Pacific Rim such as Thailand, for example, Thai style chicken with coriander and lime.

vampire wine pinot grigio
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