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Wine Drinking and Related Memories

What it is with drinking wine that makes its enthusiast so hooked. Is it the taste, aroma, or the feeling it gives you after having too many? Maybe one thing that we all can associate with drinking wine is the moments we tried to relive while having a glass or two.

The stories we looked back to while having a good dinner with our family and friends. The laughter we shared, the moments of silence, and the deep connection. The people around us during those trying moments, those who clapped during our wins, and those you stayed during difficult times.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a reminder of those moments? It’s such good news that wine cork holders are a thing now.

What is the Wine Cork Holder?

Before going into the details of different wine cork holders, have you thought of the importance of using cork in your wine bottle? Cork is used in order to make sure that no oxygen can enter the bottle. By monitoring the passage of oxygen, we can make sure that there’ll be no molds forming inside.

It preserves the quality and taste of your favorite wine. As we know, wine storage takes more time. Basically, the cork serves as a natural breather for the wine as it takes its time. Cork is made out of suberin, a hydrophobic substance. It is an impermeable material, and its composition may vary from the cork’s origin.

It is said that globally, 80% of wine stoppers are made out of corks. Maybe the winemaker took note that cork allows the wine to breathe slowly in a manner that is controlled and without letting the wine be affected by its outside environment.

As a wine enthusiast, you may lose count on how many wines you were able to consume. But we are betting that the reasons for every bottle you popped are still relevant to you. And as someone who values the quality of his / her wine, you should also invest in a wine cork holder that will allow you to show your personality.

Some wine enthusiasts even get crafty, creating different new items using their old wine corks. If you’re a wine lover, you probably already have one at your house or eyeing getting one. This article hopes to gear you up on different wine cork holder ideas you may choose from.

Wine Cork Holder Ideas

Below are some wine cork holder ideas.

Wine Cork Cage Holder

Cage-type wine cork holder is probably the most common type. It can be easily purchased even in department stores or home appliance stores. It will therefore make you keep your wine corks and at the same time won’t give you any hassle.

There are different designs available, and among the interesting ones are glass wine-shaped, wine bottle-shaped, and bird cage-shaped. This can be displayed on your countertops or on a shelf in your living room, ready to be shown to your visitors.

Wine Cork Cage Holder
Photo from Amazon

Create Your Own Tray or Coaster

It is said that mahogany wood or even a metal frame is a good choice for this type of wine cork holder. Aside from being innovative, with this creative way of keeping your old wine corks, you can also show your house guests your DIY skill.

It is actually just easy to make. You just simply need a frame of your choice, arrange the corks to ensure they will fit the frame, make the necessary adjustment with a cutter, and once you secure all the pieces come together, you may start to stick them on the frame.

Collectible Cork Frame

This type of wine cork holder will enable you to display your old wine corks as aesthetically pleasing. Hang it in the kitchen or in the living room and try to relive the good old memories where you popped a bottle of wine.

This is also a good wine cork holder idea for bar owners who wanted to showcase the different types of wines they served their customers. To make it more engaging for customers, owners may ask them to personally drop their wine cork in the frame once they are done drinking as a symbolism that they had a good time in the bar.

Collectible Cork Frame
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Cork Display Box

This idea is a little similar to the cork frame, but why not try to personalize it a bit. Instead of just a frame, you can add a divider and add notes like divide the frame into good and bad. Meaning taking note if you are drinking because of a happy time or bad time, his and hers – can mean if you open the bottle of wine, etc., by this, you can play around with the concept and make the display more personal.

Cork Display Box
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This wine cork holder idea is probably the most obvious one. Recreate your old corks into a corkboard for your office or bedroom. Simple pick a pattern and stick the corks together. Prepare some pic and voila, you now have a personalized corkboard that can hold your special notes or reminders.

It can also be a good way to display some photos. You may also add some decorative items in order to let your personality show more. This idea will allow you also to have a perfect size corkboard, unlike those standard ones found at bookstores.

Cork Map

Simply create a world map pattern on the board. You may opt to even create holes or simply make sure that there’s enough spacing. It is for you to stick as many as many wine cork of wine bottles you had per country or location you visited. In this way, you are reminiscing your bottle of wine and the places you have visited. It is a good way to keep track of your travels.

cork map
Example of Afrika Cork Map – Photo from Amazon

The Idea is Just the Beginning

We hope that by reading this article, you were able to have an idea for a wine cork holder that is suitable for your needs and for your personality. Cheers to popping more wine! Stay creative and stay merry!

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