What is Helium Infused Wine & Does it Actually Work?


When we think of helium we usually imagine a floating balloon or a gas. But most definitely not a drink, like the one we are going to talk about today. It’s not a common concept to put helium in wine, so we understand if it feels a bit foreign, but bear with us for a while.

If you haven’t heard about this phenomena before then we highly suggest looking it up online. There are a lot of hilarious videos and articles about it. Just don’t purchase your own bottle of helium infused wine right away.

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How did helium infused wines become a thing?

This is the most important question of them all. How the hell did people think of putting helium in their wines?

Well, it all originates from an April Fool’s prank done by Samuel Adams, who talked about helium infused beer on a video. This all seems like fun, as helium is supposed to make your voice higher which is insanely funny, especially if you are already a bit tipsy. So, why not wine? It’s a drink associated with casual drinking and by that we already know that wine is supposed to be fun.

This phenomenon happened when two women uploaded a video where they drink helium infused wine and laugh their butts off. This itself is hilarious, we highly recommend watching it. But the video raised some questions… Some along the lines of “Are they faking it?” and “Is that actually helium infused wine?” and a lot more. In the end everyone started doubting the whole thing and people began experimentation with wine and helium.

So let’s break it down.

Is helium infused wine a thing?

The short answer is no.

The first pieces of proof are the videos themselves. One was a prank and the other one was uploaded to a channel where funny shorts are pretty common. Therefore, we can safely assume that it was simply a joke.

But if that’s not enough for you or if you are wondering if it could be done, then listen up. Helium doesn’t work the same way as carbon dioxide does. It is 700 times less soluble and because of that, it can’t be used as a gas that you can drink. Mainly because the helium wouldn’t form small bubbles all over in the container, instead it would just clump together and you would have a helium bubble on top of the liquid. This eliminates the purpose of carbonating your drink because you won’t get that nice slow fizz that is supposed to fill your glass. Because of that, it would also escape as soon as you opened the container, leaving you with a simple glass of wine.

So no, “carbonating” your wine with helium is almost impossible and certainly can’t be done without a lot of expensive equipment. But even then you likely still wouldn’t be able to drink it.

The “How To Make Helium Infused Wine” hoaxes

There are a lot of videos online where people explain and show you how to make helium infused wine (and other beverages). They will make it very believable and you will doubt all the scientific evidence that we have racked up. Be prepared to see all those if you try to look up anything about helium infused wine.

But the truth is that these videos were created while the topic was trending and all they are good for is making money. They are simply clickbait and nothing else.

We have explained why these recipes wouldn’t work or how they would be ruined by the time you want to drink it. But if you are still in doubt then we welcome you to try it.

Just prepare to clean up the mess that comes with the escaping helium.

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What would happen if you mixed liquid helium with wine?

This is one of the most common questions asked once people learn that you can’t put helium gas in your beverages. Every element can be turned into liquid, so why not?

Well, let’s start with the temperature. To turn helium into a liquid you need it to be insanely cold. Like -457 Fahrenheit kind of cold. Which means that it will be way below the temperature where wine would turn into a solid. So by mixing these two, you would simply turn your wine into a couple of ice cubes.

But even if you could mix the two there would still remain one problem. The drinking one. If you try to drink liquid helium then it will quickly give you frostbite and start building pressure in your stomach. Then if you drink too much of it you can even cause an explosion within yourself. But even if you don’t reach that point you will still destroy most of the tissue along your throat and stomach. This is permanent damage, one which you shouldn’t try to endure just so you can drink helium infused wine.

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