What Is Ruby Port?


Enjoying a nice, chilled glass of wine after a long workday can be a fulfilling juncture for many. Not only is it relaxing and tasty, but it also offers health benefits! However, it’s not the kind of beverage to consistently consume one glass after another. It can be helpful to keep in mind that less is more! An alternative to this wine drinking pattern could be to indulge in one glass of a higher alcohol-induced wine rather than multiple glasses of a basic wine. For instance, try some Ruby Port wine!

The History of Ruby Port Wine

Ruby Port is a type of Port wine produced in Portugal. More specifically, from the Duoro terrain of Portugal. We can pair this avid dessert wine perfectly with nearly any chocolate dessert or an excellent array of different cheeses. This wine is the most sought-after kind of port wine available. It’s the first port wine that beginners try when considering a Port to a basic wine. It’s indeed the best beverage for those wine connoisseurs who are fans of wine but prefer a little bit of a kick to it. Thus, it provides up to 20% alcohol volume per bottle and only gets better as it ages! Although it is the cheapest Port, it is not cheaply crafted. The craftsmanship of this wine is quite a dignified process.

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Production & Aging Process

The production process of making ruby port wine is various. The most common way that we all have probably heard of is foot treading the grapes. Foot treading is when the winemaker and a crew stomp on the grapes while enclosed in a vat. Stomping on the grapes is essential in the production process because the body’s weight is forceful enough to remove the grape’s skin while squeezing out the juices. However, foot treading is not for everyone, which is why some winemakers choose to use the act of fermentation instead.

Once the production process concludes and the wines have been crafted, they are then aged. Other port wines are aged within oak barrels, but Ruby Port remains young by steering clear of too much contact with the oak. Thus, most Ruby Ports are aged in tanks or steel vats. Using these containers makes for a massive reduction in the aging period. Therefore, Ruby Ports are primarily aged 2 or 3 years before being bottled and sold. Ruby is very rarely ever aged for longer than three years. However, it will be labeled as a Special Reserve on the off chance. This label indicates that the Port has been aged for at least six years rather than three years and tends to run at a higher price in stores.


The original Ruby Port is at the highest quality among all its styles. However, they are all tasty, sweet wines worth trying! Aside from Ruby Port, it was mentioned that Reserve was the next best thing below Ruby. Being aged for six years makes Reserve a vintage wine variety, along with Crusted, Single Quinta, Late-Bottled Reserve and Vintage Ruby Port. Each of these alternatives has been aged longer than Ruby Port – anywhere from 4 years to 6 years, except in-bottle aging. And, although they are all similar versions of Ruby Port wine, these substitutes are developed with a much more lavish, berry-induced flavor to them.

Flavor Profile

When choosing a delicious wine to fit your cravings, the flavor is more or less prominent feature analyzed. However, depicting the overall taste of wines can be tricky due to the continuity of aging within the bottles. For Ruby Port, that’s not a problem! Because this wine is aged in steel containers rather than oak ones, the flavor of the wine maintains untouched. It keeps its tasty berry flavor as well as its fruity aroma. Many have described the scent of Ruby Port to smell like Plums and/or blackberries while depicting delicious notes of:

  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Cherries and more!

Where To Buy Ruby Port Wine?

Among the diverse variety of Port wines, Ruby Port is the most affordable. A single bottle of it is about $20 or less. However, this price varies depending on where you live and purchase the wine. Some states have held great sales on this wine and other Port wines! Now, to answer the initial question of where to buy Ruby Port wine – anywhere! You can purchase this wine nearly anywhere. To specify a little bit more, you can buy this wine at big-box retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Target. Along with this, there is a wide assortment of different websites and e-commerce retailers selling Ruby Port.

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How Long Does Ruby Port Last Once Opened?

Gone are the days of having to disregard your partially consumed wines. Basic wines last about a week once opened, and they have to be refrigerated afterward as well. However, an opened bottle will last up to 6 weeks before degenerating. After that period, the primary wine will taste vinegar – not harmful but gross! The fact is, all wines go wrong at some point, but with Ruby Port, there’s a more ample leeway. Refrigerated Ruby will last longer due to remaining cold, but it is not mandatory. You can store it at room temperature! Ruby is essentially made to be indulged on shortly after buying.

Whether you’re looking for a quick, cheap wine for the holidays or to try something new, consider checking out Port wines. It’s the perfect delectable dessert wine to pair with some chocolate – who doesn’t like chocolate? Enjoy a glass! Will you try it?

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