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Wine Glass Charms

Are you concerned about accidental co-mingling of glasses is common when hosting a party with more than a few guests? If so, then we have a solution to this problem, called Wine Charms.

We have put together a list of modern-day wine charm sets for differentiating wine glasses at your next gathering.

What are Wine Charms?

As most wine lovers have enough matching glassware to throw a party and guests frequently forget where they set their glasses, ingenious entrepreneurs have devised ways to distinguish wine glasses without straying from the drinking experience.

Any plastic, metal, or material can be used as a wine charm to distinguish one wine glass from another. Wine charms can also be used for a secondary purpose, such as decorating glasses to match a party theme.

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Do You Need Wine Charms?

Based on our thorough study, we discovered that the probability of wines being separated from their holders and being unintentionally consumed by others is positively associated with the length of time spent at the party and the amount of wine consumed by the participant.

While wine charms add a touch of whimsy to a wine party and serve a practical purpose (keeping drinks associated with guests! ), they are not necessary for every event. Many people consider wine charms to be nothing more than amusement for their wine glasses.

If your wine party is focused on blind tasting, where each guest has several matching glasses in front of them, wine charms will help coordinate the sampled wines. That being said, the charms may be too distracting for serious wine tasting, so simply labeling the wine glass base with a washable or ethanol reusable marker or Sharpie may be the better option.

If most of your wine-drinking guests will be seated in the exact location during the event, wine charms may not be necessary. When guests are moving their glasses from one food station to another or in a home or backyard for a few hours, the charms become more valuable.

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Where Can You Buy Wine Charms?

Wine charms are available in a small number of places, such as party supply stores or wine bottle shops. If you live a long way from such stores or are concerned that they won’t have a good range, consider buying wine charms from online retailers.

How Can You Personalize Wine Charms?

With the abundance of pens and markers in the market, customizing or personalizing silicone-based wine charms for your parties has become relatively simple. Some come with personalization instructions and their pens. Color, form, and individualized text are used to personalize others.

How do You Select and Use a Wine Charm?

Is there a theme to your gathering? Will your gathering be all-male or all-female? It’s a good idea to match the wine charms to the party theme you have chosen. Alternatively, you might be searching for multi-purpose charms to keep on hand in case of an unexpected wine party.

A Few More Things to Think About

  • Do you want to reuse the wine charms many times, or do you want a wine charm that can be used once?
  • Will you use wine charms on stemless wine glasses? Some “hug” the stem of a wine glass, but they won’t function with a stemless glass.
  • Will your guests like something risqué or enjoyable, or, are they more socially conservative?
  • Is it necessary for the wine charm to be large enough to allow for customization with a marker? If you want to personalize your’s, make sure they have enough surface area to print the guest’s name or initials. Otherwise, guests will only choose from a small palette of color options provided by the maker, and character customization will be limited to that.
  • Are you looking for a wine charm that is magnetic or adhesive? When choosing an adhesive, keep in mind that less expensive adhesives may be challenging to remove from the glass. Go for a ‘clingy’ version that does not leave any residue behind. Magnetic charms may be a better option if adhesives are a concern. Magnetic charms are also frequently reusable. Wine charms made of cling film are another choice with limited reusability (especially if they end up in the dishwasher!).
  • How thick are the stems of your wine glasses? If you choose a wine charm that encircles the wine stem and your glassware has a thin or thick stem, pay more attention to how snug the wine charm is on the wine glass stem. Wine charms on a narrow wine glass stem that are too loose can fall off during the party, posing tripping or choking hazard. Pets or small children may eat them if they fall to the ground.

Best Wine Charms

Magnetic Wine Glass Charms: For Stemless Glasses

The most elegant of the wine charms are the magnetic ones. They are perfect for stemless glasses because they do not require a glass stem.

If you are a little uncertain about magnets, then do not be. The magnetic wine glass charms come in a packing of a sophisticated white box with a clear lid. Inside the box, twelve wine charms are attached to cardstock.

These magnets are quite strong and will do stick with the glass.

Place one magnet near the rim of a traditional wineglass or of a stemless to install. Place the second magnet behind the crystal on the inside of the glass. The magnetic wine charm works flawlessly on glassware of various thicknesses, including unbreakable wine glasses and plastic cups.

Example of Magnetic Wine Charms – Photo from Amazon


  • Elegant, timeless, innovative, and appealing.
  • It is perfect for gift-giving, especially hostess gifts.
  • In your kitchen drawer, take up as little space as possible.
  • These are some strong magnets. Stronger than one can expect. They can survive a dishwasher cycle.


  • After several uses, the “stones” may fall from the magnets.
  • Due to the small size, it may be tricky to apply for individuals with long fingernails or limited or reduced manual dexterity.

Drinking Buddies Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers: Best Pool Party Wine Charms

These two-inch skimpily dressed action figures dangle from your wine glass, peering into the pool of liquid. They come in the form of banana-hammock-wearing men and bikini-clad excellent women. Moreover, there is a wide range of different skin tones available. However, at the moment, online options appear to be limited. For biblically themed parties, there is even a water-to-wine Jesus action figure!

Drinking Buddies Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers: Best Pool Party Wine Charms
Photo from Amazon


  • Entertaining conversation starters
  • Best for white elephant gift or office prank
  • Works well with glasses with a thin rim.
  • The thickness of the wine glass stem does not matter because it attaches to the glass rim.
  • A fine-tip Magic Marker or Sharpie can be used to customize the swimming trunks.


  • It can become a choking hazard. (Keep pets and small children away)
  • The action figures may be unable to grasp wine or martini glasses with thicker rims.

Cat Wine Glass Drink Markers: Best Static and Humorous Cling Wine Glass Tags

If you are a cat and dog lover, then you will love these charms. These static cling wine glass tags are available in various themes. Guests can choose from a range of phrases, such as “You have got to be kitten me!” And the fact that they are clingy and do not require any adhesive makes them more desirable.

Cat Wine Glass Drink Markers: Best Static and Humorous Cling Wine Glass Tags
Photo from Amazon


  • It works on both plastic and glass.
  • They can be used as long as they are kept clean.


  • A few online reviewers have complained about receiving incorrect static clings (for example, ordering “Christmas” and receiving “cat”).
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