What is the Best Wine for Weddings?


Experts and oenophiles (wine connoisseurs) know all about wine and how to observe all the traditions that go with its consumption. This comes in handy if we are talking dinners, alfresco, grilling and other settings.

Things, however, become a little overwhelming when you have to cater to hundreds of people, so even the best wine connoisseur knows to get some help. That is what we are here for— to help you figure out how to serve the vino and keep everyone satisfied with the supply as well as the selection!

Think More About Your Menu, Rather Than the Season

Red wine is synonymous with fall and winter weddings. In the summer, guests are often served with white wine. While there is sound reasoning behind the traditions, they could really be restrictive when it comes to menu pairings. The truth is that you don’t have to stick to these if they are going to clash with your menu selections. Besides, this is a time when people should drink what they like; it’s the reason rosé is a year-round favorite even though it was traditionally a wine for spring time.

For all you rosé fans out there, add these rose wine glasses to your gift registry!

White Wines

Since it is a time to drink only what you like, you may have bottles of Chardonnay if that is what you have. The best way to go would be to swap the oaked, buttery and bold flavor for something light and zesty. These will allow you more menu pairings (depending if you’re having seafood or steak), plus the wines are cheaper and top-class. Some of the selections here include Pinot Grigio, un-oaked Chardonnay, Vinho Verde, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo.

Red Wines

We probably should have started with the red wine because most wedding planners will focus more on this for its throngs of fans. As a matter of fact, 50-60% of the wine served at weddings is red wine. This also means you can count on that a lot of it will be left behind. Not to worry though, as you can always store it for later!

Being the crowd pleaser, we recommend you buy five sample wines within your budget and have your friends help you with the selection. You cannot run out of selections when it comes to red wine. From Cabernet Sauvignon going for $15 to bottles going for upwards of $30, there is a bottle for you. Some of the most popular red wines for such occasions include Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz.

Have fun with the wine tasting! Grab a set of mini wine glasses, and decompress from the stress, and sip some wine!

Wine for the Champagne Toast

The toast is one of the highlights of the wedding! That said, this is probably all the sparkling wine you will need for the wedding. Most folks flock to the bottles of red wine so don’t get too much of this unless you have bona fide Champagne lovers in attendance. A bottle for the toast should be enough. The rest of the budget can go towards, adding more of the popular selections.

We found these budget-friendly champagne flutes for you and your partner! They’ll add a touch of elegance to your big day, without breaking the bank.

How Much Wine Do You Need to Get for the Event?

This is one of the most vital aspects of beverage service. Nothing spoils the party more than a shortage of liquor. Though it seems like the kind of thing that would automatically be catered for during planning, shortage comes in many forms. You could have enough of one beverage and less of another. In the case of wine, we have come up with our wine calculator that should have you covered.

The math is pretty simple really. Let’s assume the wedding will have 100 guests. To get the number of wine bottles required, we divide this by 2.15, which is the average number of bottles per guest. Our figure of 100 guests gets us a total of 46 bottles. This approach is not only applicable for weddings, but also other kinds of large events!

This is mostly likely on the bottom of your wedding planning agenda, but check out these adorable, and customizable, wine bottle stoppers! With a variety of colors to choose from give you guests a forever-keepsake devoted to your special day.

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Box Wine or Bottles?

This wouldn’t be such a tough decision to make if boxed wine didn’t have the reputation to be low in quality. Even so, boxed wine is a great way to curb the expenses if you are on a tight budget. The trick with box wine is to never let the guests find out! Wait staff can serve the wine in glasses and pass it around on a tray cocktail-style, or grab a stainless-steel wine dispenser, like this one! You could also serve the wine from carafes. A box of wine with 3 liters in capacity contains four standard bottles. $10 per bottle makes it clear why this is the most economical option!

Bottled wine is a tradition in these kinds of events as the guests may like to know what they are drinking. To solve this problem, place a bottle of red wine and another of white wine on hand and have the wait staff fill glasses on request.

If a budget ain’t a thing for ya, we found these customizable wine bottle labels that would be perfect to add on souvenir bottles for your guests!

The Right Time to Serve Wine in Your Wedding

Most weddings often include a cocktail reception right after the ceremony and just before people make their way to the reception. At this time, you and your photography team will be wrapping up the session with some sunset-lit photos. Your guests, on the other hand, will be mingling, signing the guest book, and enjoying some wine.

The lighter varieties of both white and reds are recommended for this time. Keep the buttery Chardonnays away for later. As you don’t want the guests drinking too heavily on empty stomachs. No bueno!

Now that you have the biggest part of your wine troubles settled, you can start thinking about where to buy the bottles. We suggest you buy in bulk for the discounts you may get with such purchases. Happy wedding planning!

Bottom’s up! We’ll uncork ya later. ?

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