Wine Fridge Reviews and Buying Guide


If you are a wine consumer, you already know that it is essential to have a fridge specifically for storing your wine. Most people think that regular
refrigerators are enough since you can use it multi-purposely to store your
stuff plus your wine. However, a regular fridge doesn’t guarantee the adequate preservation of your wine’s flavors and aromas. This is because it makes the wine overly cold than it should be or make it too hot due to the room temperature of your regular fridge. A wine fridge, on the other hand, provides the best storage solution to your wine bottle. Since the wine fridge is
explicitly made for that, it gives the proper positioning for wine to ensure
that there is no spillage. Therefore if you are the type that cherishes some
wine, a wine cooler is a must buy. The following guide will help you know some of the best refrigerators in the market that will guarantee the safety of your wine collection at home.

Ivation Premium Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This is
one of the most affordable wine coolers in the market, yet has many features
found on the most expensive coolers. This wine cooler goes for only $200 or
less depending on the store you purchase from, meaning that everyone can afford
it. The refrigerator is one section, which is great because it allows every
bottle to be cooled evenly at the same room temperature. This type of cooler is
more appealing to someone who has very little space in their house since it can
fit in a small corner. It is also the best cooler if you are only interested in
storing many bottles of one type of wine, either white or red.

cooler has a thermopane door that helps to remove bad odor and allows enough
light in which maintains humidity. Wine cork health and molecules in the wine
much depend on constant humidity given by the thermopane doors of this cooler.
The cooler also has a digital LED display that one can use to set a constant
temperature. The right balance of your wine is also guaranteed when you use
this cooler as it has oak shelves. The shelves allow balance so that there is
no vibration, which could otherwise lead to the quick aging of your wine.

Phiestina Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This cooler is ideal for someone who wants to store both types of wine, red and white, without being limited to just one type. Both types of wine require
different storage temperatures, and this cooler allows you to store both of
them without having to worry about space or safety of your bottles. The
dual-zone refrigerator has two different sections, with each section having its
temperature control. Red wines, white wines, sparkly wines all are different
and have different cooling needs.

This cooler has six racks for each section and can hold a total of 33 bottles, which is excellent for someone with guests. It has blue Led lightening, can be
controlled digitally, and is compression cooled, which makes it very stylish.
It also has small tracks, which makes it easy to keep in a corner or on top of
a counter.

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

type is meant for someone who wants their cooler as part of their kitchen,
probably next to the dishwasher. This cooler is more expensive than other
coolers, and the price is determined by the size you want to be installed in
your house. It has unique features, including double-paned hardened glass
doors, wooden shelves, and has both temperature sections for both red and white
types of wine. It also has a fan and openings on the front, which helps prevent
the risk of the compressor blowing out due to overheating. This is because the
opening is under the counter of your kitchen. The cooler also has an inbuilt
scanner that automatically adjusts the temperature.

Flexcount Dual-Zone Cooler

cooler is more unique than the Lanbo refrigerator in terms of features. It is
black and neat and, therefore, the ideal look for under the counter as opposed
to Lanbo. This cooler is also efficient for storage and can hold over 50
bottles of wine. It is also dual-zone, meaning it that it accommodates both
types of wine, red and white. The cooler has a great cooling system that has no
vibrations and uses much less energy as compared to other coolers. It is also
very unique than other coolers because it allows you to store bottles of
different sizes and shapes comfortably without worries of breakages or
spillage. This cooler has one of the most advanced cooling systems in the
market, and the energy efficiency is quite impressive.

Freestanding Wine Cooler

refrigerator is for more knowledgeable wine drinkers who know everything about
wines, brands, and love to store every type of wine. It is a dual-zone fridge
and allows storage of almost 200 bottles of both types of wine. The cooler is
meant for people who want to store every variety of wine they come across. It
gives you space for just that so that all your different collections are safely
stored and their varied cooling needs are met.

8-Bottle Countertop Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This is
a single sectioned cooler that allows the storage of both types of wine. It is
very affordable and is only meant to store 8-bottles of wine for your daily
consumption. This cooler is intended for separating wines you are likely to
consume as opposed to the collection you have in your bigger wine cooler. It
allows you to easily access your wine without having to go through your
collection. This cooler is quiet, with no vibrations and uses very little
energy. It is not complicated to use, and it can keep temperatures locked in
and steady, allowing you to serve your wine just right.

Wine Cooler

cooler can hold a total of 34 bottles and allow you to store a variety of wine
collections. It is dual zoned and, therefore, will enable you to store both
types of wine together at different room temperatures. The top section allows
the storage of the white wine with low room temperature, while the bottom
section will enable you to store red wine with high temperatures. The cooler
has a two-sided door meaning that it can either open on both the right and left
sides. This door is excellent since it ensures that the refrigerator adapts to
different surroundings. It has a clear stainless door that allows you to see
through to your collection. The shelves are wooden, and it has a lock that will
enable you to secure your wine. It has blue LED lights that prevent the
explosion of light that could damage your collection. Although it has wooden
racks that slide out, the shelves do not slide out completely and can,
therefore, not be entirely removed.

Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Cooler

cooler holds a total of 20 bottles of wine and operates in utter silence and
without vibrations. It has five racks that are easily removed whenever you want
to remove them. You can also easily adjust the thermostat for temperature
regulation to help cool and maintain the wines for longer. It also has an
internal LED lighting that allows you to switch on and off. It is a highly
durable cooler and is also very heavy. The fan is the only component in this
cooler that moves. It helps with air circulation and controls the distribution
of temperature. It has a good storage space for kost wines. However, this
cooler does not support storage for big wine bottles.

Wine Cooler

This is
a compressor wine cooler because it has a cooling system that runs on the fridge-style
compressor. The storage capacity is 26 bottles, and although it makes vibration
noises due to the compressor, it is efficient for cooling the bottles of wine
over a long period of time. For you to control the temperature of this cooler,
an electronic temperature combination is used. It has an LED display for easy
temperature adjustment. The features include five shelves for wine storage that
are chromed along with the bottom shelves. The racks are wooden and can hold
standard size wine bottles. For easy access of the wine, the racks can be
removed and put right back in. You can also view the interior of the wine
cooler since it has a clear glass door. It is a reversible door and can be
opened from the right and left sides. To prevent slamming of the door, the
cooler has a unique feature of automatic stopping; therefore, the bottles are
safe from breakings caused by door slams. The cooler also has an alarm that
detects when the ambient temperature outside the cooler is too high. It also
has lights that are manually regulated and has a lock that allows you to lock
in your wine for security. It has frontal ventilation that makes less
vulnerable to compressor blowouts due to insufficient ventilation. The little
annoyance about this cooler is that the digital control features are inside the
cooler instead of being on the outside. You’ll brave a little cold as you set
your temperature but that’s all fine and dandy as long as you get your wine
chilled right. Right?

Vinotemp Wine Cooler

This is
a dual zoned cooler and can, therefore, stores red and white wines at different
room temperatures suitable for each type. It is a freestanding cooler meaning
that you can place it in any corner of your house even with limited space in
your home. The cooler’s cabinets are black, and the door is glass mirrored,
which allows you to see through to the interior of the unit. The cooling system
is thermoelectric, and the cooler is very quiet without any vibrations. The
racks are wooden, and this makes the cooler very attractive.  This cooler also has a digital display that
enables you to control different operations access information about the cooler
from its digital display. It is also fully mirrored, which makes it super
attractive and unique. This cooler can hold a total of 21 wine bottles and look
quite cool while at it.

Wine Cooler

This is
a unique dual zoned cooler that has a digital touch for regulating the
temperature. The digital control regulates temperature for your red wine, white
wine, and sparkling wines in both of the two zones. It has a reversible door so
that you can open both sides on the left and right. The door is mirror finished
and has a stainless door that makes it look very elegant. This a standalone
cooler that can be fixed anywhere in your house. With a storage capacity of 46
bottles across its dual zones, it’s a good buy for someone with a sizeable
collection of both reds and whites. The upper part can hold 32 bottles of white
wine while the bottom part holds the remaining 14 bottles of red wine. The
major issue of this cooler is the noise from the vibrations it makes.

Freestanding Wine Cooler

This is
a stunning cooler that can be stored anywhere at the corner of your house. The
storage capacity is 36 bottles and ensures that all bottles are efficiently
cooled. You can showcase your collection without any struggles because it has a
full glass door to allow easy to see through inside the cooler. It also has an enhanced
appearance from the LED lights; it is easy to operate and also easy to access.
The door is reversible, and it has a special coating to protect the wine from
UV rays. Apart from being energy efficient, it’s also a very affordable cooler.
However, the temperature regulation is old school since it uses the analog manual
controller. Its noisy operation is another major drawback for it.

New Wine

cooler is single zoned and is very easy to maintain since all you need is a
one-time temperature regulation until all your wine is finished. There are no
vibrations on the cooling system, and this ensures the security of the bottles
from breakage and therefore allows enough aging period for your wine. The best
thing about this cooler is that you are allowed to design the interior in any
way you prefer. The shelves slide and can be removed whenever you want, and if
you decide to change them, you can switch to your preference. You can also
customize the temperature of the cooler as per your preference; this feature
allows you to have the best results from your cooler. To control the
temperature, the cooler has a digital screen that you use to regulate it. This
cooler can hold a total of 18 wine bottles. If you wanted to store both types
of wine, this is not the cooler for you as it is a single zone. You can only open
the door of this cooler from the right side as it is not reversible.

Avalon Bay Wine Cooler

This is
a single zoned wine cooler meaning that you only get to store one type of wine.
It is intended for home use and has a very efficient cooling system. This is
also among the best single coolers in the market and would be an ideal choice.
Since it is meant to be used at home, it is designed in a way that it can
easily fit in any house corner without consuming much space. The storage
capacity of this wine cooler is 12 bottles. Whenever there is a need for
temperature adjustment, one can easily regulate it.

this reason, you can store both types of wine at once. The cooling system is
thermoelectric, and therefore your wine is at the proper temperature for cooling
all the time. The LED light enhances its look, and it also has a screen LED
display, which allows you to control and monitor the temperature. The operation
is quiet, with almost no vibrations and is very efficient. The shelves of this
cooler can be cooled over, and the bonus is that it has extra space at the top
rack for bigger bottles. However, it has no locks on the door in case you want
to keep your wine from access by others.

New Air
Wine Cooler

cooler allows someone who likes to keep a collection of wines the space to
store them all together in one area. It is dual zoned and can store both red
and white wines. Each section has a digital thermostat, and you easily adjust
the temperatures for each section without interfering with the other. The
storage capacity of this cooler is 21 bottles. The operation is very smooth and
quiet without any vibrations and therefore ensures that your bottle’s
sedimentation process goes unperturbed. Therefore wine stored on this cooler
can stay for long and mature to achieve the right required taste. The
thermoelectric cooling system, which is a feature on this cooler, is what keeps
off the vibrations. This cooler has six racks that are easy to remove and put
back on. It has a LED light that enhances the beauty and elegance of it. It
also allows you to see the interior of your wine collection from the outside. It
is a very reliable cooler as it maintains the temperatures of each section of
the cooler very efficiently, courtesy of its thermoelectric power unit.  The racks can be removed at any time, and
there is no noise from the cooler. However, this type of cooler does not allow
you to store wine very tall bottles such as those with corks due to its compact
size, front to back.

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